November 18th, 2006

FO: Irish Hiking Scarf

I was the one a few weeks back who said cabling was too scary for me, in response to another post where someone had this scarf as a WIP.  Many of you encouraged me to give it a shot, and I did.  It became an addiction.  I want to thank you all.  Here is the scarf, made with Baby Alpaca Brush by Plymouth Yarn:

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It's my sister's Christmas gift.  I can't wait to give it to her.  Thanks again, all!

Help ! Socks for my boyfriend

I need some help and advice!  I'm finally getting around to making a pair of socks for my boyfriend, now that I'm pretty much done with my Christmas knitting.  I've tried to make a pair for him before but ran into one big problem . . . the cuff was too small around for his leg.

I was wondering, does anyone know an easy way to increase stitches on a cuff - down sock pattern ( I'm not so good with toe-up yet)?  Or, is there a sock calculator that figues in various leg sizes, not just foot sizes?


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Lost pattern!

Sorry about the text only, but i'm turning my brain into jello looking for a pattern. I found the one in question a year or so ago on the internet. It was a moebius capelet , and it was kinda lacy... One of the stipes was just lacy-flowers. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!. As long as i remember, the knitter made it in brown/pinkish brown and posted the pattern on her website. It was on my favourites, but my pc crashed... i´m totally putting everything on from now on!

Please, i'm getting nuts looking for that.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the text only again! (and also for the grammar mistakes, english is not my first language /o\ )
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superwash wool

So I'm thinking of making myself a blanket, if I can figure out a cost-effective way to do so.
I was originally looking at knitpicks swish superwash, but I'm not sure that it'll be cheaper than using something else.
I want the colors fired brick, truffle, and black. A deep red, chocolate brown, and It must be machine washable, because there's no way this will be handwashed. so are there any machine washable yarns that come in those colors that would work themselves out to less than 3.29 for 110 yards?
If it's close but possibly a nicer/softer yarn, that would be helpful too.
The size of the balls of yarn doesn't bother me, because I plan to do it in entrelac or garterlac.

thanks a lot in advance for your help! :)

Knitting in the round Question

I have been working on the Harry Potter Scarf and I am almost to the point of fininishing it.  My question is since I knitted this in the round. How do I bind this off?  On the site it has a link to cast of but it just takes me to knit world. I looked on this journal and just saw how to knit in the round. Nothing about binding off.

Can you point me to any references on this?

Thanks in advance.  Sorry if I missed the topic that did cover this.

Looking for a good Alpaca Yarn

Long story short, I'm making a wrap for my sister and the yarn that the pattern suggests, Plymouth Indiecta Alpaca Worsted, is now discontinued. Figures.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice worsted weight alpaca yarn? I've done a bit of googling for reviews and have found some yarns -- but I trust you guys. :)

What's a good worsted weight alpaca yarn?

FO and a WIP

Here's a shawl I finished a while back with Handpainted Yarns' laceweight. It's lovely but was a bear to frog, which is why I went with a super easy lace pattern (yo, k2, k2tog).
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And then here's a sweater I'm working on:
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The yarn is Brown Sheep Naturespun in "bit of blue" that I've had for about a year and a half. I'm making up the pattern as I go along, using the cable pattern from the Lush Cables sweater from a back issue of Interweave Knits.

And here's the sleeve:
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This might become my new favorite sweater.

ETA: The laceweight pattern is actually *k2, yo, k2tog* so it's a multiple of 4 plus 2 stitches for each edge. You do that every row.

pattern thoughts.

has anyone here ever knit the cable knit cap from

my boyfriend's mom just started chemo, and unlike past times, she is losing her hair. i wanted to make her a hat and i thought that this one was nice, but the pattern isn't very specific. like, how big is the hat? do i need a worsted weight yarn? i'm guessing i do judging by the needle size...
also, for the decrease, there isn't any pattern to follow, you just knit. i've never knit with cables before, but i feel like the pattern should continue all the way to the top. i could be wrong.

so if any of you lovely people have made this hat before, could you please share your results/feelings with me?

thank you so much!

Mostly FO...

and several WIP's.

I am obviously insane.

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It isn't "technically" finished, I have to rip back 2 rows because they're just a smidge too long in the toe. One down, one to go!

I now present my three WIP's.

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Now for a cup of tea and a bit of a lie-down. I mean, more knitting please!

ETA: Sorry, I forgot the cuts! Fixed now, YAY.
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Da bears

I have a friend who is having a baby boy in the upcoming month. He's also the biggest Chicago Bears fan in the world. Anyone know of an easy pattern for something Bears-related and baby-appropriate? I'm thinking a simple blanket or hat with the "C" logo in the middle, I just don't know how to do the "C."

Sock YARN!

I have a question- or more like 3 or 4 :D
I have bravely decided to knit my sister's baby a little sweater, booties and hat. I have never EVER knitted a sweater before, and am panicking a little.
I HAVE knit socks so the booties should not be a problem.
Does anyone know of any idiotproof patterns for a baby sweater I can make that super cute with no Cabling (one of my good friends showed me how to do it like 9 times and I still don't get it). I work in a bookstore, so if you know of any books that have some, that would be good too! :D

Despite the fact that I have known how to knit for 20 years, I really don't know how to DO much. I JUST learned how to knit socks this summer. My grandma died before she could show me all the cool stuff, and moreover, I don't think she would have shown me anyways (she was one of those devious old ladies who would change a recipe so that noone could make it quite like she did. She did it with her knitting patterns too, which I inherited when she died, and then had to try and figure out! :P)

Anyways, thanks so much in advance for the advice! :D
a killer rack

drop stitch scarf

i wanted to try my hand at the infamous drop stitch scarf everybody makes on here...but ive never really done anything except a straight up knit scarf, with a few experiments with other stitches.  so basically, i can only knit and purl in very basic ways.

so at the end of the scarf when you drop the stitches, where do they go? i assume that you pull them out through the whole scarf but wouldnt there be like excess yarn?

also, i know people have done it in stockinnette and rib stitch, but would plain garter work?

thank you!  as soon as i learn how to do anything interesting ill post pics!

Such a thing as a generic doll-shaping instruction book?

I'd like to get into doll-making (a la the talented Jess Hutch and Japanese amigurumi dolls) but I need to practice (or maybe learn first, then practice) different ways to shape a 3 dimensional character with knitting. I like the idea of making dolls in the round as much as possible, so they have their general shape from the get-go, as I am somewhat bad at visualizing a flat piece turning into a 3-dimensional object, and I intend to be making up my own designs.

Is there any such thing as a book on knitted doll-making that is not so much a pattern book (as in "here, knit these things someone else made up") but more a "Here is how you would make something with a long pointy face, here is how you knit something with a nicely rounded head." Something kind of like the book whose exact title escapes me, but provides basic guidelines for knitting any of a million different types of sweaters out of any kind of yarn. Only with dolls. Or failing that, a doll and toy pattern book that it would be good for cannibalizing the patterns in order to learn and practice the designer's various shaping techniques. Thanks!

Edited to add: Since Jess Hutch's "Unusual Toys.." booklet is out of print and she has no plans to re-print, does anyone happen to have a used copy they no longer want that they might be willing to sell or trade to me? I dunno that I have much to trade aside from my dollars, but we could probably work something out. :)
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yarn discovery

I just had an outing to my preferred LYS (and got to scratch a ram under the chin, which was totally sweet), and, aside from buying some other pricey yarn because I kept cuddling it, I found this wool/acrylic blend that is just lovely. I say this as a bit of a natural fiber buff, so I was very impressed to find such a lovely, soft-wool-y feel.

It is Sirdar "Nova" Super Chunky, 50% wool, 50% Acrylic, 124 yards/113 m per skein. I was looking for yarn to knit up big ol' housesocks/slippers with, and this seems to fit the bill.

I just thought I'd pass the tidbit on, I hadn't known about this brand before. :)

Little Knits

I just want to share my experience thus far with - so far I am seriously underwhelmed.
There web page states "All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours for all in stock items."

I ordered an in-stock item on 11/12/2006 and received email confirmation of same on 11/13/2006; I had ordered priority shipping.
When I did not hear anything regarding shipping for a few days, I called them on 11/16 but could not reach a live person. So, I sent them an email quoting their confirmation email, and asking "I'm writing to see what's going on with my order. As you can see you confirmed it on the 13th. I requested priority shipping and I'm wondering when to expect the yarn. There was nothing leading me to believe there should be any delay so - is it on the way??"

I never received a response to my email or a return phone call. Then, today, 11/18, I got an email saying "Thank you very much for shopping from our store. Enjoy your new yarn. PS. We shipped your yarn via priority mail." appended was the official confirmation from the USPS stating "A package was shipped to you on 11/18/2006 via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail to the following address..."

Well, OK, it's not a disaster, but it's pretty annoying that my order took so long to ship and that they ignored my phone call and email for two days, never even mentioning my attempt to contact them when they finally responded.

UPDATE: I got an email last night (after posting here - either she read my post or someone here contacted her, one can only assume!) The email nicely apologized, explained that the yarn was sent as she'd previously informed me, and also explained that the delay was due to her having only unmatched skeins (different dye lots) in stock and she needed to get in some new bags to send me matched ones. Of course I can understand why there might be that kind of delay, but it would have been much more of a pleasant buying experience if I'd been contacted at the end of the original "24-48 hour" window they mention on their website, and informed of the delay -- or if I'd received an answer to my email, ever; or if I'd received an explanation of the delay when the shipment notification went out. I hope I have not been perceived as unfairly complaining about LittleKnits. I've tried to stick to the facts here and be as objective as possible. I would never presume to expect details of personal information or whatever, but if a business is for some reason having to delay a shipment, I do expect at least a note saying "although your order should have gone out by [date], due to circumstances beyond our control it will be delayed until [other date]. our apologies."