November 6th, 2006


Mani Di Fata online?

Has anyone ever knit any of the patterns from here, or know where they are available, or anything else about the company?

I'm interested in knowing whether these are magazines, single patterns, or booklets, and where to find them (Googling only brought up a cross-stitch and embroidery magazine on Amazon). I'm also curious to know whether they are translated to English, and how accurate the translations are (the website seems almost like they just used that babelfish translating thing). And if anyone's knit up the patterns, I'd love to know how they turned out.

Some of the patterns on this site are just amazing! There are a couple I'd love to get my hands on, but, if nothing else comes of it, there is some inspiration!
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Loose knitters???

I'm a fairly novice knitter, although I have quite a few FO's under my belt including socks, wrist warmers, scarves and even a sweater. My problem is that I am an incredibly loose knitter and I typically need to decrease the needle size by 2 - 3. If I really keep my mind on it, I can knit a smaller gauge. But, invariably my mind wanders once I have the pattern down and I go back to my "normal" routine and end up with a looser gauge.

Normally this isn't a problem however I've had my eye on a few patterns that use size 0 and 00 needles, and it's fairly difficult to go down needle sizes on those patterns :) One is a sock pattern that comes in a few sizes and the other is a baby sweater that I'm looking to knit for my nephew.

The only solution that I've been able to come up with is to knit a size or two down i.e. knit a small vs. a medium (depending on how the swatch comes out) to make sure it's the size I intend.

For the other loose knitters out there, are there any other tips you can offer me? I don't want to end up with knitted objects that are knit really loosely, but going down in size knitting on the smallest needles is the only solution I can come up with. Are there any other options out there or any advice that people can offer??
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Widdershins question - increases

I'm looking to find out if anyone has successfully made the Widdershins sock pattern and increased the # of stitches for a wider foot and leg? I usually do stockinette socks on 2.75mm needles and 64 sts around, so the pattern suggestion of 54 sts is decidedly more snug than what my foot likes.

Any suggestions would be great. I've been avoiding toe-up patterns because I don't like short-row heels, but if I could make this one work it would be great - finally a way to get ever little bit out of my Lorna's Laces that's been waiting for me!

(FYI - I have been to the designer's blog and seen the notes she's posted, but to be honest it completely confuses me. I'm hoping to hear from someone with first-hand experience as a new knitter to the pattern if possible.)
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quick question abt stinky yarn

Ok so this was my first foray into felting and it turned out so well. I was so excited to see my daughter's cute little slippers come out of the washing machine. My only problem is they STINK! OMG! They smell so bad. Is this normal? How can I fix it? The yarn, if it makes a difference, is Cascade 220 -100% Peruvian wool and I didn't use any detergent while felting.

Edit: Ok thanks to everyone that responded, I feel slightly less freaked out by the stink. Let's hope it goes away soon and I will try Febreeze once they are dry. And no I don't think I'm just sensitive to wool smell. I did take a piece of Wool of the Andes and wet that and does not smell anything like this. It truely does smell like vomit. And yes I'll try to post some pics soon. Thanks!
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Cupcake with a candle?

There was a pattern for a knit cupcake with a candle on it. My daughters birthday is next month and I was going to attempt to make her one, but I cant find the pattern anywhere...I found several cupcake ones, but nothing with the candle attached.

Am I jogging anyone's memory?

I looked through here, 20's knitters, and punk knitters, but apparently I suck.

Viking cable sweater

This is the first sweater I've ever finished -- I made a few attempts on other projects that wound up being unravelled due to dissatisfaction with the results, and the yarn on those is still waiting for me to do something with them.

When I took the almost-finished sweater to Stitch N Bitch a week ago, some of the other knitters said they hated me.

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First attempt at Kool Aid dyeing

Get some white wool yarn, four packs of unsweetened Kool Aid and get colorful with the yarn.

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I say not bad for a first attempt at dyeing yarn. I'll wind it back up into a ball when it gets dry. I can't decide if I want to knit some socks or Knitty's Fetching with it.

I have one more 3 oz ball that I'm going to do some other time, I just wanted to see if I could do it and how hard it would be-turns out it isn't hard at all-the worst part is unwinding a 3 oz ball of yarn and rewinding it into a hank.

X-posted to my LJ and dyeingfiber
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Calling Color Theory Experts --

So a recent project has left me with six mostly-complete skeins of a cotton frisee yarn in three different colors -- red, orange, and yellow. I thought that this might be just enough for a really fun baby sweater -- maybe one color for the body and the arms were two different color stripes, or the body one color and the waistband and placket another, etc. (And fortunately I have a friend's baby I can knit for, and I'm sure her parents are sick to death of pink by now...)

I probably have more of the red than either of the other colors -- but for some reason making the bulk of the body in red just seems like it would be too much, color-theory wise. Am I just being paranoid, or is there something to that?
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Any Boston Bruins fans??

Hi, my name is Amy! I'm new to the community but not knitting in general. My grammy taught me to knit when I was maybe 12 and now I'm 21 at college and have a new found intrest in the whole thing.

This year for Christmas presents I'm making my whole family hats. Some will be done on circular needles, some on a circular loom and others will hopefully be crochet (sp?).

I was wondering if anyone here has a pattern for the boston bruins logo that I could somehow translate onto a hat for my dad. It could be for knitting or crochet, this would help me out sooooooo much!

Is it ok to talk crochet in this community? If not can anyone recommend one that you have found useful??

Thanks so much in advance for any help!

Happy Knitting!
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Am I being bitchy?

Am I being bitchy or do you guys see my point?

I just knit my first pair of socks (Yay socks!) (If you really wanna see 'em, go here.) I am terribly excited and I showed them off to my coworkers, my family and my livejournal buddies and I keep getting this response:

"Great! Knit me a pair, would ya?"

Arrgh. I got sick of it and so I calculated the price of my knitted socks:

Total amount of hours it took me to make socks: 40 hours
My Time Value Calculated Wage: $13.85
Total Cost of Socks: Price of Yarn + (Number of Hours to Make*Wage)= $572.50
Price of Socks: Profit Margin (30%) + Total Cost of Socks= $744.25

Is it bitchy to point out just how much it would actually cost someone to have a pair of hand-knitted socks made?

What do you do when someone out of the blue asks you to knit something for them?
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All wound up

The dyed yarn finally dried enough for me to wind it into a hank to take home. I like all the colors twisted together, it's really pretty.

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Very pretty, I'm still not sure what I'm going to make with it yet.
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WIP: fluffy cuff mittens

these are my first mittens. somehow, this always happens to me. i went to my LYS this afternoon to pick up #10 12" circulars for the sleeves to my hourglass sweater. i left with a skein of white berroco plush and a skein of berroco super alpaca #6283. they didn't have the needles. and i specifically told myself that i would not be buying yarn. i somehow reasoned with myself that although i live in southern North Carolina (where i shouldn't need more than wristwarmers for more than a month or so, let alone full-on mittens) i'm going home to northern Ohio for a week and a half over Christmas, and i'll wear them EVERY DAY there! and... i really want some. lol. and if they turn out well, i can knit more for Christmas presents or something.

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"Does your Mum or Gran knit...?"

I've been going a little nutso, trying to find The Right Mitten Pattern.

Granny made some fair-isle mittens when I was a youngster. Blue with white reindeer on the top of the hand, blue and white checkerboard on the palm (if I recall correctly). They were The Perfect Mitten. Nice, tight gauge and kept one's fingers toasty warm. They also fit like a second skin. I wore mine for years, and loved them to death. They were the kind of mitten that kept your hands warm and dry on a chilly, damp, snowy Ontario day.

I have NO idea what pattern she used. I have an old book that I got from my Mum, entitled "Hand in Glove", that I think is about 40 years old. There's a couple of patterns for ladies' and gents' hands that looks similar...but doesn't seem to be knitting up as thickly. I have no idea what gauge of yarn she used, and the fingering-weight that the pattern calls for seems a little...thin. Also, because I don't have two contrasting colours of yarn, I'm only using one - So there's no extra thickness to the yarn due to there being no fair-isle pattern. I tried using a sport weight yarn, but that didn't seem to help at all.

Today I asked some of my boys at work to ask their knitting Mums and Grans if they have any tried-and-true mitten patterns. One of the guys swears his Mum makes good mitts for his kids, but they're not the fitted kind like I had. Mum didn't seem to understand which mitts I was referring to the last time I asked her about them...and I've now asked her to check and see if an old pair is still packed away somewhere (my parents squirrel away all kinds of weird things). She probably thinks I've gone bonkers, looking for a pair of 20-year-old mittens. All I want to do is visually dissect them....(sigh).

So yeah. Anyone have any fitted mitten patterns? Know anyone who does? I'd love to see what they have...
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FO: Fetching with Mods

I so enjoy seeing everyone's finished projects, but I rarely post my own. Finally, here is my version of Knitty's Fetching.

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Yarn: Tahki Bunny (by Stacy Charles, Inc.), which is a nice soft bulky yarn (with a stated gauge of 13 sts to 4") in both solid and print. I actually had planned to use up a ball of the navy I'd been given last summer and half-way into the first one I knew I was going to run out soooon. So I found the pink variegated on eBay and like what I came up with, including the asymmetry. I have a bunch of the pink left over and none of the blue so I think that I didn't have a full ball to start out with (it came from a friend who found it at a garage sale).

Modifications: I wanted them to fit snugly, so I used 8 repeats instead of 9 (40 stitches instead of 45), and I also made them longer than called for in the pattern. I finished them at the recommended length but they seemed much too short, so I added 9 rows of the rib repeat to the body and a couple of rows to the thumbs. I'm not sure why they seemed so short on me. Maybe it's because my hands are long (although I didn't think they were *that* much longer than the norm) or because when I knit my stitches are short. I don't understand why but I do better on a measured piece than one where the rows are counted. I also wanted them to end up higher on my hand than they seem to in Knitty's pictures. I plan on wearing them a lot when I'm typing so this is the ideal length.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Book recommandations


I've just started knitting a a couple of months ago. I learned how to do it from Knitting For Dummies which I ordered on-line. I have already knitted some scarves and hats from that book and I have to admit that I'm hooked. Watching TV while knitting doesn't seem to be such a waste of time now. I'm currently working on a cabled scarf which may become a Christmas gift if all goes well. (Very exciting!)

I have also used a few patterns (slippers and mitts) I found browsing around on the internet, which is how I found out about this site. I was very excited to find that there is such a wonderful and large on-line knitting community.

I visited my local bookstore recently in hopes of finding some more beginners books, but didn't find anything inspiring. (I guess there aren't too many knitters in my area) The abundance of books available on-line though is mind-boggling, even the very well reviewed ones were too numerous to be able to choose just 1 or 2.

What I would like is a book with a lot of illustrations, and some less basic projects then the Dummies book.
These are the books I've been looking at :

The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd or
Knitting Without Tears
by Elizabeth Zimmerman
The Knitter's Companion by Vicki Square
Stitch 'N Bitch by Debbie Stoller
and I also like the look of some Debbie Bliss' kids books, which have very pretty covers but the reviews were mixed.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments? I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choices.

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Cat Stocking Patterns

I am looking for a christmas stocking pattern, in particular for my cat. It is my first christmas with my cat, and I want to make her a great stocking, something really cute.

Any links to free patterns would be appreciated - Links to books are fine too, I can always see if I can find them at the library!

Thanks so much.
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A shawl by any other name?

I'm sorry to bother everyone but I'm having a hard time googleing up a pattern or book of patterns for a shawl in a particular style assuming it actually exists. In particular I was admiring the shawl from the packaging for Unicorn Fiber Wash. From the small section show in the picture I imagine the shawl as having a more solid knitted back then an looser section that goes over the arms before going back to the pattern for the front peices. Does anyone know if this style has a particular name? It looks very comfortable and pratical! Thank you!

Squid Hat?

Does anybody know what happened to the strangebuttrewe site that had a pattern for a squid hat and a digestive system among other things? I've already started my squid hat, but I seem to have lost my printed pattern, and now the website is gone. :( I really want to finish it, but without a pattern I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sewn bind-off question...

So I'm looking for a stretchy bind-off for my Dragon Scale Gauntlets, and in LJ-seeking the archives it appears that most people swear by the sewn bind-off. I'd like to try it, but am just a little confused. The directions say: "sew forward (right to left) through two stitches as if to purl, leave the stitches on. Sew backward (left to right) through one stitch as if to knit and remove the stitch."

My question is: Which one stitch am I sewing backward through? Is it the first (rightmost) stitch on the needle?

I know that this should probably be straightforward, but I am severely congested and sleep-deprived, so my ability to think is pretty much shot right now. ;) Thanks in advance for your patience and your help.