November 14th, 2006


Yarn Markup Policies

Are people familiar with the process of yarn markup? The LYS I worked at (Yarn Renaissance in Grand Forks, now closed) marked up everything by 100% or more. I understand needing to recoup costs for shipping, overhead (utilities, rent, etc), and paying employees.
I also understand why an online LYS, or one out of someone's home, would be able to sell the yarn for less than 100% markup due to lower overhead, fewer or no employees, etc. But some yarn companies do not allow this. There is a website I just became familiar with that is documenting these price fixing policies.
I understand if some of you love your favorite yarn at any price, and are not concerned about the company's business practices.
But for concerned consumers, I wanted to make this information available so you, as an individual, can make an informed decision.
This website has a list of yarn companies are known to price fix through word of mouth and through documentation, and companies who are friendly. Check it out and make your own decisions!

list here:

info submitted by retailers:

documentation page here:
Spiral Galaxy

Swatch Therapy

I picked up the winter edition of Interweave Knits yesterday and was intrigued by Clara Parkes' article on Swatch Therapy -- basically, knit a swatch that you will love, for yourself, as a meditation.

After a particularly grueling counseling session, I tried this. I had a lot of emotion to work through and needed a good meditation. It did work, and I have a nice swatch to ponder on now.

Problem is, this will encourage me to splurge on that beautiful skein of good yarn when I can't afford enough to make a project ... maybe I'll get a good gift certificate for Christmas.

fairly easy shawl pattern?

Hi everyone, I just found out today that a friend of mine has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to knit her a shawl, however I really have only ever knitted basic items, scarves, pillows, things like that. Do any of you know of a relatively easy and quick knitted pattern for beginners?

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Hello! I'm, I suppose, a relatively new knitter - my mom taught me the very basics when I was wee, but I hadn't touched a pair of needles until about two weeks ago. Nevertheless - seeing as there are only the two stitches - I jumped right in when I found a nice yarn and pattern and knitted up an Irish Hiking Scarf for my brother. I was so pleased with how the cabling turned out that I set my sights for my next project on the Durrow cable...maybe a little audacious, but I think I can manage it.

My question is related to the details of the project. I haven't much experience in the basic stitches that I would use to make a border, and I'm looking for one that won't pull or roll and that will lie flat and small to make the cabling really stand out. The pattern mentions a reverse stockinette border, but as I understand it, stockinette invariably rolls. Right now I'm trying a border of a few garter stitches on each side, but I'd like it to be even smaller; could I purl all rows? Is that a real stitch? (I imagine it must be, but I haven't come across it.) Also, what kind of selvedge would you recommend?

Thanks ever so much!

ETA: *facepalm* Purling all rows = knitting all rows. Of course. That was me being dense. :-P


After asking about frogging in reverse(which I ended up pulling out the cast on edge and unthreading the whole waistband, what a PITA) I finished my little knit pants for my daughter.
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Redheads are Trouble

Circular Knitting...

I need help on my circular knitting, no matter how many times I try this I cant get it right. I do it FINE with DPN's but it's the actual circular. This is a 16 inch loop on knitpicks, and ... it just doesn't... sit right.

This is supposed to be a woolen cap for my husband in a 2x2 rib (hey I never said he was original), and if I knit it on DPN's it looks right but as soon as I put it onto circulars everything gets all stretchy and wonky!

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ETA I'm following this pattern

so it's 84 stitches on size 10 (not 8 sorry) needles. It's worsted weight yarn.
Redheads are Trouble

I love my husband...

So he said "I want a black woolen cap looks like this (points to a 2x2 rib scarf I was making) and I want cigar gloves.... in black.. or grey.. or black and grey..." I make no comments about his lack of daring when it comes to my knitting....

So I told him to go to a website and order some yarn....I even told him how much :)

I told him I was also looking at... some other colors from that website... he asked which ones. Seconds later he says... "Ok hun I ordered it for you."

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Mother Bear teddy


Just wanted to post and share my first teddy bear! I made it for this really cool organization - The Mother Bear Project. People volunteer and knit or crochet teddy bears to send to children in Africa. The bears are so cute and I just think it's a really wonderful idea and thing to do. So if you're interested, you should try it! I'm a beginner knitter and this was my first time making any stuffed animal. I think it looks not too shabby for my first bear. Hopefully the ones to follow will improve!

Here's my bear. Not sure how to sew on a face though. Can anyone help with that? Thanks!

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I was hoping to knit socks for a friend's birthday, as a gift to her. (I have quite awhile until they need to be done)
But I have never attempted socks in my life...I have no idea whatsoever how to make them. I am familiar with dpns, yet I do not know whether or not those can be usd in a sock pattern....and lace makes me very very afraid, but other than that, I'm open to anything.
I was also hoping that some fellow (and more experienced) knitters would help me find an incredibly easy sock pattern! Are there any that anyone recommends?
Thanks in advance...
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FO - Baby Blanket and Hat

FINALLY finished this project......goodness it took FOREVER. I started in late August and worked on it here and there during my TV bored with it and didn't work on it for weeks and then eventually picked it up again.

It's for my boss and his wife (and the baby of course!). They are expecting baby #3 in a couple of weeks. They don't know the sex, so I opted for a yellow color.

I also made a hat with the leftover yarn to go with it. I knitted it on size 6 straights and seamed up the back.


Pattern: I forget where I got the pattern, but it's basically just all basketweave with a garter stitch border.
Yarn: Bernat Satin in Banana - SOOOOOOOOOO soft!
Needles: Size 8 straights

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Thanks for looking!
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Has anyone used the following yarns for socks? And if yes, how did it work out?

Patons Decor--3-ply worsted-weight blend of 75% acrylic/25% wool yarn

Lion brand baby soft--Solids/Prints – 60% acrylic, 40% nylon

Moda Dea sassy stripes which is 100% acrylic but sold as a sock yarn

Or what other yarns have you used for socks that aren't necessarily sock yarns but ended up working out well? I am trying to stay away from too much wool since this is for a gift and just having a hard time finding the right yarn to use.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Sari Yarn & Chicago Yarn Shops

Hey there, knitters!

I have two questions that are completely unrelated.

Question #1: I've been curious to try the yarn that's made from sari threads and fibers, and there are a lot of sellers on eBay that carry it. Has anyone bought this sort of yarn from eBay, and if so, which seller do you recommend? Who has the best quality yarn?

Question #2: My friend and I are visiting Chicago next week and I was wondering what sorts of yarn shops there are in the area. We'll be staying in the Grant Park area, and we'd like to find places we can get to on the El.

Thanks in advance for your help!

kris xx
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FO: "Romp in the Woods" cardigan from Creative Knitting

This sweater, an extremely belated birthday present for my mom, was from the issue of Creative Knitting that came out last fall with the woman in the poncho hugging the dog (also in a poncho) on the cover. I used vanilla Cotton-Ease on plastic 8's from Joann's (they were green and for some reason I have a thing for green knitting needles.)

I was really happy with the pattern because everything fit together and looked as good as the picture. The only downside was that the lattice knit-purl pattern shown on the body was very tedious to knit. There was a LOT of tinking involved as I undid my mistakes. I knit a lot of the body while watching the box set of Firefly, and I knit one of the sleeves in the theater during Pirates II, for those who are interested in such things.

I would heartily recommend this to anyone who wants a nice, reliable cardigan pattern. I think you also might be able to get away with knitting it in plain stockinette, honestly, if the lattice thing isn't your style.

The goofy buttons between the normal ones are canoes. (Source: Joann's.)

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