November 20th, 2006

Cute hat with novelty yarn brim

Hi all!  I finished a christmas gift for my cousin's daughter a while ago and it was a quick and fun little knit I thought I'd share with you.  I made the hat up as I went along and I'll try to detail it as best I can.  It's stockinette with a brim done in a novelty yarn. 

Yarns I used: in this case a "baby" yarn by Rowan.  I think it was "soft baby" or something like that...DK ish weight in light pink. (any yarn would do, but it matched with the 'fun' yarn which was a Crystal Palace yarn called Popcorn that looks like pom-poms on a string.  Any carrying-along thickness novelty yarn would do, you don't want it to affect the gauge TOO much.  I picked really 'girly' colors, but of course... you could use any color.

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Hope you enjoyed!
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Weird pattern-finding request

So I'm a new knitter, and I've found myelf in the following situation:

I've finished my 1st project! (Yay!)
I have a loooong train trip coming up later today with (gasp!) no project!
AND - I've got yarn but only the following needles: #11 straigh, #8 straight, and #8 circulars (11", short) and the only yarn store in town is closed today!!! (Nooooo!!!!)


1) Is there a way to search for projects that use the needles I have available?
I'd really rather not do a scarf... Any ideas?

2) I was thinking of just making my first project over again (legwarmers) but trying something funky, like adding heart designs... Is there a place to find a chart for a heart design, or do I jut make it in graph paper? (I searched but couldn't find answer, I'm a bad googler...). I am going to try to learn how to swap the colors to make designs, but if you know of a better site for learning this, i'd appreciate the link.

Thanks so much everyone!
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knitting therapy!

My boyfriend and I broke up last night, and knitting is one of the ideas that came to mind when I tried to figure out how to cope. Like many of you, I read the article on swatch therapy in IK with great interest, but somehow I don't think a swatch is going to do it for me - doesn't feel complete.

So! Open-ended question time! What knitting projects helped you through hard breakups, or hard times in general?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Wow, thank you for your responses, both on the knitting and the boy! It means a lot, really, and made me smile. Tomorrow I'm going to my LYS and splurging on lovely yarn for a therapy shawl, but I'm also going to pick up a few smaller projects.

knit the classics, anyone?

I've had an idea of sorts, one that I admittedly came across on Blogger while looking for essays on the role of knitting in Middlemarch (oh, Trousdale).

I'm wondering if anyone would care to start a Knit the Classics group, where basically, you read a classic novel for, say, two or three months, and knit projects that go along with the time period of the book ( or at least look like they do).

I searched LJ to see if we had a community that did that.  Nothing came up.   What do you think?
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Favorite Yarns

For reasons and variously sundry, I was wondering what ya'lls favorite, all-time yarns are and why?

I know this is an open-ended discussion question, but I'm looking for open-ended answers.

Yarn help

As a reward for getting through my upcoming BSE (Big Scary Exam), I’m planning on making Odessa with the suggested yarn, Rowan Cashsoft DK. I’d like to knit a matching lace scarf to compliment it but I fear that the Cashsoft will be too spoingy to hold a lace pattern. Has anyone tried to do lace with this yarn or something similar (like the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino line)?
Thanks in advance :)
Matt Bomer


Does anyone know how to get hold of a copy of this new book? Amazon says that it's available, then every time I try to order it, it says that they can't get it. Argh!

snorkel san

is this possible....?

So, I want to make a sweater for my mom for Christmas. But, it's nearly a month before Christmas, and I don't even have the yarn.

I want to make her Starsky, because I think she would really like it... I'm debating between using the recommended yarn and LP Bulky (more color options!).

I'm comfortable with cables, short rows, shaping, etc.

So my questions are:

Is it possible to knit this sweater in about a month (on top of schoolwork and finals, which will all end on the 16th)?

Could I see pictures of finished Starskys, especially in larger sizes?

Thanks in advance!

Craft Fair Finds

There was a huge crafts fair in town last weekend, and I dragged the hubby there yesterday with me. The fair was about a lot else than just knitting related stuff, but I managed to find several booths with different knitting supplies and ideas, and ended up spending way more money than I originally intended. I mainly went for stuff that I normally can't find around here, and wanted to try out some new yarns. Here's what I ended up carrying home with me with a slightly guilty conscience:

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Guys, I have an FO to show off...I'm pretty proud of this one.

Date began: 11/4/06

Date finished: 11/19/06

Pattern:  Harry Potter House Unity Scarf- the idea was that, in Harry Potter, there are four Houses each represented by a different color.  This scarf has each House represented by a stripe.

Needles:  US8 straights, aluminum, I don't know what brand but they are green, yay!  Also a size J crochet hook to add the fringe.

Yarn:  Red Heart.  Oh, how I love that stuff, poor kid who doesn't know any better.  Colors are Black, Cornmeal, Country Blue, Ranch Red, and Light Sage.  I had to buy one of those super big skeins of black.

Measurements:  The scarf, excluding fringe, is about 8inches wide and maybe six feet long.  It is lovely and warm.

Technique learned:  Bind off in K1P1, adding fringe, weaving in ends.

What I thought of the pattern:  It's pretty, and if you like Harry Potter it's an interesting alternative to the typical House Scarf.  But the K1P1 gets old real fast.

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Urban Necessities?

I'm thinking of doing a pair of Urban Necessities for each of my brothers (just the mittens, not the hat), and I have a question about yardage--the pattern calls for two skeins of Cascade 220, which comes out to 440 yards of yarn. Has anyone completed this pattern? If so, how much yarn did you actually end up using? Thanks!
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