October 25th, 2006

Will Knit

A strange little object I made

It probably would have worked better in white or off-white wool, but I didn't have any.

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What I did:
Used Cascade 220 to make two skulls as described in Knitty's Yorick pattern, then knit a strip to connect the two, making a sort of "bag".

Why I did it:
Inspired by a Dia de los Muertos short story writing competition I'm involved in, which is also the reason I'm giving people for why the skull isn't white or off-white.

Things I learned:
Hand-fulling as dictated by the pattern probably would have been better before taking it to the full felting process, because it was hard to find the strands of the YOs in the eyes and nose to cut them after felting to my satisfaction.

This was definitely a "trust the pattern" situation, particularly around the eyes.

Strange little objects have their own charm.

Things I will do differently next time (assuming there is one)
Hand-full until I can cut the strands in the eyes safely, then machine-felt.

I will knit the strip separately, because I don't like the effect created by it having been knit to one of the skulls and grafted to the other.

I will use either black or white wool, because even if the "fall" color of the skull is a feature rather than a bug I don't care for it.

I will probably line the inside, so it can be better used as a bag.

The full series of pictures can be seen here, if you're interested.
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Happy kitty

I think I dropped a couple stitches but I can't tell for sure...

I'm knitting a stole out of Kidsilk Haze (haaaaaaate) and a few rows back I noticed I inadvertently YO'd in the middle of a knit row, resulting in a big, annoying hole. So, I inserted a lifeline two rows prior to the mistake row, and carefully ripped back (not fun with this yarn) and painstakingly transferred the stitches back to the needle. I went to count my stitches and noticed I was missing one. So I looked at the row on the needles and I noticed in one spot that the stitches below didn't look the same as the others...I think I dropped a stitch, or picked it up wrong, or something, but I can't tell exactly...I'm not sure if it's an actual dropped stitch, as it's not unraveling at all, but it looks like if I just went and knit it as it, that it would result in another hole. I also can't tell if it's 2 dropped (or messed up) stitches or only 1, but it looks like it affects 2 stitches...however I am only short 1 stitch...

I took a picture and I hope you can see the mistake...it's really easy to spot in person. If you look in the circled area on the needles, you can see how there is a stitch or 2 below them that doesn't look like the rest of the stitches...like something isn't interlocked right or something. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong and how I can fix it? I'd just rip back yet another row, but I want to make sure I don't have the same problem again.

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Bingo the clowno

The Gnome has begun

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This is what your table looks like when you're trying to do 2 knitted projects at once (hey that worsted weight cardigan I knew I was going to hate is happily going to become a tank top/shell top) while foaming at the mouth to get started on the dragon shawl AND while playing Destroy All Humans 2. At least I'm in Takashima now and almost have enough credits to buy some more upgrades for my weapons! LOL

Anyway...gnome...errors galore but since it's my first stuffed toy and I'm basing the pattern on a picture, I'm happy enough with it. My 10 year old can't wait and very sensibly said that, "When you're just learning something you shouldn't expect it to be perfect." Did I teach him that?

Heelless Sleeping Socks and Knitpicks Afghan Kit

Pattern: Heelless Sleeping Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarns used: Knitpicks Simple Stripes in "Crayons" and Knitpicks Parade in a color that's not listed anymore. I got them both on sale. I like the Parade much better. It is a softer, less scratchy yarn.
Needles: used two circs, rather than the DPNs that the pattern called for

These are for my mom, who has MS and doesn't walk. Her feet get puffy a lot and it turns out that tube socks fit much better and are easier to get on/off than heeled socks. They were very quick to make and the pattern was only a 4 row repeat, easy to memorize. The inside is very soft, as most of the purls are on the outside.
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I also ordered one of the new Knitpicks afghan kits. It is for a Christmas gift, so in the interest of quickness I am making the easiest pattern of the bunch, "Colorful Waves". The yarns are nice enough, though I hate working with the Suri Dream. It is difficult (for me) to work the pattern row with the yak vomit fuzzy yarn; there is a K3 together that is tough to grab. The other yarns are fine though. The Shine Worsted and the Sierra are my favorites out of the bunch. Both are nice and soft.
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(no subject)

Okay sometime last year, my friend Eric picked up a ball of pretty bright blue mohair and said, Oooo, this would make a pretty lace scarf. And he bought it. It was:

Filatura de Crosa Baby Kid Mohair Extra. Color 466, Dyelot 3410

Sometime about 3 months ago, he finally got around to knitting it. Now he is 3 feet into the scarf, and it's GORGEOUS. It's also using up all the yarn. He thinks he might have enough left right now to do a matching end edging, but he did not want to make his mother a 3-foot long, 10-inch wide scarf.

So he went back to the store where he bought it to buy another ball. Oh! But they are out. So he looked at another store, and they were out too. We have looked on e-bay and I have searched at every online yarn store I could think of. I even called ThreadBear in Michigan and Hill Country Weavers in Austin to put them on the case.

The long and short is that the yarn is discontinued and was only made in Spring and Fall '04. Now we are hoping for a miracle. One ball will wrap things up for him, and he's not asking for the same dyelot even. He will pay for shipping and the ball of yarn (retail would be $10.50).

Please check your stash, your LYSs, and your friends' stashes and see if you can help him! We are ever-so-desperate, and getting disheartened!
kirsty maccoll

Finished objects! (Legwarmers, scarf and cell phone cosy)

I'm halfway through knitting my first sweater, and it's coming on pretty well so far. After finishing the front panel I thought I needed a break from it (it's cotton on 3mm needles so it's taking AGES), so I had a root around in my stash to see what I could make quickly for that "yay, I finished something" buzz.

Anyway, after discovering that I had a ball of el cheapo acrylic yarn in every colour of the rainbow, and realising that my legs are getting chilly as winter draws in, Collapse )

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(no subject)

I am currently in search of a somewhat specific yarn, but since I really have very little familiarity with brands, like... at all, I come to you for help.

It isn't that this is something I saw once before and forgot, I'm just looking for something that meets these criteria.

Basically what I need is a worsted weight yarn that is 100% Merino wool (it has to be Merino, no exceptions on that) that comes in earth tones (solids or heathers are preferred but variegations won't be rejected) and will hold up to a lot of wear. Superwash would be a plus, but isn't necessary. Cost isn't really an issue either, since I'm looking for something of high quality. Anyone know of anything that fits that bill?

Edit: Okay, I think I've got it narrowed down. Thanks for the input!
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I am about to begin knitting my first cardigan! I am looking for large (1 3/8") wooden buttons and I can't seem to find them anywhere... Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for any assistance!