November 13th, 2006

Through the looking glass

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This is my first post to this community and I'm very excited. I can't wait to watch all the helpful hints/ideas/ect to roll into my computer. :D

That being said, I'm in a big bind. I started a project and I don't have enough yarn to finish it. I just assumed I did with the estimation that I did. Anyway. The yarn is the Lion Brand Chunky USA Skyscraper Grey, and it's been discontinued for a while now. I've checked all kinds of places to find it and no one seems to have it. Oh! And let's add that I need to get this finished before mid-December. ::pulls hair out::

Does anyone know of a good site that carries a lot of discontinued yarns? I would be very grateful for that information!

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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***Question answered - thank you for everyone's help!

I realize I'm a novice knitter but I didn't realize I was that green. I wanted to start knitting up this Vine Lace Cloth and I got stuck at row 1!

Row 1 : B4, P29, B4

Are they asking me to bind off 4?

Looking for a pattern

Hi, I've been trying to find a certain sweater pattern for a while but I haven't had any luck. Hopefully someone here has seen a pattern that can help me. I'm not sure how to describe it, so here is a picture under the cut.

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Thanks for the help!

Very novice question.

I knitted a bit when I was a kid, but I haven't picked up a needle in 20 years. But I always do some sort of Christmas craft, and this year my mother wanted fuzzy knitted slippers.

So I picked up a few basic books, some yarn, and some needles a month or two ago. The scarf for the boyfriend is going swimmingly. But then I starting to think that Christmas isn't that far away, and I should get started on the slippers.

And now I'm confused. The complete pattern I'm using can be found here.

In the context of:
Row 1 - Knit to within 6 stitches of marker, k2 tog 3 times, slip marker, k2 tog 3 times, k1, turn, purl 8, turn and knit to end of row.
what does "turn" mean? My books all say "turn work around". So, okay, I turn it around, and purl 8, then turn it back. What's the functional difference between that and just knitting 8 without turning it around at all?

I suspect there's an Important Concept I'm missing here. Help, please?

Oh, while I'm at it - "slip marker" just means move it back to the center?
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Shrug/Bolero pattern

Firstly, I apologise if someone has already asked this.. but..

Can anyone recommend a shrug/bolero pattern to me.. either to buy or a free one.. this is what I am after...

I want...
it to cover my shoulders and bingo wings
to knit it in black so it goes with almost anything
to not be overly girl, so no fur or spangly bits

I do not want
one that does up at the front in any way
that is too plain

Difficult arent i! I have looked everywhere for one to buy, had no luck so i'm resorting to knittng in my lunch breaks, subject to obtaining a pattern :/

Thanks for the help
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Asian Correspondent Tricia Takanawa


About a year ago, I stumbled upon a knitting blog that did an annual mitten exchange. I'd love to sign up for it this year...but don't remember the URL. Is anybody familiar with this exchange?

Thanks in advance!
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A gauge question

Hi! I could use some help on a sweater I'm trying to knit my 2 boys. It's the one called classic cable on this page: The gauge is 22sts=4" on US6. After a false start with a yarn I didn't like, a different LYS recommended Berroco Ultra Alpaca (5sts=1" on US8) The pattern recomends starting with the hat as a swatch since it is knit in the round so I have. It's made top down so I'm on the part above the line that's above the cable.

Now if you've stuck with me, here's the question. It looks like I'm getting 5sts/inch with the size 6 needles on the top of the hat, but it's a little hard to judge because I'm measuring between the increases. Would you:

Switch to size 7 (that's the right way to go to get less stitches per inch, right - for some reason I can never visualize up or down in needle size to adjust gauge) for the straight part of the hat because it's more likely I'll get gauge based on my estimate from the crown? OR

Do the straight part in size 6 and rip it out if it's not gauge worthy? OR

Use both sizes and compare? Use the size 6, get my gauge and adjust which sweater size I make?

I don't know why I let this stuff make me so nervous. It's only sticks and string, right, not brain surgery. There are no knitting police, right? For some reason, I have trouble when it comes to adjusting patterns. It's the same with recipes! Any advice you wise people could give on this gauge question would be much appreciated! Then you can come seam the 2 sweaters I have downstairs. That makes me freeze in fear too!
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Does anybody have any reviews for the new knitpicks yarn - Salishan? Its the one thats a wool/pima cotton blend. I've never had a complaint about pima cotton, but Wool can very easily be scratchy to me. I want to make a sweater for my boyfriend that'll be against the skin, so I was wondering if anyone who has tried it could tell me if its decent for a close-to-skin garmet.
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LA yarn stores?

I'm heading out to LA for a couple days this week. Most of the time I have to be productive, but there's one day I'll have to myself to poke around and generally be touristy...and I figured, what souvenir could be better than some yummy yarn? So, does anyone have recommendations for a yarn store to check out? I'm especially interested in anything I won't find here on the east coast, obviously, but any info is greatly appreciated.


Knitty's "Leftovers" Vest

Ok, I've finally gotten brave enough to try my first garment (although I'm being cheap and using all black Caron Simply Soft until I sort of know what I'm doing, but that's neither here nor there).

I'm having a little bit of trouble deciphering the pattern (located here), which reads as follows...

Next Rnd: K2, place marker, p2tog, p1, work 51[57,
63, 69, 75, 81</span>] sts in patt as set,
place marker, p1, p2tog, k3, place
marker, p2tog, p1, work 51[57, 63, 69, 75, 81] sts in patt as set, place marker,
p1, p2tog, k1.

Work 3 rnds in patt as set.

Next Rnd: [Work in patt to marker, slip marker,
p2tog] to last st, k1. 112[124, 136, 148, 160, 172
</span> ] st.

When it says, "work 57 sts in patt as set," is the p2tog, p1 that "pattern?" Or is 3x3 ribbing, the pattern up until that point, the "pattern?" Because p2tog, p1 over and over seems like an awful lot of decreasing and doesn't make a whole lot of sense at the bottom of the vest. I'm confused.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Also, while I'm posting... I chose this pattern because I wanted a basic, fitted, v-neck vest. Does anyone have good options for this? Maybe something with a deeper v-neck I could try next time? I like the shape of the Eunny Jang argyle vest, but I am absolutely not up for the colorwork or the steeking, so, you know, a solid, easy version of that would be nice.

Denver area LYS?

Sorry, this is driving me nuts. I hope it doesn't drive everyone else nuts, too.

I'm going home for Thanksgiving soonish and am hoping to have a chance to hit a yarn shop or two. I know there was one yarn shop in particular that was very highly recommended by someone on this community and from what she said about it, I really wanted to check it out...

...but I can't remember what it is and LJSeek on "Denver yarn stores" and "Denver LYS" isn't coming up with it.

So, is there anyone here who has opinions about must-see yarn stores in Denver? :-)

A Few General Questions

Question #1:
I have some yummy looking Austermann yarn. One skien is supposed to knit 2 socks, but my question do I know where to stop on one sock and then start the next? Is it just guessing where the half-way point is, or is there a better way to go about it?

Question #2:
I'm kind of interested in knitting a sweater. After the holidays, of course. But I'm a little concerned about the price and the difficulty as well. What would the best yarn for a first sweater be as well as an ideal pattern to start out on? Should I go for a baby sweater or something and then work my way up or...something else? I do really want to make a nice sweater for myself though. I can never find anything that fits me well because I have a long torso. =( It makes me sad. And Michigan winters are rather cold.

And finally...more of a request than anything else (if the mods have a problem with this, I'll delete this part of the post). I'm doing a project for one of my classes on knitting. I have a brief questionnaire for those of you who might be interested. If you'd like to participate (and I'd really appreciate it if lots of knitters did!) comment with your e-mail or you can e-mail me at iamindiaunajones (at) gmail (dot) com. =)

Thank you!