November 23rd, 2006

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Help! I've Googled 'till my eyes are blurry, and I can't find a hooded cardigan to knit in worsted weight yarn in a child's size 4. I found one in smaller sizes made with Cotton Tots and another one made of a Lion Brand Bulky yarn, as well as a few pullovers. Any idea's anyone?
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Howdy! My name is Ara and I have been meaning to join this community since forever. I was born in the year of the Ox, have been knitting since age 8, and frequently have explosions of inspiration which ultimately lead to nothing. I've also been dying to show off Collapse )

And now that I've frightened you all with my weirdness about stuffed animals, I will sign off for now. :)
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Feather and Fan Question

On November 18, 2006 (I can give you the exact date because it's the cast-on date in my Knitting Ninja Notebook), I decided to learn to knit lace. I was tired and stressed from final papers and needed something to distract me. I decided to try feather and fan because the pattern looked easy. I tried it, and lo! It was easy. I am knitting a wrap in feather and fan with Lamb's Pride Superwash in "Purple Haze." I am absolutely loving the process, because the lace makes this nifty scalloped edge and it's simple enough that I can knit while socializing (a huge boon as the holiday season approaches). So, now I have a question:

How does one block feather and fan? And when one blocks feather and fan, will it keep the pretty scalloped edge? All the finished photos show it with the pretty scalloped edge, so I assume that stays after blocking.

This is going to be one warm wrap. I'm going to keep going until I use up all the yarn I have of this color. ^_^
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I have some more beginner questions..

The project I'm working on says "knit together the first 2 stitches at the beginning of the row."
I'm thinking that this is exactly the same as decreasing by a stitch--but I don't want to do a decrease and then be horribly wrong. So is knitting 2 stitches together the same as a decrease?

Also, later I'm supposed to increase by a stitch at the beginning of a row. The aesthetics don't matter to me--I just need an easy increase stitch to do. So what are some of the easier increase stitches? I'd watch all those knittinghelp videos but alas, I have 56k.

Any help is greatly appreciated. =)

Long hair problem

I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers this, so I'm looking for advice...

My partner and I both have long hair (his is particularly thick and strong) and we both shed like dogs in malting season. Despite keeping hair tied back and vacuuming up the lose bits regularly I still end up with hairy knitting projects! I can spend hours picking the hair out of my knitting and it drives me batty!

Short of chopping off our hair - does anyone have an easy solution to this problem?

Thank you to everyone who's commented. I'll have to knit myself a hairnet (possibly what's been refered to as a snood? A snood to me conjours up images of tube scarves from the 1980's) and keep my wool in a ziplock bag. What I'm going to do about my partner's hair I'm not sure - but maybe I can encourage him to put it up completely if the alternative is a short back and sides ;o) I'll also have to try and get out of the habit of knitting in the dark (i.e. when we're watching movies) as this is when most of the hair gets knitted in as I just don't notice it until it's FAR too late.

Thank you again!


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I have a dumb question.

Can someone point me in the right direction about what kind of yarn I should use for certain projects? I want to make a tablerunner for my Grandmother and the pattern i have didn't specify the kind of yarn (plus i'm adapting the pattern from a wash cloth lacy mock cable deal) I never know if what I'm doing is right. Can i find a cheatsheet? LOL.

I'm sorry if this sounds funny lol
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Question about grafting

Hi all,
I just finished Knitty's Serrano (seamed and everything!) but decided that the body is too short--argh!
I *think* I could fix this by picking up the row just below where the arm and neck shaping start, knitting 2 pattern repeats (which is about how much longer I would like it), and then grafting it to the upper part of the body.
It seems to me that this will work, and I'm in the middle of trying on a swatch.
Does anyone have any cautions, "no, don't do this because...," tips, or anything? I figure that in the worst case, I would have to frog everything above the neck and arm shaping, which I will if I have to, but I'd rather not!
Thanks in advance
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Rockstar bag

I searched the archives, but I didn't find anything relevant. Has anyone here made the Rockstar bag?,2025,DIY_14141_4813531,00.html

What I'm wondering (and the instructions don't really say) is what the final dimensions of the bag ended up being. I saw this project on Knitty Gritty and it just looked bigger on TV then it appears mine is going to turn out (based on my pre-felting size, I mean). I was just curious if anyone had made it, what the final size was, and heck, if there are any pictures around, I'd love to see them. The pictures on that site leave a lot to be desired.

I'm doing mine in red and will probably do my dup stitch in a brownish wool I spun up. I haven't decided if I'll use her pattern or do something different.

Thanks in advance!