October 24th, 2006


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Can anyone helps me spell out this "next row" in "k" & "p"?

Work in 2 x 2 rib for 3cm (1¼in) ending with rs row.

Next row: Rib 4, rib 2tog (rib 6, rib 2tog) 7 times, rib 4. 58 sts.

Maybe it's the UK pattern but I don't get it!
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Hey guys, this is my first post here!  I'm a knitting newbie, but I've got two projects under my belt already and another in the works.  

I'm knitting the "lovely, easy shawl" pattern from the memories (why, yes, my dorm room is cold) and I was wondering if working an increase at the end of a row is the same as working an increase at the beginning of the subsequent row.  Because I'm finding it really hard to keep track of which rows I increased on, and I thought it would be easier if rather that increasing at the beginning and end of every other row I could increase at the beginning of every row.  Would this work?

ALSO, I need to block the scarf I just finished.  Now, I'm a blocking newbie, but it seems easy enough. However, I am living in a 9 X 9 dorm and I haven't really the space to block, and I want to wear the scarf soon as it's already snowing here and I can't make it home until Thanksgiving.  Does anyone have any suggestions about blocking with space constraints?



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I could have sworn I saw a pattern for socks with a lacy heart pattern. I've googled, but I havn't found what I've been looking for. I've found These but I'm looking for something more...lacy? Did this pattern ever exist or is it a figment of my knitter's imagination? Any help? I'm not worried about the skill level or if the pattern is pay or not. Any help or leads would be great! I've been googling for days.
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copyright questions

I am making a few scarfs for a charity auction. For two of the scarfs I am using copyright patterns and I have obtained written the permission to have them auctioned off. One of the scarfs that I designed and want to make uses the lace pattern that I used for a baby blanket. The baby blanket pattern use to be on lion brands website but is no longer available. The lace pattern is in many other patterns like the following

http://knitting.about.com/library/bllacylattice.htm This one just has the stitch

Some of these items are copyright but some are not. Dose this mean that the lace stitch is copyright? Is there someway for me to find out?
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OK I dont think I have done this enough or maybe its just that this is my first felted item and it looks odd to me.
Is this right?Should it be this fury?Is it felted right?
I used a wash board to felt it.
It is made with FORD Crystal Palace yarn.
Here is the pic.
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EDIT:Im going to go scrub somemore!
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small knit pansies

I'm the girl who has the friend that wanted knitted cowboy boots for a hat =) I asked her if flowers were okay instead, and she said *she guessed*.

Problem though... I know how to crochet these:

flowers, but I'm not such a fan of crochet. Is there any way to knit these small flowers?? I've seen *some* knit flowers, but not as small as these. Or even better, does anyone have a pattern they can direct me to?

I have til tomorrow =)

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Mission Falls 1824 cotton

I am a cotton yarn snob.

I know theres a billion other yarns that are even nicer than cotton, but right now... I love cotton.

I've been making baby hats (although, none with cowboy boots!)... it seems as though everyone I know is having babies =) and while I've mainly been making them out of Mission Falls 1824 cotton... I *love* the gauge as well as for softness... I also love the fact that it doesn't "fly away" as some cotton yarns are apt to do ie: dish cloth yarn.


Problem: I'm getting tired of the colors.

So? what *cotton* yarn do you like? Can you recommend one that is similar to the Mission Falls? I went to a yarn store today who, when I called and asked if "Butterfly Super 10" was like Mission Falls she said "oh sure it is!" and when I arrived, it was *nothing* like it... I'm still mad about that.

The Loop: http://www.loopyarn.com/detail.aspx?ID=170 has yarn that i think is like the Mission Falls, but I'm in Canada and they don't ship internationally...I'd prefer online vendors who will ship to me =)

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edit: I only use 100% cotton yarn too btw.
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Two FOs to share, finally

Have finished a few tiny things - a couple of scarves (which although simple, I love them).  But here I present my first posting of FOs - two basic knitted hats, made following instructions in SnB.  I love them because, although I am learning to knit with DPNs, they still feel very fiddly and kind of give me fits, and these hats were knitted with a pair of straights and then sewn up.  My DPNs are 5" and my straights are 14", and I am enjoying the big ol' sticks.

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Entrelac hat pattern?

Has anyone knit this entrelac hat? I have one skein of Noro Silk Garden left that I'd like to use for an entrelac hat, and this is the only one I've found on Google thus far... and I've been Googling quite a bit! If this one is no good, can anyone recommend another adult entrelac hat? Or if there is a better pattern out there that I've missed. I am already working on the Short-Row hat from Interweave Knits with another yarn, so I don't really want to use it for this one, but may have to if I can't find any other patterns that work. Also, I have never actually done anything in entrelac, but I've seen lots of people use the Silk Garden or other Noro yarns, and it always looks beautiful... that's just the way the colors work since they are self-striping, right? You don't have to do anything special or use more than one color? That's the impression I've gotten. I know entrelac can be knit in multiple colors, like the pattern I've linked, is it very different when using just one yarn? Thanks!

EDIT: *sigh* Apparently my one skein of Noro isn't enough for the pattern I linked above. I've been through about 30 (!) pages on Google looking for another pattern. No luck. So now, I'd REALLY appreciate other suggestions, if not entrelac, then something equally cool that takes advantage of a self striping yarn. I knit a ton of plain hats last winter, and I'd like to up the skill level, so while I know a regular stockinette hat would look pretty in this yarn, I really don't want to go that route.

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I hate to pull a "find me something", but I'm running out of places to look, so maybe some of you can give me some input.

I usually just make up really simple hat patterns, but now that I'm actually going to make one for MYSELF, I want something a little more complicated (I guess I could attempt to design it myself, but I'm still sort of unsure what it is I want,exactly.) I've looked at pretty much everything on knitting pattern central (did you ever notice that about 50% of those patterns are identical?) and googled a bit, though I'm not sure quite what terms to search for... haven't found anything that caught my eye. I thought maybe somebody would know of something in a book somewhere that I should check out.

What I'm looking for:
-Something warm, so no lace, and it should go over the ears. Probably worsted weight or heavier would be best. Should fit somewhat tightly to the head, to keep the chill out (so cloches and the like are probably out)
-Something unusually textured...cables, bobbles, weird stitch patterns, poofies, ...all are welcome. I don't want just a simple cabled hat, though. Something strange, but that doesn't look absolutely ridiculous.
-I'm thinking about doing it in a solid or lightly tweedy, neutral color, for what that's worth. I would consider some colorwork, though I'm more interested in texture than color and I don't want it to be the main focus.
-I'd prefer a normal, rounded-ish hat shape over the pixie shape or the square, pointy-eared/pigtailed look. Not big on berets. I tend not to like those hats that are gathered at the top (to make a ruffly thing) much either. I do tend to like earflaps and those long cordy things that come off of them (I'm not sure what they'd be called) but they're not necessary.

I'd also consider a crocheted hat, though I have trouble getting them to fit as snugly and the wind sort of blows through the holes, in my experience.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I'm going to try and make time to sit around in the bookstore this weekend and paw through some of the books, so if you point me at any of them I'll make sure to check it out. Thanks :-)
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Scarf FO

Earlier this year I had purchased some nice handspun yarn from a seller on Ebay, and was wondering for a while what to do with the yarn, when I finally decided on making it into a My So-Called Scarf. It took me a few months to finish--I'd work on it a little here and there for a break between other, larger projects. Well, finally I finished it today, and I'm quite pleased with how it came out.

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