November 9th, 2006

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Some finished blouses/tanks

Hi all!  Here are some more finished objects

1: A boat neck blouse from an early 1960's Bernat pattern book.
Yarn: KnitPicks fingering weight dye-your-own merino wool. (100% Merino Wool - fingering weight)
Needles: size 2 bamboo straights.
Modifications: I had to lengthen it by about four inches, which was pretty easy since there wasn't actually much shaping at all.  Oh, and I had to try and pretend that I was not knitting the size 18.
Thoughts: This took _forever_.  I've posted some progress shots in here previously (like in june).  I'm particularly proud of the finishing.  I didn't take pictures specifically of the seams, but it's the best seaming I have ever done.  After all the whining about knitting this beast flat and I think the seams give it a nice structure.   It's lovley and very nice and soft.  I left the color natural.  I was dreading actually finishing it because of a significant weight change between starting this and finishing it, but I'm glad it came out the way it did because I think it would have been a tad on the small side otherwise. I'm glad it's such a classic shape.  I'd hate to do something on the trendy side in such a tiny yarn.  Too much effort for something that would look dated quickly.  Vintage patterns are good for that.  If it's an old pattern but still looks like a great design... it could be a winner.
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2. Chevron Rib Tank by Ann Budd. (opens a .pdf)
Yarn: Classic Elite Provence. (100% mercerized cotton)
Needles: I don't remember.  But it was 5 sts/inch in pattern and blocked.
Modifications: This yarn is a different gauge than the suggested yarn.  Appropriate calculations were made. Also, I'm tall, so I added length so as not to expose too much back flesh. With this pattern tummy flesh wasn't the problem.
I also swapped the decrease.  The pattern has you k2tog and then ssk.  I did this for the first few rows (and I didn't frog but I should have) and I didn't like how those two stitches pulled at each other, so I switched to a slip 2 tog, k1, psso.
Thoughts: This fits me exactly like I think it is supposed to and I LOVE this yarn.  However, one of the things about showing it on a dress form is that you don't notice the disconcerting/self conscious feeling of having something pointing at your crotch all day long.  There's also a funny gather in the armpits where I think some more decreasing was needed. It also makes me look a _little_ bit pregnant. Part of me wishes it were flat across the bottom and the other part of me thinks it might look even stranger that way.  I'm still conflicted.  I do have to say that I am absolutely in love with this yarn.  In fact, the particular yarn making up that tank has been through a lot with me.  I knit my very first garment (the tank from the first SnB book that calls for this yarn) with it.  And I wore and washed and abused it. Then I gained weight and it didn't fit me anymore.  So I frogged it and knit another tank.  And I wore and washed and abused it. Then I lost weight and IT didn't fit me anymore.  So I frogged it again and made this.  If I can say anythign about this yarn it's that it's durable.  Does that look like yarn that has been used and worn in three different garmets?  No?  I don't think so either.
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3. Tivoli tank by Grumperina (note, now it's been improved to the 'picovoli' but this is an older FO from before then)
Yarn: Classic Elite Star (almost all unmercerized cotton + a little bit of elastic)
Needles: I think my nylon size 6 circulars, but I could be wrong.  I seemed to get the same gauge no matter what size the needles were.
Modifications: length.  As always.  I'm tall.
Thoughts:  I only added two inches or so.  I should have added more like four and a half.  I did some ribbing, then decided I wanted it longer and switched back to stockinette, then I did ribbing again and bound off.  I'm thinking of just picking up and doing the same again.  Other than that I LOVE this top.  It has great shaping.  The natural stretch of this yarn (a cotton/elastic blend) is great for this kind of body hugging shape.  Everything is great except the length.  Oh... and that soft unmercerized cotton gets stray lint stuck to it easily... and that the constant need to brush lint off of it is worsened by the fact that the top is black.  Oh well... that's more the fault of my laziness in the sorting of my laundry.  I do "darks" but this needs me to do "blacks" or to handwash.
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Also... here's what I figured out for taking pictures of yourself.  I have a digital camera and a tripod.  I put the tripod in front of the mirror with the camera on it  pointing into the room and the view screen facing the mirror.  Then I set the timer.  I stand in front of the camera and I can look at the reflection of the view screen in the mirror so I'm standig in the right place when the camera takes the picture.


hi all. i've searched the archives to no avail...has anyone made the clapotis with lorna's laces shepherd sock yarn? does it work well? do you still need 4 skeins?

thanks in advance. :)
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I am really disappointed to find that has a designer pimping her own yarn on the cover. How do WE know that yarn is soft as cashmere, and if it is, how durable/pill-resistant is it? I can find that out by having a regular ole knitter tell me, not by the f'n manufacturer. I hope that's the last we see of that. Did Suss pay for this advertising opportunity I wonder? Her book is on the remainder table at the bookstore, it wasn't that popular. Meowwrrr, I know, but one of the things I like about knitty is it's pure information, relatively untainted by insidious commerce. Don't let it change?
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fos: scarf and small toy

You all post such lovely things and I don't really feel like mine measure up, but I like looking at everyone else's FOs so much it seems fair to share mine.

I think I figured out the thumbnail thing, so hopefully there are small pictures that link to bigger ones behind the cuts. Um, also lots of text. Hard to get me to say anything, but once I get going I seem to have a hard time shutting up.

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About the peacock feathers shawl, has anyone used alpaca cloud for that? How'd you like how it worked? I've been looking for anyone who used that yarn for that pattern, but only managed to turn up people who intend to, but haven't started knitting yet.
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a bag

Yarn and needle questions for Knitty's Broad Street Mittens

Broad Street Mittens pattern for reference.

I decided to make these for my boyfriend for Christmas. Last night I bought the yarn, Alpaka (I couldn't find a link) in charcoal gray, at AC Moore on sale for $3.25 a ball. I also bought size 2 dpns, but couldn't find the size 3 dpns on the shelf. At home, I checked stores online for the size 3s. Joann's has them, but the closest store isn't very close at all. Are they absolutely necessary?

I'm really anxious to get started, so I can get them done in time. Also, do any of you have any tips or comments on the pattern itself? I'm not new to knitting, but I've never tried to knit anything more complicated than basic knit, purl, increase, decrease.


FOs: turtle and fish

Still plugging away on baby gifts! Recently completed are a turtle and a fish for two friends' babies. Both toys are from Fiona McTague's Knitted Toys book, and are worked in Caron Simply Soft.

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And also, I just couldn't resist posting this one. My brother sent me pictures of my niece modeling one of the sweaters I made for her. I've already posted the sweater, but of course y'all want to see it modeled by an adorable toddler, right?

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(no subject)

Hi, I'm new here & new to knitting. My name is Kari, I'm 20 years old.  I've been crocheting and being generally crafty for years and I was recently given a beautiful set of knitting needles from my wonderful husband who said "you're into everything else, I knew it was just a matter of time before you'd start knitting".  So now... I am trying to learn.  Problem is I'm sick of making dishclothes, I've got tons of them now!  I've also made a lot of scarves and a purse for my Blackberry Phone.

I need something new to try.  I know how to knit & purl, I know how to decrease... I sorta know how to increase but haven't attempted that yet.  I haven't tried knitting on circular needles either.  Does anyone know of any patterns that would be very very easy for me... something that isn't a dishcloth or a scarf?  I love Xmas things, so something Xmas-y would be nice.  I've looked at a lot of patterns but I can't tell if they are too complicated for me or not.

Please help & nice to meet you all :)
dancing genie

frogging :(

I started a lace cardigan last year about this time, from's beautiful lace weight.  I made the back and the front pieces and blocked them, but I've been putting off starting the sleeves, because, frankly, I don't really like the sweater.  In fact, I'd rather just rip the whole thing out and make a pretty shawl or something out of it.

So, my question to you illustrious knitters - is it okay to frog and re-use yarn that's already been blocked?
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FO: Will it work this time???

Hi Guys.

Remember me? I tried like crazy to post pictures of my new Election Day sweater? And the LJ Galleries defeated me? I'm trying again, having fiddled with it a whole bunch more. Hope it works this time.

Here's my original post, with all the knitterly details.

And here is a link to my new gallery with two pictures of the sweater. Not the prettiest solution, but I'm gobsmacked by how hard this gallery thing is to use.

(Oh please, oh this time....)

In other knitting news, to assuage the "miles of stockinette" boredom, I have begun Branching Out. My first lace. Who knew it would be this fun and easy? More FO pictures, soon, I hope!

Jaywalkers Gauge Question

I've got my mind set on doing a pair of Jaywalkers for my next pair of socks. I want to do a less-plain sock after two pair of plain stockinette socks with only ribbing on the leg to fancy them up. The Jaywalkers pattern comes in two sizes: 8" and 9" around the foot. I measured my foot last night and it's 8.5" around. So I'm planning to make the larger size on smaller needles. If I made the smaller size on larger needles, I think the stitches would be too loose.

The pattern says:
38 sts over 4 inches / 10 cm in zigzag pattern stitch
31 sts over 4 inches / 10 cm in circular stockinette stitch

So here's the question: How many stitches per 4" should I be looking for in order to end up with a sock that will fit my 8.5" circumference foot, keeping the 84 stitch cast on that the pattern calls for? I guess I will start on size 0 needles instead of the size 1 that the pattern calls for. I'm armed with sets of 1s, 0s, 00s, and 000s, so I can keep going down sizes if necessary. It's just the math that's got me stymied.

Since the 8" size calls for 76 stitches, and the 9" size calls for 84, I considered the possibility of just aiming for the given gauge and then casting on 80 stitches. But that isn't right; there needs to be an odd number of stitches on each needle for the pattern to work as there's a double-decrease on the middle stitch of each needle.

I plan to use Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (in the 'Java' colorway). TIA for your help!

(no subject)

Hello gorgeous people, I'm thinking of buying the Myrna sweater pattern from White Lies Designs, but I'm wondering what it looks like on an actual human. Someone asked the question last year (I searched previous entries) but couldn't find an answer. It looks like it would be good for busty gals, but I'd love to see it on a real body to be sure. Anyone here made it at all, and have any photos of it in action?

question about center pull balls

I used the tutorial at to learn how to make center pull balls.

I find that they're really nice for small projects like socks when I don't want to deal with the ball getting all out of control in my bag. I can sit on the metro and knit and the yarn comes out of the top of my modified-pillowcase knitting bag and everything is hunky-dory.

Except when I get toward the end.

I recently knit a sock from one hank of Koigu (post on that coming soon) and I had more than a little bit left over. Maybe enough for half a sock. What does one do with the end of a center pull ball? It was all smushy and I was afraid that if I just tossed it into my stash central it would get messed up. I couldn't bear the thought of that happening to the dear, sweet Koigu.

So I made another center pull ball from it.

But there has to be a better way. Doesn't there? Anyone?

(PS: Hi, I'm Emily and I'm new here. I am a huge champion of trying new things and that nothing in knitting has to be hard. It just takes patience, and sometimes a beer to get you through it. Woo.)

(no subject)

Ok, I am a relatively DIY knitter. I have some really basic questions, I hope i don't annoy anyone with n00b questions.

When I knit, I cast on the stitches to the needle in my left hand and then transfer to my right needle. I am left handed so I do not bother turning my work every row, because the woman who taught me has never done that. I use the knit stitch and I end up with stockinette, or what looks to be stockinette, when normally it should be garter.

What am I doing (if anything) wrong?
with the right tool... I can do anything

Question: What do you "make do" with?

I recently started "making do" with non-professional equipment for an assortment of knitting and spinning equipment... For example, I made a niddy-noddy out of pvc pipe (and I'm starting to think of a really good way to turn it into a swift as well, using pvc pipe, a connector that's too large for the pipe, and a couple of c-clamps) when I got desperate for *something* to put my spinning on last week, and it has the added advantage of being able to LEAVE the spun work ON the niddy-noddy when you rinse and set the twist... Or when I made a drop-spindle out of a quarter-inch dowel, the round end-cap for a closet rod, a rubber band, and a small screw-hook... Making knitting needles out of bamboo chopsticks, a pencil sharpener, and some sandpaper (although I later found out that Stitch and Bitch also gives a few hints on how to do that one)... Using an empty container from "zip-fizz" as a nostepinde (with a really skinny hole for the center-pull, but very doable and less likely to go "flat" as a previous post asked about)...

I have a nasty habit of not wanting to wait for my equipment to come in the mail (and of course, the local craft store doesn't have most of it), so I make it myself. It's both cheaper and faster, even if it's not always better (although the niddy noddy is DEFINITELY a plus over the wood ones, even if it's not pretty).

Why yes, I'm ADD, why do you ask? ;)

So, on that note, I'd love to know what kind of equipment you have "made do" with around the house when you needed a knitting fix? When has desperation become the mother of invention?

(she asks as she is using paper clips for stitch markers)


My boyfriend and I are living in Japan and I really want to knit some small Christmas stockings for us. Problem is, I am completely and utterly pwned by DPNs. I have tried tutorial after tutorial without being able to make a single row. Does anyone know a simple, basic stocking pattern using either straight needles or circular? My plan is just basic red stockings with fluffy white at the top of the leg. Thanks in advance!
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NoVA Knitters

Would any NoVA knitters be interested in getting together one night next week at the Borders on Rt 7 in Sterling? (Apologies if this sort of post isn't allowed. I looked through the rules and didn't see anything forbidding it.)

EDIT: And what night would be most convenient for you?
EDIT THE SECOND: Include your email address, please! :)

Boucle Lace Weight

My wonderful Secret Pal just sent me some Cherry Tree Hill Lace weight boucle yarn. There is approx 2100 yards. I have never worked with lace weight boucle. How does it compare to regular lace weight yarn? Is it interchangable for patterns? It's really squee but I am soo confused. Any help would rock.


Knit Beanie With Bill?

Hello all. My name is Diana. I just joined! I'm so excited because I LOVE KNITTING! I haven't been knitting for long though, I've probably been knitting about two years now.

But anyways, I have a question. I have been searching and seaching for a pattern for a beanie cap with a bill, anyone know what I'm talking about? I want to make one for my boyfriend so he can use it while he plays paintball. He asked if I could make one, but I said I'd have to find a pattern first!

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

Illusion knitting?

I'm about to embark on my first illusion knitting experience, and the pattern I have instructs to carry the yarn up the sides instead of cutting and weaving in ends. I'll be thrilled if I don't have to do that, but won't carrying it up make big loops? Or is there a secret to it that I haven't figured out yet?
Bingo the clowno

Dragon Shawl busting my chops

Is there anyone who can help me? Row 31. If you've done it, you know that's all I have to say.
I've totally got knit F&B.
No problem with flipping that next stitch on the lhn around, can easily put the 1st HS on the lhn.
I can TBL the flipped stitch and knit the 1st HS and slip them both off the needle.
I do NOT get a horizontal stitch no matter how many times I do it or who's instructions I follow. Can anyone make a movie tutorial real quick or be willing to email me while I make a series of pictures or a movie to see what I'm doing wrong?

I've seen: (March 1st)

And I'm doing exactly what they're doing, I'm just not getting the same results. I can't figure it out. Can ANYONE help?

*EDIT* I Got it! I got it! Someone emailed me and I was TBLing by putting the rhn between the HS and twisted stitch instead of GOING OVER THE TOP of the HS stitch! Problem solved!

purpose of tbl?

I'm thinking about making the Bzzz hat for Queen bees from S&B Nation (with Cascade 220, any thoughts on that?) and I'm curious about the first round worked tbl.   I get the whole untwisting twisted stitches thing


why?  I get how but can't quite picture what it does to the hat...pretty please, explain in practical terms...does it make it stretchy, or pretty, or what? 

ps...i did try the archives, but possibly didn't look in the right place?  or use the right term?  and google returns how-tos or references to twisted stitches again.


knitting YOs

I've been knitting for about a year or so, and taught myself to do so using books and the internet. Thanks in no small part to this community, I'm not terribly afraid of just diving in and undoing something if it ends up being wrong. It occurred to me this evening that maybe I'm knitting my YOs wrong.

When I've finished one row/round that has YOs in it, and am knitting the next row/round plain, should I be knitting into the stich Collapse ) or Collapse )

Despite the fact that I've been doing it the first way the whole time, the second way seems more correct.

So what's the scoop?

Edit: So it would appear that I'm knitting into my YO in a way which corrects the wrong way that I was doing my YO. Thanks for all the excellent help so quickly. :)