November 1st, 2006

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suggestions for knitting charities

I am in the boston area, and have recently been brainstorming over some ideas for a charity knitting drive that could be done over the next 2 months at a store that I run a weekly craft night at.

I am researching a number of different options, but I'm wondering if anyone has any particular favourites. My requirements: I'd like it to be something where the knitting would be used in our community. Because of the nature of the group, it will be most politic if I avoid any groups that are religious in nature (some non-overt stuff is ok, like the little mention on Newborns in Need, but avoiding knitting prayer shawls and such. even though I know they're not truly religious, it would just set this group off into a tizzy). I'd like something where people can offer a range of things (part of that I liked about Newborns in Need is the levels of skill that are needed for projects both simple and complex, but there aren't any chapters in state).

My other thought is to instead work on an afghan to donate to a local group that has a charitable auction in January. Has anyone ever worked with a group to do something like that?

At last, a finished object!

After making the longest, dullest scarf in history last year, I got kind of disillusioned with knitting. But this year I reasoned that it would be possible to knit a lot of small squares (thus avoiding boredom) and sew them together to make something - and here it is! The wool cost 60 pence in total - 20p per ball from the charity shop - and although I ran out of wool before it got long enough to be a decent length scarf for me, I'm sending it off this morning to the 2-year-old daughter of a friend of a friend, who will hopefully appreciate the random gift!

(I'm assuming you can guess how it's done... if you want to know needle size/number of rows/stitches, just ask!)

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Pattern Request

I've tried googling and haven't had much luck... I appreciate anyone who can help me.

My BIL would like me to knit him a hat/skullcap in brown. There aren't a lot of nice yarn shops in my area, and I'm trying to keep this simple. I have found some Patons Fab in brown, which is DK weight.

Does anyone know of a pattern for a skull cap using DK weight yarn? I'm still really new to knitting and this will be my first garment - I don't want to have to make a lot of pattern changes in order to knit this up.


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Hello, y'all!

First off: I have finished my first Cleaves. This means it was given to ladypoetry before I remembered to take pictures. This also means that I expect ladypoetry to take pictures and post them for everyone to see. :D

Second: My question. Does anyone know if the Skully pattern in SNB is also sized for men? I want to know if an XL in there will fit an XL man, since it's modelled on a girl.

Take care!