October 28th, 2006

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converting sock patterns

Do any of you have tips on how to convert a sock pattern written for two circs to dpns? Is it just a matter of distributing the stitches between the needles and then following the pattern? I would love to hear any tips before I attempt to get started! Thanks!
Cowboy Hat

Non-holiday knitting post, yay!

A friend of mine put me on the trail of my next project, but in order to do it, I need some suggestions for yarn.

Most "baby" yarns are soft pastels. The idea I have is a specific kind of baby blanket that requires bold, high-contrasting colors, strong pure tones, yet needs to still be soft for baby skin and machine washable, if possible. Does anyone out there have a lead on something of that sort?

FOs: elephant and tiny Santa; shawl update

I had actually knitted the entirety of this elephant a month ago, but after putting in a BAG AND A HALF of stuffing, ran out and had to put off his completion until I got more stuffing.

He's from Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys, knitted in the finest Red Heart acrylic on size 4 needles, and he is HUGE (that is a regular-sized chair he's modeling on). He's a gift for a friend's two-year-old, who looooves elephants.

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I also made a tiny Santa from Jean Greenhowe's Christmas Special (the 28-page one again). There are 6 figures like that in there, and I'm wondering whether my mom would like a set of them as ornaments for Christmas. She really likes my toys, but I'm not sure she'd actually want to have them as ornaments.

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Also, remember my shawl saga? I realized I never posted pictures of the thing after I fixed and blocked it.

I love it. I've worn it several times, for no good reason except that I just really, really wanted to wear it!

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28 days later

Knucks Yarn Sub

Hi there! A lot of my teammates have been inquiring after my Knucks, which I have been wearing to practice in the freezing cold of late. I've been hoping to find a less expensive wool yarn that I could use to make a few gift/award pairs, and Knitpicks' Telemark seems like it might be a good choice. I've asked at the KAL, searched the knitting archive and googled, but I haven't found anyone who has used Telemark for Knucks.

So I am wondering if anyone out there has, and if so, could you get a full, women's sized pair out of one skein (103yds?) knitting at gauge (as opposed to modding the pattern to fit a larger/smaller gauge)? Even if you didn't knit with Telemark, could you get a pair out of 103 yds?



I do drop-spindle spinning, and I recently spun up about 140 yards of single-ply yarn that was then dyed in three colors--henna brown, cochineal red (which faded to a nice baby pink after rinsing), and indigo (which came out baby blue). Now, I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

Any suggestions? It doesn't seem like a lot of yarn, but it is kind of chunky, as well. I looked at a pattern for a voyageur toque and it called for 4 oz of (worsted-weight) yarn, which in a worsted weight is more than 140 yards! I'm actually thinking of spinning more and leaving it natural colored, just to have more available for making something (like the toque and a pair of mittens). And for the toque to be authentic, it has to be red anyhow...

I'd love to hear what you'd do with 140 yards of spun yarn!
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Lots of FO pictures - 2 lace shawls

Hi wonderful knitters!  It's been forever since I posted anything since I'd had my camera break.  I have a new one and I'm going to catch up a bit at a time.  Here's what's in here:
Two triangular shawls.  One is Icarus, the other is something I made.

Icarus, from interweave knits.  
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Smaller triangular scarfette from my own head. This is knit with Alchemy Hiaku.  Love!

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me n D

pattern re-sizing question

Oh lovely knitting people, I come to you with a question.

Late last year I made Mariah and, while the sweater turned out lovely, it was too big for me to wear. (It turned out perfectly for what the small size should have been, it just seems that I'm smaller than a small.

At any rate, I'd really love to make BPT but the small size of the BPT is the same as the small size of the Mariah, which is a 38 inch chest. All of my sweaters and fleeces that I like the fit of have a 34" chest.

Is there an easy way to size this pattern down 4 inches? How is the best way to go about doing so? How do I go about adjusting the rest of the pattern to make sure it fits too?

Thanks in advance for any help you're able to provide.
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FO: First Frost Wristlets

As part of a swap I joined online, I had the choice to make wristlets or fingerless mitts. I was going crazy trying to get all the last minute things done for my wedding, so I really didn't get anything done before we left for the honeymoon. That left me just a few days to come up with something and get it out in the mail. So of course, I decided to do things the hard way and wing it. Collapse )
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Colorwork In The Round??

Hi - boy, it's been ages since I've posted here, but I'm in a design quandary.  

I'm working on designing a sweater with a super-awesome bit of colorwork on the front (3 birds on a telephone wire, in silhouette, for that Urban Outfitters look), and I was planning on working it in the round (because everyone loves the round), and then it hit me.  I can't do intarsia in the round because I'll finish the CC section and work the rest of the way around with the MC, and there'll I'll be ready to do the next row of my colorwork and the CC will be all the way over to the left on the far side of the contrasting section, and I'll need it on the right.  Is there a way around this, or am I going to have to work flat?  

(I hope that description made sense.)


Socks FOs and WIP

I tend to lurk around this lovely community oogling all of the lovely things everyone is working on and wishing I had more time and money to spend on my knitting.  Alas - I am a grad student and have very little of either to spare!  In any case, here are some pictures of some of my latest projects.  Many curses thanks(!) to you all for being so inspiring and giving me so many ideas and tips! Wool Ease socks, bell lace pattern from somewhere online.  Both socks are finished now, but I don't have a current picture.  It was pretty quick and gave me something I could knit without being glued to the pattern whilst I am working on this:

Horseshoe cable afgan - still in progress... and probably will be for a long time! 
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