November 21st, 2006

Knitted Hearts

I am a new knitter and I am unsure about making my own patterns (even if they are simple ones.)
I have looked through the archives and I did not find a post that addressed this.

I am looking to make little palm sized heart-shaped sachets for christmas gifts. Does anyone know where I can find a simple pattern for hearts? Every time I try to do it they end up all lopsided and funny. I think I just need a simple pattern. (two hearts, stitched together and stuffed.. doesnt seem too complicated, but apparently, Im not that skilled yet, lol).

Any Ideas? Of course, I am willing to pay for a pattern if necessary.. though free would be nice.
Thank you so much for your help!

Ladies and gentlemen of Knitting, I present to you a Very Silly Hat.

Since I started knitting again some months ago, I've been on a quest for a three-horned jester's hat. None of the patterns I could find really matched my mental picture -- most were far too floppy and lacked enough personality -- and so I kept making prototype after prototype in hopes of finding one that'd make me happy.

I think I've finally managed it.

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I need some fibre mythbusters.

I read that cashmere is machine washable. Is this really true?

If so, could those of you who know about fibre lengths and fulling please explain?


I want to make a baby kimono out of it if this is true. If not, I'll be using acrylic or superwash.
It's me

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I have some chunky 50% alpaca 50% merino (I think, I don't have it in front of me at the moment) that I'd like to knit into a scarf. I'm having trouble coming up with a pattern. I've searched on here and on the internet, but nothing seems to jump out on me. This yarn calls for size 10 needles. This is my first time knitting with this type of yarn and on this size needle (so far I've just used size 7 for my other two scarf projects).

I have tried one pattern:
row 1: k1p1
row 1: p1k1
repeat rows and 1 and 2

However, I didn't like how it was coming I took it apart. Also, I'm knitting on bamboo needles and I find the yarn doesn't "move" as easily (compared to metal needles) - I don't know if anyone else has had this experience.

Anyhow, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Dad's getting a hat as part of his christmas gift. For sentimental reasons, and because some of his winter is spent in chilly central Maine, I am using some lovely icelandic wool in a color that is perfect for his eyes. My problem: the itchy wool is not perfect for his bald head!

So, since the icelandic is non-negotiable what can I do to make the hat bald-friendly?

My preferred method would be to double-strand it with something super soft. Do you think that would work? If so what should I pair with the aran-weight lopi to cut the itch?

If doble-stranding won't stop the itch, I'd consider lining it, but my sewing always looks like a one-armed monkey got to my machine. I could double knit it with something super soft on the inside, and if that's the best option I may need some guidance and some yarn recommendations.