November 11th, 2006


Knit Tie - Yarn Suggestions?

A friend of mine was browsing the J-Crew website and stumbled across this knit men's tie and asked if I'd be able to make one. It definitely seems like an easy-to-knit project. I came across this pattern, but I'd probably work in garter stitch to avoid curling/blocking.

The pattern calls for "fine mercerised crochet cotton" being worked with a size 0 knitting needle. Is mercerized cotton the same as those "crochet threads" I see in crafting stores? What other yarns would you suggest using?

I was looking at these yarns on KnitPicks (which also came up when I googled for a knit tie):
Gloss; Essential; and Palette.

I don't know if I should stick with cotton or use one of the wool blends instead.
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Just a heads up for everyone

I don't know if any of you sock knitters and sock knitters needing Xmas presents have seen these but they're pretty neat I think- and cute!

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I found them on this site- Martinas Bastel- und Hobbykiste

If that link doesn't work - they're on the wool sock yarn- Regia 50g page right at the top and listed as- "ABS Stopper für Strickstrümpfe".

There is an English "translation" of the page as well so you don't need to pull up Babelfish. :)

edited to put picture under a cut- whoops!
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Pattern interpretation question

I have a feeling I'm probably over thinking this, but I'm having an issue with a pattern from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, the February baby sweater on page 28-29.

Work back and forth for about 4" for sleeve, ending with 1" of garter stitch. Do I want to end up with 5" total of sleeve, or 4" total of sleeve? I'm unsure whether I should knit in pattern for 4" and then knit an inch of garter (this is the option I'm leaning towards) or pattern for 3" and then knit an inch of garter.


Holiday Issues


I have an international subscription to Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. I was just wondering if I will be sent the special Holiday issues of these mags, or are they specials you can just buy on news stands?

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Funky smelling knits...

I recently bought a few sweaters at Old Navy, and even after washing with detergent, a couple of them have this bizarre and unpleasant smell. Very... I dunno... Barnyardy. It's really, really strong. And gross.

The fiber content is as follows:

40% Acrylic
30% Nylon
20% Lambs Wool
10% Angora Rabbit Hair

Does anyone have any tricks for getting rid of the smell? Will it fade with time?

Should I just Febreze the hell out of it and see if that works?
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Need help with eyelets

EDIT: Thanks! I really appreciate the helpful replies. Now only if I didn't have to frogg it for the 4th time XD

I'm making the Mason-Dixon washcloth, and when I get to round 5 (eyelet round) I am puzzled by the pattern:

{[K1, yo, K2tog] 3 times, K4, [k1, yoo, k2tog] 3 times, k1} 6 times.

How do I work this? any help is greatly appreciated.

FO: Malabrigo Scarf

Last time I posted here, I had this one skein of super bulky Malabrigo, and didn't know what to do with it. Well, it sat in my stash for a few days calling out "knit with meee! I want to be a scarf!" So I started looking at scarf patterns, and stitch patterns, and trying to figure out how on earth I could get a scarf out of 65 yards of yarn. Plus, I wanted something that would show off the gorgeous thick-and-thin texture, and something with more structure than the standard "knit a few rows, do a zillion YOs, drop them on the next row" drop stitch pattern, and preferably something reversible. Gah!

Well, I figured something out, and it turned out to be ridiculously simple.

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Knitting with Charts

Hello all. I'm new to this community, and I'm sorry if this has been done before. I've had a look at the links and tags and nothing seems to pop out at me as relevant!

I have never knitted with charts and I have no idea where to start or how to learn. Are there any websites or books that you would recommend? I learned to knit and crochet when I was very young and have only started knitting again in the past year after not picking up or even looking at needles for a few years. I have no problems reading written patterns, though I'm a bit too hesitant (and easily frustrated/demotivated) to try tackling an advanced pattern (I don't mind trying my hand at intermediate patterns though).

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Thank you all for your very quick help! I've bookmarked all of these useful sites and I hope I'll be able to use them in the next couple of weeks!

My brain is catching on simple math.

I'm working on this pattern:

Usually I'm decent with simple math, but this is boggling me.

I'm using Lornas Laces Shepard Sock yarn, which is a smaller yarn. I am getting roughly 9 sts/inch and and I checked rows but apparently didn't write it down. (I guess I figured I'd just knit until I hit dimensions.) But I'm a little flustered. Normally you get a X sts by Y rows gauge swatch. But this one says 6 sts/inch but no rows. Now part of me wants to just assume that they are the same. But after measuring one of the pics, I'm seeing that 6sts are just shy of 1.5 inches (on the screen) while 6 rows are about 1.25 inches (again, on the screen). I'm just seeking some help from someone a little better in simple math than I. I can do calculus in my head, but heaven forbid I should have to do something like this. I'm wondering if I should just look at some ratios, but every time I try to set them up I think, "No, that won't work either." Any ideas?
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Pattern help anyone?

I'm working on this lovely sweater from this blog:
Soo, I finished the back and now I'm on the front which reads:

FRONT: CO 40(44, 48, 56, 60, 64). Work 12 rows in 2x2 rib. work remainging work in Cat's Eye St. Remember to mark the same row as for back for armhole. AT THE SAME TIME!

SIZES XS-M: work 36 rows less than rows for back. knit to the halfway point attach a second ball. Dec one st on each neck edge of next row and 5 foll 6th rows. Work even to your number for the back. BO all sts.

SIZES L-XXL: work 40 rows less than rows for front. knit to the halfway point attach a second ball. Dec one sts on each neck edge of next row and 6 foll 6th rows. Work even to your number for the back. BO all sts.

I'm done the ribbing and now I have no idea what to do. I've never made a v-neck sweater and this is really only my second sweater. I did a total of 64 rows for the back, I marked the arm at 45 rows. Please help me if you can, I'd really appreciate it!