October 23rd, 2006

question about felting and embroidery

I am making a felted passport cover for my boyfriend for Christmas, and I wanted to embroider a map of the world on it. My question is should I felt the passport cover and then sew on the map or should I sew the map on and then felt the whole thing? I would of course use a feltable yarn to sew it on if I chose the latter option. I have never felted anything before so I am not sure if the outline of the map would get lost if I sew it before felting it. Thanks for any help!

knitting short rows in the round

Is there a difference between the way you would add short rows on straight vs. circular needles?

I am knitting some longies in the round and I am uncertain as to whether I am installing the short rows correctly. I am using the wrap method for adding the short rows.

My question is, is there a difference in the way you are supposed to knit the wrap in if you are knitting in the round? I have two stitch markers placed in my knitting, and I knit a short row back from stitch marker A to marker B. The wrap I place at marker B blends in really well, but the wrap at marker A does not. I wonder if this may be because that stitch (at marker A) is placed while I am on a purl row. I am knitting the wrap in on the next row of knitting, when I come to it. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

two-layer hat - double-knit or modular?

I like the look of the new reversible hats. I have two yarns that look great together that I would like to use to make myself one. One yarn is bulky, the other is a worsted which has nearly the same gauge when it's doubled up.

What I am trying to decide is whether to doubleknit the hat, or basically make two hats and connect them. If I go with the latter, I would probably connect them with buttons or something else non-permanent so that I can, if desired, wear just one of the hats.

A few factors that I am wondering about - will a hat that is essentially double-knit with bulky yarn be too warm for a New England winter? If so, I could just double-knit the brim, and get a similar effect. If I knit them seperately and attach them, should they be as close to the same size as possible, or one slightly bigger than the other? I'm also very open to other thoughts on the topic.

In terms of my skill level - I've made hats before, and I've made socks. I'm comfortable with altering patterns.
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Pattern Help

I'm trying to make "Duck Feet" from Zoe Mellor's book, 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. The pattern appears to be simple enough. In the picture it looks like a triangle of stockinette and then a 2x2 ribbed cuff. I can handle that.
I got the sole done just fine and then you're supposed to do 24 rows in stockinette. Okay, got that. Then it says to k10, cast off 3sts, k10. That's where my problems start. If I cast off 3sts in the middle of a row, it makes a hole no matter how tightly I stitch it closed. The picture I have is a good close-up and there is no hole. There's not even a place where you can see where stitches have been cast off.
That made me read a little further and then I realized that the rest of the pattern isn't making much sense either. I'm starting out with 23sts. The pattern tells me k1, k2tog, knit to end. Then you purl the next row. You repeat that two more times and you should be left with 7sts. If you k2tog 3 times, that leaves you with 20sts.
The rest of the pattern makes no sense to me either. You work 13 rows and then cast off. Then it says to rejoin yarn to remaining sts at the center edge. What in the world does that mean? I just don't get it at all.
Has anyone made these? I'm hoping that the pattern works and that I'm just a moron because I really wanted to make them for someone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I understand it now. Thanks to everyone for their help.

WWII - teacozy knitting question

Hello All, I am working on a theme gift for a friend. We do it every year for the holidays. This year for her the theme is WWII England, I will be including a couple of books and my mom will embroider an airplane - bomber i think. 
I want to make a tea cozy and I was just going to use the pattern from emmacrewon knitty because I have a few skeins of noro available. My mother thinks I should make it more of a period type/style. She didn't think it would be very fancy or anything to much and plain. no color maybe grey. 
So I turn to you - do you know what type of knitted tea cozy pattern or style was made or available in England around the time of the war. 
I haven't yet googled I do plan on it. I wanted to ask others in case they knew. 
Thank you for any help you can give. I will do my best to post a pic when completed.
Thanks, Citabria

EDIT: Thank you to those that posted. I am off to find some brightly colored wool and fun pattern. I am happy it won't be boring and grey. 
Thanks agian, *C*
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Noro Silk Garden - Help!

I spent a £10 on 2 balls of Noro Silk Garden and I can't use them! The thread untwists and snaps at absolutely nothing.

Can anyone tell me if I'm doing anything wrong? I'm trying to use a long tail cast-on, is that too hard for the thread? Can I save it? Is there any point in making a scarf out of the stuff if it drifts apart when I breathe on it? Is it defective and needs to be taken back?

I've never used Noro before and having seen some of the lovely stuff done in it on this community, I thought I would have a go. Frankly, so far, I'm not impressed in the least.

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Please forgive the link to my blog. I get so much time outta bed a day and I'm at the end of my "upright time" (I'm on bedrest for high BP until the baby comes - COME ON BABY!)


The Womb from Knitty.com for my childbirth education instructor. If you need a quick, odd little toy, this will take you less than 4 hours.

Fish bag, my own design, based on the tesselated fish pattern that used to be on Charitable Knitters (no longer available, but I know someone in this community altered and rewrote the pattern). I used several different kinds of feltable wool and this was a great study in what felts how. For serious felting action, Paton's Classic Merino was the best, then Cascade 220. Both shrunk about the same. Of course I had trouble with the Nashua Wooly Stripes and the Noro Kureyon in the end. Don't mix if you don't have to! There's a lot more on this little bag in my blog.

We Call Them Pirates Hat, my first try at true Fair Isle. It took 4 months and its clear in the actual FO how much better I got as I knitted this. The pattern is a good one if you don't mind the wonky liner instructions - the liner actually helps reduce the pull on the inside floats at the edge.

If anyone has weird, funny, quick to knit stuff I can do mostly lying down, PLEASE post it! :)
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Cables on my mind

I have some lovely new white worsted wool that I bought to make a scarf; I know I want to do cables of a sort, but I have an idea percolating in my mind and I'm wondering if it's even possible.

Have you ever seen a pattern where you cable on the "wrong" side as well as on the right? I want to create a slanting line that's more gradual than ones I've seen where you move the stitches every other row, so I thought maybe I could do it every row, but I haven't tried it yet. Just wondering if there are examples out there that I'm missing.

Basically, on the front I'd be moving my two knit stitches over to the right by one; on the back, I'd be moving the stitches to the left by one, and purling them instead of knitting them. I'd be holding the stitches to the front on the front, and to the back on the back. It makes sense in my head, but I've made some real yarn snarls based on other ideas that seemed good at the time...

My other question is: is there a good software program or font that will help me graph out my idea? Something that handles cables?


Knitting Malaise?

I've been knitting pretty much non-stop since 2003, when I first picked up the needles. I took every opportunity to knit- standing in line, family dinners, work-breaks, evening TV, at the movies. But for the last month or so, I haven't felt the desire to knit at all. In fact, I haven't knit more than two rows of anything since the beginning of September. Has this ever happened to anyone in this community? How did you "snap out of it"? I don't feel the same as I used to: knitting is the way I relax and work through my problems; now I feel tense and have a sick knot in my stomach, but yet I don't want to knit. Suggestions?

Sleeve help!

I checked the tags, the memories, and spent a good half hour browsing google, and can't find anything. My Gatsby Girl Pullover is nearly complete. Front and back done. Sewn together. Ends woven in. One sleeve finished. Ends woven in. Edge picot-ed. Second sleeve half way done, on the needles. It is now time to do the thing I dread most...attaching the sleeve to the sweater. I have done this once before, and it was a bit of a disaster. I've worked very hard on this current sweater, spent the dough for some nice yarn, and really want to do the sleeve right. I tried going to my LYS for help, but was quite disappointed. First, they tried to sell me a book. I said no, I'd really like someone to show me what to do. They said, I'm sorry, that is too complex for us to help you for free. Instead you will have to sign up (and pay) for one of our classes and come back next week. Well, this does me no good. I want to have this sweater finished by Friday. So...does anyone have any websites to look at? Any particular tips? I understand the whole seaming process. It's the...my sleeve seems to have half the number of stitches as my armhole, how do I make them match up?!?kdjhgkjerg that I'm having issues with. Help!

ETA: Thanks! I think I got it. The hole is a little small, (because my arms are a little chubby), but all in all, it worked! (Click under cut for updated pics)
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Yarn recommendation for sturdy "outerwear" cables?

Apologies for yet another "please help" post....

A coworker has asked me to make him the Aran Laptop Cover that he saw in my copy of Knitting With Balls (that's what I get for leaving knitting books around in the office ;-) ). Sorry I can't find a pic online, but it's essentially a left-twist cable and right-twist cable surrounding a "wild oak cable" that kind of looks like a Celtic braid. It calls for 3 skeins of Peace Fleece - worsted weight, 200 yd/100g skein, 15st/4", so the pattern says.

He's not entirely sold on the color of the yarn in the picture, and would like to pick out another yarn, but also isn't entirely sure he wants to buy online where he wouldn't be able to be sure of the color. So we're probably going to end up going to a LYS together to try and pick out something, but -- here's where I could use some help from y'all.

I've never knit with anything worsted before; the bulk of my knitsperience has been with my preferred finer-gauge knits (laceweight shawls, dk or fingering sweaters, etc). So I know my fingers are going to go for the Lorna's Laces and other such yarns which are butterysoft, but would probably not stand up to the friction sustained by a laptop case traveling on the NYC subway every day. Can you think of any specific yarns I could steer him towards that are moderately soft/nonscratchy, but sturdy, would look good in cablework, not pill, and not die if it were "accidentally" thrown into the wash? (I realize the last might be a stretch.) Has anyone worked with Peace Fleece - could you perhaps describe its weight and feel so we could look for a sub?

Some preliminary thoughts I've had are Cascade 220, but I know it's highly feltable. Would it be good for cablework? I thought also of the Elann Peruvian Wools and Sierra Aran (their wool/alpaca blend) but from the ballband info, both seemed like they woud knit up to a lighter gauge than Peace Fleece's listed gauge. I thought of Karabella Aurora 8 for cablework, but read that it pills badly, so probably not the best. I'm also looking into the Cestari yarn that some knitbloggers have used for Rogue.

(One final thought: On a selfish note, I would also like it to be fairly pleasant to knit with. I'm currently working with a linen blend yarn that is hell on my hands and shoulder, but I keep telling myself how nice it will be to wear after washing and drying, and that it'll be worth it. With this project, I won't get to enjoy any of the long-term benefits, so a yarn that's hard on your hands but blooms after washing? Good to know, but probably not my first choice, unless it really is the best yarn for the project....)

Any other thoughts/recs would be most welcome! Thanks in advance =)
D - Skirt

Interchangeables: Denise vs. KnitPicks??

I'd like to invest in a set of interchangeable needles.

I'm just a beginner (although an experienced crocheter) and have started on bamboo needles, but they bamboo sets are just a bit too pricey.

So, I'm looking at the Denise interchangeables vs. the KnitPicks Options.
I've looked throught the knitting "needles" tag, and people seem to love the Denise, so I'm leaning towards those -- it seems like they have more total combinations of sizes than the KnitPicks Options. I'm also wondering, if, being used to bamboo, do people think that the plastic of the Denise be easier for me to get used to than the metal of the KnitPicks?

Also, has anyone actually compared the KnitPicks and the Denise?

Thanks so much!!!

FO - knitted cable clutch

So I had this great idea to make all my friends cute little cable clutches for christmas this year. Trying to cut down on the spending, so it's perfect!!

Inspiration: http://ruthsgallery.blogspot.com/2006/01/cabled-clutch.html
Pattern: "modified" irish hiking scarf cable scarf
Needles: 10 1/2 straights
Yarn: A little under 1 skein Banff 100% Merino Wool in brown marl (yarn given to me from a friend's "stash")
Other supplies: Wooden dowels and ribbon

This is my sample that I shall be keeping for ME : ) I'm probably going to change the ribbon, that's what I had on hand for now.

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Finished Object - SnB Umbilical Cord Hat

After over a year, I've finally finished an object! Admittedly, it's a simple project, with boring acrylic yarn (I'm still not sure how my son will tolerate wool as we have a history of issues with it in my family), but it's finished. Unfortunately, it's a bit too small!

It's the Umbilical Cord Hat from SnB, modeled by its intended recipient with the quickly growing head.

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Crossposted to my personal journal.
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WiP - cabled lovers knot

So, after canvassing opinions here and deciding not to give a soft but otherwise uninspired afghan to friends for a wedding present, I started working on a cable motif for a lovers knot. Image googled about a bit for representations of them and likely designs. One I settled on was from a piece of jewelry, a silver pendant with a pronounced interlocked heart shape.

Out came the graph paper and the mechanical pencil and the eraser and Barbara Walker's Third Treasury (the yellow one, 'cause it's got the section on closed ring cables).

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