November 15th, 2006

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The dragon shawl won

I gave it up as a bad idea last night. After 1 week, I'd only made it to row 71 and had to rip that out to row 59 because I noticed a wrong stitch that I'd missed. After frogging the whole thing 4 times, and spending all night redoing the same row because I kept having too few stitches even though the pattern was dead on, I gave it to my husband and told him to count the stitches on the needle because I couldn't anymore. He didn't get the same number twice and he counted 5 times.
Besides, sadly, I actually saw it on a person and it's ugly. I thought it was like that Pacific whatever shawl but the dragon shawl is small and narrow and hangs like a point down her back.

So, what do I do with this expensive yarn? Clearly not enough to knit a real shawl. I'm not much for scarves or I'd knit a little lace scarf. I have a very small xmas list of mostly males so giving it away is right out. I'd knit a bead and lace snood but, it's the front of my hair that always needs controlling, not the back. You know what DID inspire me? THAT'S the kind of knitting (even though she crochets) I want to do, wild and crazy stuff. That 6-way shawl actually looks good. I can knit that.
Not out of this yarn so anyone have any ideas? It's always not enough to do a real project with but enough to be a problem.

pattern question - jeweled merino cap

has anyone out there done the jeweled merino cap from Bordhi's A Treasury of Magical Knitting?  i just finished the band yesterday.  next i'm supposed to "pick up and k 88sts between i-cord and reverse stockinette beneath it".  now, my problem is that the picture in the book doesn't look like that.  it looks like the stitches were picked up between the i-cord and the stockinette part.  that's the only way i can figure how the purl section is on the top of the band and the other stockinette part is on the bottom part of the band.  i hope i'm making sense.  unless the crown of the hat actually begins at the bottom edge of the hat band instead of the top.  that's the only way i can figure that the directions make sense.  in any case, help, please!  tia!

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Is it me, or is this pattern written oddly?...

I'm trying to make Eve from an old Magknits issue; and I've read this one part three times and can't quite figure out what the designer is getting at:

When work measures 13(14, 13.5, 14)"...from beg, cast off every 2 rows, 3 sts, 2 sts, 1 st (3, 6, 8 times), 56 (59, 62, 66) sts remain.

I've bolded the part that's flummoxed me a little. I think what she's getting at is that I decrease every two rows by binding off, and the first time I do that, I bind off 3 stitches, then 2 stitches the next time, and just 1 stitch the third time. But, since (I'm assuming) decreasing every two rows would only create an armhole on one side, I'd need to do that at the beginning of each row. That just leaves the enigmatic "(3, 6, 8 times)" there, which I'm taking to be instructions for the larger sizes.

...Does that sound right? The rest of the pattern is pretty clear, but that one bit there is just really oddly worded.

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I have a question for you about charting knitting.

I'm really not a fan of reading out long written directions for cable or lace repeats and prefer to find them in chart form or, failing that, write out the charts myself. This is normally easy, but I have a problem with some charts that I'm a bit confused about.

On some of the rows of a couple of patterns I've wanted to chart, you do bunch of decreases on odd rows and increases on even rows. This means that some of the rows are wider than others. I am familiar with charts having blocks like ∎ or χ to indicate that there's no stitch in that box of the chart, but how do I know where to put them? I've tried putting them, for example, on either side of the Λs (decrease three stitches into one), but the row after that doesn't always necessarily line up properly with the one below when I do that. This is a wee bit less important to me in lace, but really annoyingly confusing in some cable charts.

I could spend a long time on each row to try to chart everything out evenly, but I'd rather find some sort of standard algorithm so I can do it more easily in the future. I've looked on Google, but most of what I've found is for patterns where you have the same number of stitches on each row and don't do any pattern work on the reverse side. If it helps at all, there's nothing in knitting that scares me, so answers involving complex math are *gasp* perfectly acceptable.

Thanks in advance for any helpful responses!

Looking for a chart

I hope this request is alright, but I've been looking all over for a chart of Mario from the Mario Bros. games. I know I've seen it (and I thought I had it) but I can't seem to find it, either on my computer or online. I'm an utter failure at charting, so if anyone has it done already and can share the chart, I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance!

ChildHood and button band construction question

I tried posting this last week, as my first post, but it didn't ever come through - probably a user-based technical oops, so I'm trying again. :)

So, I've been a lurker for quite a while, but finally got up the courage (and curiosity) to chime in with a question.

I'm knitting ChildHood from knitty (sorry, I don't see how I'm supposed to make a "magic link" here), and I'm almost to the point where I am ready to make the button bands. Patterns typically instruct to knit the button bands until they are the right length when stretched slightly, then to sew them in place.

My question: is there a good reason not to just knit them into place as I go along, rather than have to sew them in later? I would think that each time I got over to the edge where it is to be attached, I could just knit into the edge stitch of the cardigan front, or is there a good reason not to do this? Also, if this is a reasonable way to approach button bands, what would be the approximate ratio, since the button band is just a bit shorter... knit into 4, then skip a body row... or would every 7th make a better ratio?

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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Half of an FO and a question

Yarn = Patons Brilliant in Black Dazzle
Needles = Metal Size 3 DPN. I think they are Susan Bates, but I'm really not sure.
Gauge = 8 stitches and 10 rows per inch
Pattern = Glove pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. I just winged the arm section.
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After I finish this project and get a few ornaments made for the holiday, I'd like to make a v-neck cardigan to wear at work. (For some reason, my office is cold year round) I googled for a pattern and this was the first hit. I'm really busty, so I think the shape would look really good on me. And I love the cables. The problem is I've never actually done cables before. I don't like the look of most vertical cables, so I haven't made anything with them. I'm not sure I want my first cable project to be something so big. Does anyone have any recommendations for small, closed cable projects? I tried doing an LJ-Seek for "cables" and "closed cables" earlier and for some odd reason I got zero hits. Googling hasn't really gotten me anywhere either. Thanks in advance.
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Hello all of you great knitters out there : ).  I've got a question for you.  I'm almost done with Via Diagonale (a very belated birthday present), I just need to sew a gusset.  I haven't been knitting for very long and I haven't really sewn at all, so I'm not really sure what she means when the author says to "tack down corners of gusset to bottom seam of bag."  I don't want to screw it up after all the frustration I've put into the bag, so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated! : ) Thank you all in advance.
Bunny stitch patterns?

So, I just bought some fabulous alpaca with which to make a mobius scarf. The last time I made one of these, I used one of the reversible stitches I found here:

But there used to be images there. Is it just my browser? I've tried on two different computers now with different browsers. I know the patterns are still there, but I need pictures. ;o) I noticed this the other day, too, when I tried to look at instructions on the german cast on.

So in lieu of that, can anyone suggest either a different website, or a book that I can seek out at my local library?

intarsia charting help asap!

in the process of charting an intarsia pattern, i ran across a rather large problem. i got about 1/3 of the way through knitting it before i realized that i had printed the pattern off as portrait and not landscape. went back and printed it at landscape only to see that the number of stitches it gave me at the smallest size is more than i have in my knitted square.

does anyone know of any websites/free download programs where i can input my guage, number of stitches and picture and have it create a chart for me?

if not, anyone know the easiest way to trace a picture into knitters graph paper?