October 26th, 2006


connecting pieces with a contrasting yarn

I made all of the pieces for a modular scarf. I started connecting them with single crochet, but now I'm not sure I'm happy with how it looks. The central thing is that I want to be able to see the stitches. I am connecting the pieces with a contrasting yarn, for interest. The single crochet looks okay, but only on one side. On the reverse side, it vanishes. Since this is a scarf, presumably both sides will be visible.

I googled, and looked through the memories, but I couldn't find the right search terms, I think. I looked in Stitch and Bitch and Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, but they were both focused on how to make your seams invisible. Does anyone have a suggestion for a decorative piecing technique?
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is there such a thing as italian lace knitting?

this may sound like an odd question, but are there any traditionally italian or alternately, portuguese lace patterns?

i'm getting married next fall (hopefully in amalfi), and while i haven't picked my dress yet, i was thinking of knitting myself and/or my bridesmaid a pretty shawl to go with the dress. i thought it might be a particularly nice touch for the pattern to have some kind of italian history, being that my family is from there and we're going to be there and especially since it was my grandmother who taught me to knit in the first place. if you're wondering about the portuguese part, it's because my fiance is portuguese, so i thought that might also be an option. (i know, nobody is going to know this except me, but that's enough)

i've looked in all the typical places, books and online, but i don't seem to be able to find a lot of historically italian patterns, and maybe that's because there are none, but i'm not a lace or shawl expert so i thought i'd put it out to you good people just in case someone knew of something.

(and shape of the shawl doesn't really matter, i'm just gathering ideas at this point, so even just lace stitches are welcome!)

Fetching made smaller?

I, like everyone and their dog, would like to knit Fetching. Problem is, I have skinny wrists and hands, and so I think I'm going to have to make them smaller somehow. (The pattern says that the cuff is 7 inches unstretched at the given gauge, and my wrists are about 5 and a half inches, so.)

So I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this.

- I could go down a needle size or two, which is what I've done before for wrist warmers, but the suggested needles are already small for the yarn, so that might not work very well.

- I could go down a needle size or two and use a thinner yarn - in which case I'd welcome yarn suggestions, as I know nothing about Nice Yarn (I'm used to using whatever I can find at Michaels, but may be able to visit a proper LYS tomorrow... weeee!).

- Or, I could skip one of the 5-stitch cable/rib sections and CO 40 instead of 45 stitches, but I don't know if that would make the thumb part weirdly disproportionate.

What do you think would work best? I'm not that experienced a knitter, so I'd appreciate a little advice. Thanks!
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I am having a heck of a time with the bobble border on Knitty's Miss Dashwood. The "k4togtbl, k3tog" is giving me fits because I am working on little bitty 6's and my stitches are rather snug. Does anyone have any tricks to make it any easier?

Convertable Mittens Question

After searching for a good pattern for kids, I'm wondering if I could "create" my own by using a basic mitten pattern, and binding off half of the stititches a little above the thumb, then cast on same number of stitches making a sort of buttonhole. Does this make sense? Any help, ideas would be appreciated.
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Finished Object - Icarus Shawl

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Pattern: Icarus from SU 06 Interweave
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Lace, 2 balls. I had about 4 yards left, which was very nerve wracking while binding off.
Needles: US 3 (3.25mm) Addi Turbos.
Time: I started this in May, right when the magazine came out, then took a huge break because I was bored with it. I picked it back up to finish the edging last month. It probably could have been completed in about a month if it stayed my primary project the entire time.
Impressions: This is probably the most boring shawl I've knit, but I *love* the result so I'm glad I pushed through and finished. The YO columns got old real fast, and even the edging was fairly repetitive and easy. I don't plan on knitting such a simple shawl again due to the boredom factor.

All photos of Icarus complete and in progress. You can also click on the photo in this post to get links to larger versions of the photos composing it.

All my blog posts on this project
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(no subject)

I really love the sweater in this post (Lucy In The Sky Cardigan) and I want to make it. The problem is that I like for a cardigan to have pockets and I want to be sure I can modify the pattern to fit that before I buy it. I've googled around and I think I'm right on the edge of figuring out how to insert them but I was hoping someone more experienced than me (this will be my first sweater) could look it over and tell me if I'm out of my skull or on the right path.
I want to lengthen it and put in two [edit: horizontal] inner pockets - I'm not sure exactly what they're called, or if there's even a name; the kind that fall on the inside rather than being sewn onto the front. From what I've read, I gather that I knit the pocket linings first (I'll figure out the exact size after I have the pattern to look at and have swatched, etc) and when they're at the correct size, leave the stitches on a holder and move on to do the body piece. When I get to the desired length, I put stitches from the body of the sweater on a holder and knit across the live stitches I had from the lining and continue on my way. Here's where I get confused. I may be picturing this incorrectly in my head, but I don't see how to proceed from here. Do you just purl back across the row and do the same thing with the rest of the stitches from the lining? I'm imagining this as the pocket itself being done with live stitches around the top just needing to be inserted into an opening. Should I just bind off X number of stitches in the pattern and re-cast on the next row and graft the pocket on later? I feel as though I'm looking at this completely sideways and it should be obvious. Any help would be appreciated.
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I am working on the sleeves for the Rogue sweater at the same time that I am working on the body. Both sleeves are being worked at the same time but when I finished the 4 increases I have a problem. One sleeve has two too many stitches and one has two too few. I dont know where I went wrong. Do I need to frog part of the sleeves untill they both have the same number of stitches? Is there are way for me to get around froging?

I have had some tea and I still cant figure out what to do.
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Pattern Help

OR maybe just confirmation of what I'm assuming this means. I'm back to working on ChildHood, and I've just begun the hood portion. This line is what has me scratching my head:

K5, p30[30, 33, 38, 38, 42], m1p[-, -, m1p, m1p, -], p29[30 --yadda yadda end line.

What are the dashes supposed to mean? I'm assuming that it means you don't work any increase, but just continue purling in the row? Is that right?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can clear this up. I just want to get this done and off my needles.
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Y'all, I know stockinette curls. I've been at this for two years. (It feels like a lot longer.) But.

I've got this pattern. Beautiful pictures for the sweater. It's a really simple rib: sections of K4 and seed stitch between them. The pattern itself looks something like this:


At first I thought it was way too much like stockinette to work, but in the pictures, it hangs like a dream. (There's no bottom rib, which is what I like about the sweater. It's kind of got a long-sleeved T-shirt look.) On the needles... not so much. I'm right on gauge and I'm not a tight knitter; I'm using a wool-acrylic mix instead of pure wool since yarn selection in Australia stinks, but I'm almost certain that's not the problem.

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone know? The pattern itself gives no clues.

Thank you!
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FO: Alphabet Sweater

Pattern: Alphabet Sweater from Debbie Bliss's Special Knits
Yarn: Knitpicks' Swish Superwash
Needles: US 3,5, and 7

This is a sweater for my nephew's second birthday. I knit the largest size (24 months), with a slightly larger gauge to end up with probably between a 3-4 year old size (I am hoping he'll be able to wear it for two winters!) I also knit the twist pattern on every other right side row (instead of every right side row), but that's only because I didn't read the instructions all the way through for my swatch (uh, whoopsy) and ended up liking the fabric. So, happy accident there. I think I also skipped a few rows on the sleeves, since I was running out of yarn, but they should still be long enough. I used just about every scrap of yarn, and even had to unravel my swatch for the neckband! I crocheted around the shoulder opening, since there weren't really any finishing instructions for that side and it seems to need a little polishing up, and then just crocheted the button loops as well as I went around.

The shirt underneath is just a little plaid button-up, in case the wool is too scratchy (although I found the Swish quite soft). The yarn was lovely to knit, but my swatch was a little worse for wear being machine dried, so I skipped that for the final pieces (I prefer to wet block wool, anyway). I did throw them in the delicate cycle of the washing machine, though, with no problem.

If I knit this again, I'd do it in the round up to the armpits and then pick up and knit the sleeves down. I think the yarn is fairly bulky for a seamed sweater this size, and the seams aren't really needed for stability like they might in an adult sweater. That seems to be par for the course for this book, though (the patterns are adorable, but they are a total pain in the ass because they have no schematics and some of the assembly doesn't seem to be very practical).

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(no subject)

I'm making a basic basket weave blanket with garter stitch edging. I'm almost done with the whole thing, but now I just need to finish off the end edging. I'm trying to go from the basket weave pattern (the way I'm looking at it facing me ready to knit the next row):

(this is the row i'm starting garter stitch)

to the garter stitch, but it's looking odd (not like garter stitch) and I'm tired and frustrated. I need someone to set me straight!

Please help. I just want to be finished with this thing already and I'm sick of ripping back!!!!!

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The free needles update

To those of you I have promised needles who haven't received them, I'll try to send them asap. I had some more parcels to get ready and send out and I injured my finger somewhat badly. Therefore, if you're wondering where your needles are, I probably still have them and will send them when I can!

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I am so very, very confused right now. I'm working on Cricket's Technicolor Techno-Cozy from Stitch 'n Bitch, and I have never seen instructions like these:

BO 5 (2,2) sts, p 0 (6,0), BO 0 (2,0) sts, p to end of row.
K 0 (6,0)CO 0 (2,0) sts, k to end of row, CO 3 (0,0) sts using single CO.

What's with the numbers in parentheses? Also, how am I supposed to purl or bind off zero stitches? And I can't seem to figure out that last instruction (CO 3 (0,0) sts using single CO).

If anyone could help me figure this out, I'd really appreciate it! I'm not quite this far yet, but I'm afraid that if I do get that far I'm going to screw it up if I don't know exactly what I'm doing.
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Fisherman's Rib Increase problem...

It must be a fisherman's rib night...

I'm working on a cropped poncho from the Rebecca Magazine No. 32

see link:

http://www.rebecca-online.de/cont_en/heft_archiv/heft_32/seite_03.php (seen on the far left and far right in kind of a maroon color)

This Poncho is knit in the round using Fisherman’s Rib...The difficulty comes in understanding the following instructions for increases:

On 7th round inc as foll: mark 7 sts. Or 4 K ribs at center front and back and work 3 sts. Each into 1st and last K rib as foll: over st. with yarn-over work K1 tog once, P1 tog once and K1 tog once = 4 inc twice, or 88 sts.

Help! Can't seem to figure out what they want..."over st. with yarn-over work K1 tog once, P1 tog once and K1 tog once = 4 inc twice, or 88 sts." that seems like gibberish to me...how on earth can you K1 tog once? ugh..

Hope someone has made something simular and can explain this

Thanks ahead of time for the help.