November 22nd, 2006

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OK, I'm new to this community but don't worry this isn't an intro-post. I've knitted a few times, way back when I was really young, but have forgotten how. I want to pick it up because I need a hobby and I keep hearing it's fun and practical. How hard is it to learn? I'll more than likely just be picking up one of those $2 pamphlets from Wallmart. What needles would be best size to start with? Are there any sites you could recommend for beginners? Also, since I'm pretty much completely new to this scene, how long would it take me to make
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They're so cute and furry. Are there special rules or patterns to making this kind of scarf, or do you go about it the same way as you would with normal yarn. 
I hope this is allowed.

dishcloth patterns - exactly the same?

OK, this is perhaps a stupid question but it is driving me sort of mad.

The dishcloth boutique website lists a lot of patterns. I am looking in particular at two of them on this page:

1. third one down on left: "Bamboo Cloth - 2"
2. seventh one down on left: "Bamboo variation 1 -1"

Are these not exactly the same?? According to the pattern notes, the second is an "adaptation" of the first by a second designer; also as you can see the original is rated a difficulty of "2" while the second is rated a "1." But as far as I can tell they are exactly the same pattern, with the first saying "YRN to M1" where the second says "YO" but they both mean the same thing, don't they?

I'm just a little confused. Thoughts?

Pattern Help:

(*Waves*) Hi all, I'm new to this community. I've been knitting lightly for several years, but I still consider myself a novice since I've only recently ventured beyond scarf and scarf-like patterns.

To the question: I ran across this adorable penguin on and decided that it was a good project to use up some of my scrap yarns. However, I'm a bit confused by the directions for the back. Can somebody tell me, in the decrease row, exactly how many stitches I am supposed to drop? I think it should be three, two from ssk and one from k2tog. There are three decrease rows in the pattern for the body, so you should start with 30 stitches and end with 21, yet the pattern claims that you should end up with 24. What am I missing here?

Also, what exactly does it mean to "work 3 rows even"? I've never come across this before, so I'm not sure what to do here.

Thanks in advance for any help and for the great posts over the past few days!

toe sock pattern?

Does anyone know any free online pattern for toe socks? You know the type of sock that has five seprate toes knitted? My sister is coming over today and I promised I would try to find one for her. She has got yarn that takes 2,5 mm needles. I could tell her how to do it but I'm afraid she will get stuck when she's not knitting with me then...

Tips much apprechiated


Gauge for "Provincial Waistcoat"

I have a question about the gauge swatch for the "Provincial Waistcoat" from Winter '06 Interweave Knits:

The gauge is 20 sts in 'body pattern' - what is the body pattern? I initially attempted to do three repeats of the cable pattern given, but that came out to about half the size it's supposed to (and I am using the same size yarn and needles - I love the 'yarn thickness' sheet at the back of the magazine! So ingenious). Looking at the instructions for the first row, I can't really tell where the pattern starts to repeat, especially because it's shaped so the entire pattern isn't even there.

Graarrr. Can anyone help?

Thank you!
First Hat

Where to Start??

I know that I've posed a question like this before, so forgive me for a little redundancy. However, I have reached critical mass with this problem.

Last week, my aunt, who was a very dedicated knitter, died at the age of 87. At the wake, my cousins were talking about not knowing what they were going to do with all of her knitting supplies. My sister and I said that we would take them because we're knitters ourselves and we wanted something to remember her by. We had no idea what we would get, however.

We have inherited at least 75 years' worth of knitting paraphernalia. We're talking everything from needles to yarn to pattern books. I know that some of the pattern books go back to the early 1940s at the least. I have a feeling that some might be from the 1930s or 1920s as well. The needles are just as old. And I've been told that we don't have all of it yet!

And so, the organized knitter in me really wants to both take inventory and find some way to store all of this. I have a system for the books -- that was a fairly easy fix. But it's the needles that I'm having issues with. How do you store what looks like at least 50 sets of needles??

She had two needle rolls that are totally filled. And we have them plus all of the loose needles in a plastic box now. However, I think that it would be better for everyone's sanity if I figured out a way to mark their size and categorize them in order to store them. Plus, I have my own needles that I have been working with that need to be added to the collection.

I've spent hours searching for a solution online with no result. Does anyone have any suggestions for this organizational issue? Anyone dealt with something similar? How did you handle it? Any suggestions would be helpful!
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FOs: Rowan Kidsilk Haze wrap and teeny stocking ornament

I have 2 FOs to share!

Pattern: Kidsilk Haze Wrap from Cheeky Attitude
Yarn: 1.5 balls Rowan Kidsilk Spray (the varigated version of Kidsilk Haze) in color "Vino" (70% super kid mohair - 30% silk)
Needles: US 10.5 Denise

This pattern was super easy, but I hated every minute of knitting this. I swear, knitting with Kidsilk Haze is like knitting with expensive, brightly colored pubes. I liked the way the finished product turned out and I am happy with the resulting fabric, but I HATED knitting with this fuzzy, slippery, skinny yarn. I couldn't control it with metal needles, but wooden needles were too blunt, so I had to use the plastic Denises which were OK, but it still wasn't easy to handle. I think I am also allergic to mohair since I was sneezing and had horrible itchy eyes the whole time I was knitting with it. I know a lot of knitters love working with this yarn, but I am just not patient enough to deal with it.  I hate you Kidsilk Haze! Anyway, the wrap measures about 18" wide and 55" long. It's just garter stitch with a YO row every 10 rows. Easy peasy!

Pattern: Stocking Ornament from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (65% wool, 35% silk), colors: "crimson" & "verdigris"
Needles: 2 circ method on KnitPicks sz 1, 16" circs

I need to make 5 of these for an ornament swap and this is the first one. I loved knitting this! It only took a little over an hour, so I am sure the next ones will go even quicker. I absolutely love working with Silky Wool, which is good because I had somehow amassed a huge stash of it because I liked the way it looked and kept encountering it on-sale, but I had never used it. It's so easy to knit with...really smooth and creamy and I love the slightly slubby texture the silk gives it. This pattern also taught me how to do a short-row heel which I am really excited about because it was way easier than I thought it would be which means I can use this in full-size socks! No more picking up gusset stitches, hooray! These come out to be about 2" big and I think their teeniness makes them extra cute!

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skins || could you ever love a mistress?

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I'm interested in making a sweater similar to this, but I've never made up my own lace pattern, and they're hard to find quickly through a Google search! Does anyone know of a lace pattern like the one in the photo?

Thanks in advance!

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I recently picked up a copy of Scarf Style, which had some gorgeous patterns (but crapo photographs).   Set upon making Ene's Scarf, I went to my LYS to get the Blackberry Ridge Laceweight silk blend the pattern calls for.  They didn't have it, so I got Grignasco merinosilk instead - both laceweight, both silk blend, and I thought I was in the clear.  WRONG! After a few rows I realized that the merinosilk looks dopey on the size 6's - something I should have realized, but I am no lace expert.  After a little googling, I discovered that the merinosilk is actually Cobweb weight.  Eeep!  I could just knit Ene's scarf with the merinosilk on smaller needles, but I don't want to end up with a handkerchief instead of a shawl.

So: The yarn is really soft and lovely, and I would love to make a shawl or a scarf with it.  Does anyone have any experience knitting with Grignasco merinosilk?  Any pattern recommendations? Thanks all!!


Knitting Stripes

Sooo, tonight I decided to try illusion knitting. (Basically, because I don't have the needles for the socks I'd rather be starting) I'm using the alien illusion scarf from Stitch N' Bitch (don't worry, I know about the color problems!) I got a few rows in, and noticed a little bit of inconsistency where the colors change in certain sections, where the white will show through by the green and vice versa (I hope you all know what I'm talking about, I can't think of a clearer explanation!) Isn't there a way to prevent this? I've looked through a few of my books (and plan to look through a few more after sending this out), but I don't see anything. Or, should I just quit worrying and keep at it? I'm just worried that it'll mess up the illusion pattern.

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Help me plan a project?

I've been really bothered lately by the inadequacy of the heating in my dorm room. I can put on a sweater, thick socks, a hat, wristcuffs, whatever to keep the rest of me comfortable, but I can't put on gloves if I want to type, read, and/or knit. Most of the heat loss is around the base of my thumb, so I want to make hand warmers with these specifications:

1. No material between my fingers. I'd like them to go up to my 2nd knuckles and fold back when I want my whole fingers free.

2. They go halfway up my thumb and have a real thumb gusset so they don't pull taut across the hand like thumb-slit method gloves and mittens do.

3. They use exactly one 50 g./128 yd. skein of Crystal Palace Taos (gorgeous!) as efficiently as possible.

The ball band suggests useing 8s or 9s. I experimented with 6s and the yarn loses all of its loft. I have size 8 dpns, but the fabric looked a little airy with those. I'm thinking about knitting them just slightly too big, then fulling them, not enough for them to become stiff and felty, just to close it up a little. This complicates matters though because then I have to make a *real* gauge swatch, one I can't just knit from the skein, measure, and unravel and roll back up. I don't like doing this if I'm trying to conserve yarn. :( It has to be just big enough to be useful. Maybe 2x2 inches? Then I can measure it when it has the texture I want and I'm left with a useless little scrap. Maybe I'll felt it all the way down aftewards just for the heck of it. I don't care about the wrist length, so I would like to divide the yarn into two equal balls and knit them finger to cuff. Is this possible with my specifications? How will this affect the thumb?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated! :)

EDIT: Ok, I ended up doing it cuff up anyway, giving it an inch and a half of ribbing, then hoping for the best. Now I'm finished with the first one and have quite a bit of yarn left over. I wound the skein into equal sized skeins before I began, so when I finish, I'll have two finger-and-thumb-less gloves + 2 golfball-sized balls of yarn. Oh well. The length is fine since they weren't designed to be worn outside much, so I won't bother unpicking and using the extra yarn lengthen them. They're a little prickly, but that's easier to get used to than the cold. (Also, another reason why a short cuff is ok- my forearms are sensitive.) I can't wait to post the pics when I'm finished!

Looking for a specific hat pattern and a few scarf pattern recommendations...

I've been trying to do a search online to find a specific hat pattern, but I haven't come up with anything promising. What I'm looking for is... well the best way to describe it is a gnome's hat (like the old David the Gnome cartoons, heh, anyone know what I'm talking about?).

I'm looking for something that's basically a long cone shaped hat. It's pretty basic, but since I'm a beginning knitter I'm looking for a pattern online somewhere to base my creation off of.

Also, one other question... anyone have any links to any spiffy free patterns for scarves online? I think I'm past the plain stockinette stitch stage in scarf making, but I'm not brave enough (yet) to branch out beyond scarves and simple hats. Thanks in advance for any help! And sorry for being text only, most of my recent projects have been crocheted items.

Advice on chemo-type hat - yarn type

My aunt was just recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and is going through pretty intensive Chemo. I would like to knit her up some kind of head cover, but she lives in Florida. So, not only do I need a nice, cool, breathable yarn, but a not too bulky/thick hat pattern, also.

Does anyone have any ideas? I don't even know where to begin looking.
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Running out of yarn...

About a year or more ago I bought some yarn to make a long cardigan for my mom. I'm running out now, but I think I remember the yarn shop owner saying that it was half-off because it was discontinued. At any rate, she doesn't have any more. I tried googling the yarn and I can't come up with it online. What would you recommend? The trouble is, I'm really short... I maybe (probably don't) have enough to finish the back, but definitely not enough to do the sleeves. (I've knitted the two fronts already.) If all else fails, I was thinking I could unravel a repeat from the bottom of the cardigan's fronts... but on the other hand, the cardigan is an all-over broken single rib pattern with cable patterns at either side of the front opening, so would this not work?

The yarn is' Istanbul, 50% wool, 50% acrylic. The label says it comes in 50-gram balls of 125 meters each, and is made in Vergnasco, Italy. There are also two numbers - I'm not sure which refers to the colorway. One number is part of the label and says, under "Made in Italy," "C.C.I.A.A. 141129." The other number was stamped on the back of the label sometime during packaging, and says "21," a large space, and then "11040." The yarn itself is fairly loosely-spun, has varying width, and varigated pastel colors (rose, ivory, pale blue, and mint green).

If no one has any idea as to where I might obtain more of the yarn, could I have some suggestions for what I might do to finish the cardigan? The pattern I'm working on is Jarngerd from Elsebeth Lavold's The Viking Knits Collection... it's completely the wrong yarn for the pattern, but my mother chose it. It doesn't look all that bad knitted up, kind of homespun-y, but to my eye it looks too busy because of the complicated cables - quite frankly I just want to get this sweater over with. Knitting a Lavold pattern with a yarn as irregular as this (it's really more of a novelty yarn in a way) is not fun, and I wish I'd known more about selecting yarns when I started knitting this. I'm just terrified of having to rip it all out and start again.
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Thank you & Itchy Hat For A Bald Man part 2

Thanks everyone, you've really gotten me thinking about how to handle the liner on the hat. I haven't decided the pattern yet so perhaps I'll make the hat such that the liner fiber presences on the outside of the hat too - maybe a contrasting row or band? Any suggestions?

As for the fiber, I want to pick something ultra-luxurious for the inner layer that will still go well with the more rustic look of the lopi ( the color is the Monet Blue Tweed).

It's probably my only gift to my dad this year so I don't mind a little splurge here. What would you suggest and do you have a favorite on-line place to order it?


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Haha score! I went out and bought stuff and am able to knit one row. Problem...what next? Everything I read says switch needles and do it again, but there aren't any diagrams, so I'm lost. Anyone know any sites or whatnot that can help me? THanks