November 28th, 2006

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FOs: Sari bag and mittens

Behind the cut, a sari silk bag (unbiased from, and some mittens with a snowflake for a friend (no real pattern). Collapse )

A question about the sari silk...I bought it off of ebay, and it didn't come with any care directions so I Googled and found I should wash it in cold water, and add vinegar to the water the first time washing it, and then lay flat to dry. I did that, but the dye ran like crazy (the water never came close to rinsing clear, which is what I'm used to, even with other yarns I've used that have been part-silk (Fleece Artist and Noro, for example). There was a sort of beet-y smell coming up so I assume natural dyes were used on at least some of it. It didn't seem to make a huuuge difference to the colour once it dried, but I think it did lose some of its vividness. Is there a solution to this (I thought the vinegar was supposed to help, but it seems it didn't help enough), or is this common with sari silk? I'd be afraid to wear it on a rainy day for fear of pink clothes, that's for sure! :)
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Dr Who Pattern Search

I could swear I've seen a pattern for a knitted Dalek out there somewhere. I want to say it was even on this community, but all my searching has been to no avail. So my question: Have you a pattern to knit a Dalek? I'll make one myself if need be, but why reinvent the wheel?

On the same note, do you know where to find those doodads that make noise when you squeeze a teddybear, and if there are any that one can record things on oneself?

Thank you all immensely.

EDIT: I have heard of a Dr Who pattern book that has at least a knitted K9, if I understand properly. Would anyone know if there's a Dalek in there?
made by a friend

gauge vs yarn used up?

Hi all! I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm a new very new knitter. I taught myself how to knit out of a book and with a little casting-on help from my Mom (who learned to knit in gradeschool and hasn't touched it since). Anyway, I noticed that my gauge is tight--I generally have to go up 2 needle sizes to approximate the gauge called for in the patterns. (It may even be more, but I just don't have a needle larger than US#17 =)

My question is, does doing so use up more yarn? I noticed when I finished Knitty's Branching Out that while the pattern said I should have 27 pattern repeats, I only had 24 finishing out the silky wool. I used a US#10 making that because the specified US#8 came out too small. Is the shorter length overall because using a larger needle "used up" more yarn?

I'm trying out Knitty's ChildHood for my godson, and using the pattern's specified US#7, it comes out extremely dense and tight. I'm afraid I won't have enough material if I go up in needle size. I don't mind ripping it out and redoing it, but not if it won't make a difference, and I have no comparable yarn to 'waste' on testing it out.

HELP!! There are NO yarn stores where I live, and international shipping is prohibitively expensive (and time consuming) so I have to decide now if it's feasible at all!
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If you had 6000 yards of DK-weight cotton chenille, all the same color and dye lot, what would you do with it? I'm not sure I can knit that many wash clothes!

Dog Toys

Would it be better to knit and felt a dog toy out of wool, or to make it out of acrylic? My professor's dog(a standard poodle) really deserves a fun toy, and I know what I'm going to make...a stuffed pig, modeled after a toy he used to have. However, I need to decide what to make it out of.

Will a felted toy last longer before being ripped apart? will it be less dangerous if he accidentally swallows some? that's what I was thinking, but I don't know. I've never had a pet, so I don't know what most dog toys are like. I know that cats can have severe intestinal problems from swallowing yarn, is the same true of dogs? and is that still a problem, even if it's knit up?

Also, what kind of stuffing is good for dogs? I have some scrap fabric I could use(fleece, cotton) or I could get regular stuffing from the craft store. I don't want it to be dangerous for him...he doesn't seem the type to tear apart a toy, since he's fairly laid back, but just in case.

seeking yarn substitution for Over the Knee Socks

Hi there,

I am seeking advice for substituting a yarn for the Handknit Holidays Over the Knee Socks pattern by Cindy Taylor. The pattern calls for Haneke Exotics (65% merino wool/ 35% linen) 164 yards/ 1.75 ounces with size 3 needles. Gauge is 28 sts and 32 rows=4" in St St. See pattern photo here.

I cannot find this yarn anywhere. I know I could order it sight unseen, but I am very reluctant to do so. I have asked around at many LYS and not found any suitable linen blend.

I am considering:
Rowan Wool Cotton (50% merino 50% cotton) 50 Grams/123 Yards

and any others you all may suggest! Rowan Wool cotton is slightly heavier than the called for yarn, but I will need to do some serious upscaling of the pattern anyway to fit me. The reviews I've read are good, and it seems like the wool would allow for some elasticity and warmth. I can't really wear any wool besides merino, and while I know linen would add strength, I am planning to use a reinforcing thread for the heels and toes, and use elastic in the top part to hold it up.

Any advice? Other yarns to suggest? Think this will work? I'm nervous because it's such a time-consuming project and I haven't made great choices in the past regarding yarn substitution.
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I just purchased Glampyre's Orangina and I'm confused about the gauge. If the lace pattern has to be over a multiple of 9 + 4 sts then why is the gauge for 24 sts? (should be 22 or 31 right?) What do you do with the remaining sts that the pattern does not cover?
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I'm a Knitting Math Retard....

I'm on the final rounds of the first arm of my first sweater and I'm weak in the maths. I have 56 stitches on the needles and the next instructions are: "Knit, dec 14 sts evenly around. 42"

I'm completely confused on when to do my decreases to get from 56 to 42?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Thank you theladywyvern for the correct answer of "K1, K2TOG *(K2, K2TOG)* 13 TIMES, K1", this is exactly what I needed!

Am I crazy?

I would describe myself as a "kind of advanced beginner" - lately the most advanced project I've taken on is a large stockinette rectangle, but years ago, I taught myself to cable, and I could follow some pretty intricate patterns. So I'm inexperienced, especially recently, but I figure I can follow instructions with the best of 'em...

Hubby is interested in a pair of Broad Street Gloves, which I might not have mentioned to him had I noticed they were marked Extra Spicy. And yet looking through the pattern, it doesn't seem that much more difficult than an ordinary pair of gloves and/or mittens...and I don't see the phrase "At the same time..." in there anywhere...

Are these likely to be doable? Or will I want to stab Hubby with the DPN's before completing the first glove?
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Pattern Ideas?

Hello, everyone.

I'm still a beginner, more or less, but I'm currently of the opinion that with a decent set of instructions I can accomplish pretty much anything. To date, gloves, hats and cables have all bowed before me and I've even had some moderate success playing around a bit with Fair Isle.

Problem is, I'm trying to make a Darth Vader-themed gift for a friend of mine and so far I haven't been able to turn up any relevant patterns. I'm not at the point yet where I can design my own or can comfortably adapt an existing pattern without a little hand-holding, so I come to you for advice. Do any (free or paid, whichever) Darth Vader patterns exist? I'll take hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters... anything and everything. I've found reference to an iPod Cosy (she doesn't have an iPod or anything like it) and a link to more generic Fair Isle "Star Wars" Patterns, but nothing that specifically fits my needs.

I've found websites that will turn a photo into a Fair Isle pattern if necessary, but I'd really, really prefer a set of instructions that will incorporate the Fair Isle for me if I can find one.

Thanks for your help!