November 3rd, 2006


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Hi, I'm new!

And so this isn't an actual "introduction post" I just wanted to post a picture of my WIP. It's just a scarf I got into after practicing cast-ons and knit stitches. It's Red Heart Camouflage yarn (the colour doesn't show up real well) and size 8 needles (mmhmm, real complicated). It's my first ever knitting project. I think I'll give it to my dad for giftmas.

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Like I said, nothing fancy. I want to get comfortable making regular stitches (and by this point we're pretty intimate) before I do anything that might scare me away from the craft. I would like to make the kitty hat from SNB for my sister at some point, or else this hat for my husband's friend.

But yeah, hi! :)
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Lion Brand in Hanks?

Now, I'm not going to knock Lion Brand. Before I found Knitpicks, they were my only alternative to the pricy yarn store a good 50 minutes away from me. I made several things in Lion Brand yarn that are still kicking, and there are a few of their yarns I've never seen an alternative to (like their Velvetspun).

LB just put our a few new yarns, and I was suprised to see that they're in hanks.

One of the appeals (to me, at least) is that LB yarn is already in balls. The people I see shopping for Lion Brand don't strike me as those that will be all that eager to wind their own balls. I'm not sure what I think about LB trying to appeal to the high end market like this. They had always been great for those a step above Red Heart, but not yet willing to put some serious bank into a sweater or afghan.


I need this yarn!

apparently there exists a Japanese brand of yarn with metal fiber in it, so when knit it has a sculptural quality... does anyone know what this is? I googled it, and though I admit I was a bit ADD and couldn't stand clicking through all the sites, I can't find it... I'm not sure what else it contains, but I thought maybe one of you fine knitters would know. thanks!

Can't find a books errata!


Tonight I sat down & cast on for a hooded capelet & something is just off with the pattern..or me. Most likely me. I'm increasing by 4 each round, none of my numbers are adding up & usually I can "read" the pattern, like see where things are heading, like "oh! here comes a marker, I have to increase!" I have two stitch markers & the first round, I m1 before the marker, sliped the marker, k1, m1. next round it didn't mention the markers, so I just kept up the counting and slipping the markers. I'm on the last row that the decreases are mentioned and boy am I off! Something is just quirky.

So I google. I try my books title, the publisher, the author. Nothing. The publishers site doesn't even have it on there. I just got it from Crafters Choice, but I don't think it's really that new. I also googled to see if others had made it so I could see where I'm messing up. I don't want to post the part that I'm stuck on because it basically is the entire body pattern, just the increasing.

I'm banging my head against the wall, do I lj-cut the piece I'm confused with plus a swatch of my knitting? Do I keep googling and hope that one day the author/publisher will update incase theres a problem with the pattern? Basically, the pattern body is simple, cast on X amount of stitches, increase,repeat until length desired, I know theres a no posting of patterns policy, so I'm kinda lost as to my options, the pattern is super simple, so I'm wondering if its just me, but I'd like some help!

Heres my book & the pattern I'm making:
The Knitter's Bible: Knitted Accessories by Claire Crompton, published by David & Charles
I'm making the autumn leaves hooded poncho.

Any suggestions, advice, ANYTHING would be amazing :D
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I wanna knit myself a kitty hat... ... but the thing is... I've never knitted with circular kneedles... how do I exactly knit with circulars?

I feel so dumb about asking this ^^; but I really am dumb founded...

oh and does it matter with the lenght of the cord? the pattern calls for 16" but I only have 29" ... will it still work?

EDIT: okay... so I scraped together some money last night and my mom took me to get us 7s that are 16" long so don't have to worry about the lenght problem anymore. :3 and I think I have the hang of working with circs now. thanks!

Atlanta LYS

So the sad fact of the matter is that I've been in Atlanta for three months and still have not found a LYS. Hobby Lobby just isn't gonna cut it for the upcoming Christmas knitting.

I live in South Cobb county, and work in Marietta. I'm also up in Gwinnett every weekend. Any suggestions?