November 5th, 2006


2 FO's: Baby Blanket and Boise Shawl

Project: Anne Norling Pattern #39
Date Started: Aug 24
Date Completed: Sept 14
Yarn: Darn! I can't remember the name, but it was a light blue veeery soft acrylic.. I know I know.. but it was a gift for a premie baby, and I was trying to be mindful. I bought it at my LYS, not a Michael's.. this is going to drive me nuts, especially since I know exactly where in the store it sits!
Needles: Clover Bamboo US 8 Circulars
Size: Approximately 36" x 40"
Comments: This was a very fast knit. It was relatively mindless since it was completely garter stitch, YO, and K2tog, which was good because the baby it was intended for made his appearance 2 months before he was supposed to... and 1.5 months before I was planning on starting the blanket. With strict monogomy and knitting as fast as my little fingers could go, I managed to get it done in 3 weeks. It was promptly shipped after being completed and I was informaed that the parents are using this blanket as the one the baby will be christened in this month.
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Project: Karabella Boise Shawl
Date Started: Sept 15
Date Completed: Nov 4
Yarn: Karabella Boise 50% cashmere/50% Superfine Marino Wool Color 68
Needles: Addi Natura 4.00mm Circulars
Size: 17" x 75.5"
Comments: This is a spectacular shawl. I love it, but with the yarn it is not an inexpensive shawl. It has a 12 row repeat pattern which was written out in a VERY confusing manner. Think brackets, parentheses inside parentheses, and x3 in odd places. It was really hard for me to even do the first pattern row until I got my hands on a chart. That made it so much easier than trying to decipher the paragraphs each time I looked at it. Once I ahd the pattern memorized, it flew by. Except for those few times I would make mistakes and have to "frog". In this case, frogging was more like tinking since the yarn was extremely prone to self felting just by being knit. Each stitch would need to be undone one at a time in order not to end progress right there. That was annoying at some points when I would "knit" for 4 hours that consisted of me tinking back and making negative progress. The yarn definitely pills and little wispies came off jsut by knitting, but the halo effect that is given off around the shawl actually makes it look cool. I think if I ever knit this again I would not use the same yarn; that is not to say that I don't like it, but I feel it is one of those where one is enough. Periodically while knitting I needed to take the obligatory break to just smush it up to my face and inhale. :o)
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More pictures and stories of these in progress (as well as other things I do tangled inbetween) can be found at My Crafty Blog.
Thanks for looking! :o)


I finally finally finally put the finishing touches on the ChildHood that's been so irritating. Not through any fault of its own, really, things just didn't seem to want to go right during its construction.

I don't think I'll ever use KnitPicks' Shine again. My house looks rather like there's a bright green long-haired cat living with us. Fuzzballs everywhere. O.o Which is a shame, because it does knit up rather nicely and is so soft ... sigh.

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Most of the trials and tribulations involving making this are chronicled in my blog and I don't care to go into them again. Suffice it to say, they had more to do with my quirks than anything wrong with the knitting. :-P
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FO Tiger Swallowtail Shawl and WIP St. Brigid Sweater

I'm not usually not one to go about showing off my FOs, but I'm just so pleased with how this shawl came out that I thought I'd share it with you.

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Also, a couple of weeks ago I promised somebody pictures of my WIP St. Brigid sweater, but since I can neither remember to whom I promised this or what post the comment was made on, I figured I would just tack it on to the end of my shawl post.

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I hope you've enjoyed my post. I have one question to ask you fine people as well. Apropos my comment on seeming everything together on my St. Brigid and the problem I have with it instantly fulling the moment I've made a stitch, do you have any suggestions for seeming my sweater without the yarn I'm using to do the seaming becoming hopelessly fulled as I go along? I've considered doing it with several shorter lengths of yarn rather than one big long one, but that just seems like more of a hassel than it's likely to be really worth.
Thank you in advance!

Frogging Question

I feel really stupid asking this question, but I'm an occasional knitter and haven't had to deal with this much frogging yet. I am making a poncho with 204 cast-on stitches. The pattern is a 10-row repeat with the last two rows being in the alternating color. Well, I miscounted while merrily knitting along and inserted one too many of the main color rows, so my alternating color rows are facing the wrong side. At first I thought "screw it, this is just how it's going to turn out", but now I think I'd like to try to fix it.

My question is, do I have to frog back stitch by stitch or is there a way to just pull out the circular needles and rip back to remove the extra row and then start right back up at that point? I have to think there is a way to rip with glee, but how do I make the ripping stop at the right point and get all those stitches back on the needles properly? I have to go back probably six or seven rows, so to do that stitch by stitch just ain't gonna happen with this Sagittarius :)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Like everything else in life, the learning happens in the mistakes.
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Lately, I've realized that whenever I increase stitches I end up making a rather large gaping hole right where I did the increase. The way I learned to do it was to pull the yarn up from the stitch before, if that sounds a bit familiar.
I was wondering if anyone had a better way to do this?
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Ski mask pattern

Hello lovely people.

I've been searching online for a ski mask/balaclava pattern to make for a friend. A lot of the links I've found are no longer active, and though I found one or two, they don't have pictures of finished items and I'm afraid to commit to it without seeing what it's going to look like. I'm willing to buy the pattern, if necessary. Also, I'd prefer less military and more, well, ski mask. :)

Does anyone know of any, offhand?
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Lining a Knit Hat? Hm.

I've just finished a bunch of gift hats knit up in Noro Kureyon, and it was quite a satisfying little project.

The problem is: these hats are as SCRATCHY as wool can be (even after washing, though significantly less so).  Ugh.  Some gift, huh?

I was thinking about sewing in some kind of lining made of fleece, for softness against the skin and extra protection against wind. I've never sewn anything in my life, and I'm a little stumped about how to make a liner that will fit well inside these 2x2 ribbed hats (which are great because they'll accommodate a variety of head sizes.)

Has anyone out there done this before? Any advice or suggestions?  I'm not married to the fleece idea - I'm for whatever works!

Already humbled by your stunning expertise and largesse,
doozer yarn

FO: Spherey

Pattern: Jess Hutch's Spherey
Hair: Gedifra Gigante (I think)
Body: Tahki Baby
Limbs: Rowan Big Wool
Needles: Ridiculous Plastic Yellows sz 13 DPNS

Modifications: I used different kinds of bulky wool and great big needles in order to produce a great big Spherey. The size as written is not quite big enough to hug effectively - yes, this is an important consideration. ;) I also gave him floppy hair using a similar method to making the end bits of the fallopian tubes on Knitty's Womb. His legs are shorter than his arms - opposite of the written pattern. The reason for this? Hugability!

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i hope it's ok that i ask this community, since you're always full of great ideas...
what would you do with this yarn?
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i have about 350 yards of it. i love the colors, and i'd like something to wear from it, but not necessarily a scarf. i got it on sale 6 months ago and it's just been sitting there... i'm afraid i just have no clue!