November 26th, 2006

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Has anyone knit "Boobalicious" from "Big Girl Knits" or knows someone who has. I'm debating whether or not to knit it myself, and I would like to see more pictures of people wearing their FOs before I decide. I don't think it's the most flattering top on the model in the book, but I think it has potential.
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Community related, not knitting related

I made a post about a month ago about a pair of cabled socks that I had made. I recently received an email with some questions but when I went to answer them I found that my post had been deleted. This must have been fairly recent that it was deleted because the questions were made on the 23rd of November. Has anyone had their post deleted with no explanation? How can I found out why the post was deleted?
*Edit* Problem solved. Seems that it was a glitch with the LJ maintenance. Thanks for the help eveyone. I'll email the mods directly next time this comes up!

Lame-O FO. Rose washcloth and great grape bath mitt from Knitpicks

This is a pattern from Knitpicks:
Bacchus in the Bath Accessories

The pattern calls for Knitpics shine worsted, but I substituted sugar and cream. I realize this is like substituting skim milk for whole cream, but I was stash busting and thought I'd see how it turned out. I'm not disappointed by the fabric at all- in fact, in my experience, Sugar n Cream washes up really well and gets softer and softer with use. The items actually tuned out darned close to the pictures.

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yarn problem

Hey there!  I'm new to the community and new to knitting.  I've been crocheting for years now and a few weeks ago I decided to teach myself to knit.  I'm finding it much easier on my wrists.  :o)

I'm currently working on a ribbed black chenille scarf.  It's Lion brand yarn, but tiny, not that thick and quick stuff.  My mom gave me a bag full of skeins and most of them are pretty tangled so I have no choice but to untangle them and hand wind them into balls.  The balls are wound so that I pull the yarn from the center.  It works well with other yarns, but for some reason I'm having issues with the chenille.  It keeps twisting badly.  I can only knit a row before I have to hold the project up and let it untwist.  This is becoming more and more difficult as the scarf gets longer.  Is there anything I can do to prevent twisting?

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Also, has anybody ever ordered yarn from Knit Picks?  It looks like they have a great selection and good prices.  I'm having a hard time finding yarn I like in craft stores around here but I don't know anything about Knit Picks.  Are their products nice?  Are there any other sites that have good prices but nice products?  Keep in mind, I'm a beginner and don't want to spend money on really expensive yarn for a project that may not turn out very nice.

Any projects to recommend for a beginner that aren't scarves? 
supercute girlfriends

Gift FO's: Two baby hats and an eyemask

Apparently, zette and I were both Bacchus in the Bath (although not the same bath--*giggle*) recently. The part of the collection I decided to make was the eyemask, because, as I posted in my Very First knitting Post several weeks ago, my best friend was working really hard in vet school and I wanted to make a special treat for her involving lavender, her favorite scent. You guys talked me out of using Sugar and Cream, and haakstad was extremely generous and donated the required Shine ("Crocus") to the endeavor. I enjoyed working with something so slick and slippery as a break from my Sugar and Cream Aran of Doom, and the project was really easy to complete quickly. My friend was down here for Thanksgiving, and really liked it. I'd show pics of her with the thing tied around her nose (which was her first reaction, so she could smell the lavender), but she never said I could post them and I thought I'd play it safe.

Also under the cut are two baby hats (an apple hat and a Florida Gators hat) that I made for a coworker's baby shower. They're both made out of Cotton-Ease, and I got the Apple Hat pattern from here. Sorry about the bizarre pose. I couldn't find any babies, so the hats are keeping our lemonades, um, comfortable.

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i have googled and google scraped my heart out looking for the perfect chullo hat (you know, with the ear flaps and all that) that has flaps that are not knitted separately and attached. i want a nice continuous flow from hat to ear. does anyone have suggestions, or have you made a similar hat that you loved?
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Opinions: Should I get Magical Knitting 1 or 2?

I recently came across Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of Magical Knitting in one of my local yarn stores. Some of the patterns in it look great, and I'd like to get one of her books, but I'm not sure if there would be some advantage to buying her first Treasury instead. (All they had at the store was the second one, so I couldn't compare for myself.)

To those of you who have seen both, do you prefer one over the other? Why?

Edit: Thanks for the input, everyone! I just ordered the second book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

FO: Variegated Fingertip-less Gloves

Can't really call them fingerless, because technically they've got fingers, just not whole ones. ;-P

I used some lovely worsted weight hand-dyed wool that I bought from The Mulberry Dyer's stall at the autumn TORM (The Original Reenactors Market) -- I'd link but their site seems to have died.

Mulberry Dyer wool doesn't get marked with colourways, they just scribble down what dyes they used. This is Logwood Osage Madder, but I just call it Autumn Harvest ... although Autumn Glory might be more appropriate, there's so many different colours.

I bought three 48 gram hanks--well, one was 49--and these gloves only used about a hank and a half. I'm tempted to make another pair with the rest, or maybe a different style of handwarmer for when I want more of my fingers free.

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The pictures are true to colour, though ever-so-slightly muted. They were taken pre-blocking, since I knit these over the weekend while we were staying with the in-laws and forgot to pack my pins.

I based the pattern off of Urban Necessities, mainly because I'd already modified it for my mother-in-law's birthday present and it was in my head. I'd contemplated using the pattern for Knucks, but knitting from the fingers down strikes me as being excessively fussy. Besides, I'd probably lose all the fingers. ^^;
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