November 24th, 2006

Need Help With Ball Winder

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (or happy Thursday to all our international friends)....

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I bought one of those cool ball winders last year...One of these  and I have lost my directions. I attempted to wind a hank of yarn into a ball today (first time I've needed to since I bought it)... and I keep having trouble with the yarn getting wrapped around the bottom part. So after googling till my eyes bled... (all different combos of things I could think of to get the directions).. I have come here. Could someone type me up some simple directions on how to use this thing... I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

Mother-in-law Gloves

That's what I've taken to calling the mitten-gloves I've been knitting for my MiL's 60th birthday.

They're a modification of the gloves from MagKnit's Urban Necessities. I chose to use Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, and I pretty much gave up on getting a gauge as big as the pattern calls for. To be honest, it seems rather too loose to me; a tighter, denser fabric seems more practical for cold-weather stuffus. So after tearing my hair out and cussing a lot, I gave in and did some math to make the needed size at my tighter gauge with 4.5mm needles. My cast-on for a medium glove came to 44 stitches, increasing to 52 at the knuckles.

I also nixed the chart. The circle-in-a-diamond design just looked messy to me, and I wasn't very sanguine about my MiL liking it either.

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A Good set of Needles? Advice Please!

Hello Everyone!

I'm still a mostly beginning knitter, part of which because I only have 3 sets of needles - A size 6, a size 8 and a size 10.5 aluminum single point.

I will be doing some craft shopping this weekend and I'd like to pick up some more needles so that I can try some more complicated patterns. What would you suggest for a good "complete set" for a beginner? I've been crocheting for 10 years, and so far I enjoy knitting so this isn't a hobby I'm going to drop. I don't mind buying a few needles so that I've got a good base set.


ETA: I do have a cable needle (they don't come in sizes, do they?) that I completely forgot about, as well as one stitch holder and a whole whack of stitch markers and blunt end needles.

felted bags

This link, sent to me by news-mail from , made me have a hard time concentrating on my studies :-D See, I recently discovered my 2 boxes full of 2ply naturally dyed yarns are perfect for felting (which makes me glad since I'm really fed up with knitting it now...)

Have anyone made the Lattice Bag and if so, did you knit it from bottom and up or from side to side? And is the texture made from purling when it deepens? I'm planning on trying out the texture by swatching but can't afford to buy the pattern for that purpose only...


Brittany birch needle replacement in UK?

Woe is me, one of my dpn's broke. I know where I bought them from, but I've looked at their website and there's no information about the 5 year guarantee on the needles. I've found info on brittany's website, but that's assuming I'm in the USA, which I'm not...

Does anyone know if there is a way to contact them to get a replacement? I'm loathe to buy a whole new set, since I only need the one, and... well, there's this guarantee anyway?

I've been in contact (well, I've emailed and tried to call) the website I bought them from, but haven't heard back from them yet. I suppose I'm wondering whether they should be able to replace it, or whether they'll just tell me to go away?

Has anyone else had this with brittany needles, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Finally finished

A friend asked for this checkerboard blanket many months ago, and despite many delays, it is finally finished.

It's a plain basketweave pattern. Each square was made separately and crocheted together, which added a nice definition and border for each square. This 7 x 7 square pattern ended up being a good size of 83 x 86 inches. The yarn was called "The Real Worsted", in Flame and Natural, which I found on sale at a local yarn shop. Even though it was acrylic, it seemed pretty soft.

Checkerboard blanket
Mom and me

FO: Swallowtail Shawl

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark, from the Fall 2006 IK
Yarn: Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill Mohair Blend in Deep Red, 2 and a third hanks
Needles: Size 10.5 Denise Circs
Dimensions: Appx. 90" by 35" (big!)
Date begun: November 4th
Date finished: November 19th

Modifications: Just the obvious: I used worsted weight yarn instead of the laceweight called for and used correspondingly larger needles. My goal in this was to make the shawl much larger than the shoulder shawl shown in IK. And it is, by a lot. I wanted the shawl to be large enough to keep my mother warm in the cold Wisconsin winters. I think this will be adequate.

Using worsted weight does affect the drape; it is rather like a holey blanket, but in a good way. The shawl is not some ethereal piece like it is in laceweight, but I was pleased to see that the lace stands out wonderfully and that it does not look any less delicate and beautiful than a lighter shawl.

Notes: Found this pattern easy, fast, and FUN! I'd heard lots of grumbling about the nupps, but I thought they were a blast to do. Maybe it's a function of having larger yarn and needles, but p5tog was not an issue. I would do it again.

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party time

silly question

I'm fairly new to knitting. I've completed a few items and learned how to read some of the pattern garb. My problem starts with something different though. I have a scarf that has color changing spots, now people say weave it in. How in the world do I weave it in? And how come I can't just cut it and leave it at that?

No idea

(no subject)

I'm working on the Short Row Rib scarf from Magknits, and have run into a sticky spot. I think the pattern calls for one more stitch than I have, and I'm not sure what to make of the following instructions:
9 Inc, K9. (11) You will have reached the marker you placed on the cast on row
again. At this point you will have 11 sts on the right hand needle and 23 on the
left (34 sts in total) TURN
10 Sl1P, P to end.
Commence Zig Zag Pattern
1 Inc, K9, SSK, TURN (12)

It would appear that they want me to be working with the 11 stitches on the one side of the stitch marker. I increase the first stitch to two stitches, then knit 9. So I've used 10 of the 11 stitches so far. Then they want me to SSK, which would require *two* stitches. But there's only one remaining on this side of the stitch marker. Is there something I'm missing here? I'm assuming the stitch marker is there for a reason, and I shouldn't just move it over.

I'd be grateful for any ideas or feedback from anyone who's used this pattern before.
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Socks on circs

I'm doing "Straight Laced" from knitty, and really enjoying it.

So I've been trotting along on my circs and thought how nice it would be to have dyed needles for this. Maybe one set with a dark blue and light blue, and another with dark red and light red, that way you always know which goes with which, and what direction you're going. I'm nervous to actually do this with my own set, though. Maybe I'll try on one of the broken DPs I saved, to see how it reacts.

The heel area just got pretty difficult, and I had to whip out the dpns to sort out which direction things were going, and re-situate everything back on the circs after I picked up the gusset stitches. I imagine this area will get easier.

I bought two pair of Addi Naturas (in size 2) for this, but I'm not perfectly happy with the join, as there's a "sock yarn sized notch" at that point. But if I concentrate on not pulling too too tight, it's not terrible.

Over all, I'm glad that I tried this method, but I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it. The heels on both have taken me a few hours today, which I suppose isn't bad, but I still feel like I do it faster with DPNs. (Of course, this does prevent my err... problem of losing sock patterns in between the socks *sigh*)

How do you all keep track of the needle your working together when you do this with two circs? I've heard of the nail polish, but I think I need something even a little more obvious. Perhaps I'm hopeless. Oi.

Have a good one, all.

(no subject)

A few years ago, my aunt saw me crocheting a duck. I also had dthe pattern book with me. It has various crocheted animals with "fuzz" added via latch hook. She asked me to make her a flamingo shown in the book. I finished the duck, and got halfway through adding fuzz when I reached the point where I wanted to stab myself in the eye. However, my mom and aunt have finally broken down my reserve. I am trying to find a flamingo pattern. The only ones I can find are:
1) my old pattern (death first)
2) the felted one (flamingo beach party, but I don't want felted)
and 3) some weird google eyed crocheted one.

I just wondered if any of you had ever run across such a strange beast as a knitted flamingo. After much googling, my googlefu is dead and I only saw the entry about knitting a sweater for a lawn flamingo on this comminuty. Any help would be much appreciated.