November 16th, 2006

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Questions about blocking

Oh, I'm still going to make a lace something. It's on. Stupid dragon shawl.
I've never needed to block anything so I've got questions.

1) How big can you block it? When you spread your knitting as wide as you can, is that as wide as it will stretch when it's wet? Or will it stretch even more? I'm trying to figure out in my head casting-on size versus end-product size.

2) I just don't see pinning a wet item to my bed and expecting it to dry. Mildew and rot, yes. Dry? Never. I'll bet it works great in places like Arizona, but anyone in Florida have some tips? Humidity is 84% today. Yesterday my hair never dried all the way through.

3)Those scalloped and lacey edges, do they stay flat? I can just see it curling up after wearing it a few times. The humidity and any sweat would make the whole thing lose it's shape, wouldn't it? Does anyone use starch while they block? How long does the blocking last before it wears off and you have to do it again? If you get caught in the rain, it's all over.

Help with Knitting Bag


This is my first post, so hello! I've just joined a bunch of craft/yarn/knitting/crochet communities, so if you're on any of them you may have seen my intro post with the link to my page of photos (I didn't want to crosspost!). I've been crocheting for about 10 years now, though I learned to knit AND crochet about 20 years ago and have only just picked up knitting in the past year (actively doing so in the past couple of months). I'm just finishing up a pillow and when it's done I'll post photos. I dislike patterns and love to make up my own pieces.

Right now I'm starting a yarn-craft bag to haul around whatever projects I'm working on. It's going to be about 14" tall by 22.5" wide. I've got a skeleton made out of plastic canvass and I'm going to make a lining out of some fabric and the outside out of a double strand of grey worsted and silver eyelash. I'd like to knit the outer panels because I've been told knitting uses less yarn than crochet and I've got a somewhat limited amount of the eyelash yarn. This brings me to my dilemma. Please take a look at my diagram below to show the two panels that I need to knit (I will then crochet the bottom of the bag, and sew all three pieces together to make the outer part of the bag):

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Thanks in Advance!!!

Knitted Rosaries?

Has anyone ever seen/made a knitted rosary before? I've seen plenty of crocheted ones, but I'm A) a really poor crocheter, and B) horridly slow at it. I've Googled, I've scoured, and I've come up with nothing. I had some ideas floating around in my head, but none of them are working out exactly how I was hoping... Originally I tried a 3 stitch I-cord, but because the knitting wraps around itself, it obscures the bead on one side. I've also got limited experience with knitting with beads, so it's a bit hard for me to visualize how something will turn out. I've played around a bit with the i-cords, but everything's turning out too bulky. I've got a lace weight yarn that I want to make them out of (JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool/Silk blend).

Does anyone have any wisdom they could impart on me? Or if you've ever seen a pattern for a knitted rosary? Or even how to adapt a crochet pattern?
Sharon BSG

Yarn Shop Community

Hi all!
I was thinking about the posts that end up here in knitting that are related to LYS's (Local Yarn Shops, for the uninitiated). Anyway, between the requests for LYS's in specific areas and informational posts about new LYS's, sales, etc. and the posts that go up related to on-line shops- that perhaps what LJ really needs is a community dedicated to yarn shops.

Apparently, there are areas of the world where you can't always count on the internet being correct, and the darn phone book goes out of date quickly. The sad result is many disappointing yarn-shopping ventures where the shop is closed, moved, or full of 20+ year old yarns that weren't what you had in mind for your next project.

Thus, I present lys_finder. Join, or not. The community will obviously be more successful if people join and post about their LYS's so there is more content then what we've got so far (Minneapolis and San Diego!)
Thanks again Glamazonwarrior!!

quick question

I am a fairly new knitter, and I am planning on teaching myself how to knit lace for my birthday, and I thought that I would use Knitty's Branching Out (as I have read that it isn't that hard), so I went to my LYS with birthday cash in hand during my lunch break and bought two skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK (in a beautiful new leaf green color, which I thought would be appropriate for the pattern), but the salesperson made me wonder if what I bought will be enough? The packaging says that there are about 105 yards per skein, giving me 210, but I don't want to get 75% done and not have enough to finish. That would probably make me cry.

Thank you, in advance.

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Knitted with Paton's SWS, Natural Earth Color
No specific pattern used -- I just started knitting.

I like this yarn.  It's easy to work, didn't split and a single strand felted down really tight and the bag is very sturdy.  I'm not sure if I left it in the washer too long, or if this yarn tends to felt down A LOT, but this bag is pretty tiny compared to the unfelted size (which of course, I *don't* have a photo of for comparison...).  Trust me this one is little, it's a "pub bag" that I can grab when we are just going out for drinks and need something to toss a sock project, my ID and some chapstick in.

I'll definitely pick up some of this yarn in the future.

I can't get the photo to hide behind a cut, so you'll just have to surf over here:

On a different note, at my LYS yesterday I snagged a skein of <a href="">Mountain Colors</a> sport weight in the "Painted Rocks" colorway.  I'm desperate to finish my husband's incredibly boring (and BIG) black socks with white toes and stripe on the cuff, so that I can get working on some more socks for me!
Tennant and Tounge

Doctor Who scarf in worsted?

I know, I know, it's suicide to try to knit a Dr Who scarf, but I'm determined to. I've got the needles, I've got the pattern Season 15, for those interested, and now I'm just looking for the yarn. Now, being a short girl (5'5" as compared to Tom Baker's 6'whatever), I'm thinking of cutting the row lengths in half (as in, where it says knit 6 rows of something, knit only 3 instead) or otherwise shortening the stripe widths. My problem comes with the yarn. The site recommends a DK or sport weight, but I'm having difficulty finding DK/sport weight yarns in a sufficient array of colors online. Price is also an issue, as I'm a poor college student. Wool of the Andes seems to be the most likely bet for me, being as it's obscenely cheap, and comes in about a brazilian colors. However, it's worsted weight.

My question is this: Would trying to use a worsted weight yarn cause the scarf to explode and eat me? And...can anyone recommend easily-obtainable DK/sport weight yarns that would come in the colors I'm looking for? And is not too expensive?

Thanks muchly!

Oh, Bother

Long story short:

I started my first "not a hat, socks, or scarf" project - White Lies' Shapely Tank Top. On my swatch, I got gauge of 5 sts/7 rows per inch. Pattern calls for DK on size 6 needles. I'm using "worsted" on size 8s.

6 inches into the front piece, it's coming to 5 sts and *6* rows per inch. Am I going to have to frog? I'm not patient enough or currently have the mental powers to adapt this to my current gauge. My knitting needle stash doesn't contain size 6 or 7 circs, either. Woe!

I'm past the "jump up and down and flush like a toilet" phase on this, so no big if I do have to frog. I just wanted to do a relatively easy tank top for myself. Patterns for 48" bust seem a bit rare.

Any suggestions, recommendations? Clue by fours happily welcomed.

Daft Question...

I have what may be a rather daft question. I keep seeing "knit through back of loop" in patterns and I don't actually know what it means. Surely you always knit through the back of the loop since if you're "knitting" through the front you're purling?

I'm not working on anything from a pattern at the moment so it's not an urgent request.


Edit: With thanks to ferret_herder for the link. It seems from these pictures that I use Combined knitting and Combined purling. Sorry for confusing you by saying I used Continental purl - I didn't notice at first that the yarn was wound around the needle differently.

Should I just turn the stitch around before knitting it to get the same effect as k tbl?
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I just finished these babies from today. I had made the first months ago and then did the second one but it came out all kinds of crappy. So, I decided to make another but procrastinated and made this one over the last couple of days.

I used 1 ball of 100% Australian Merinos for each glove on dpns size 6.

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