November 29th, 2006


beginner knitting question.

So i'm knitting a double layered scarf, and im nearing the end of it.
Now i realized i didn't put a marker when i started so i don't really know where each 'row' begins. Now the plan was to finish it and then begin seaming the edges using kitchener stitch.

Question: Do i need to bind off when i'm done or just take the needles off and being seaming?

Thanks in advance!

chevron sock angst

So I've started making my own pair of Jaywalker-like socks. I cast on 56 stitches, did some k1p1 ribbing, then started doing the following chevron pattern that I made up based on the number of stitches:

{kfb, kfb, k4, k2tog, ssk, k4} x 6

(kfb = what i used to think of as "increase" before i found out about the make one increases)

I'm am getting the zigzag effect I wanted from the self-striping yarn, but the texture of the fabric is really weird. The sock seems to have two kinds of alternating panel. The panel between the 2nd increase and the k2tog are smooth stockinette, but the panel between the ssk and the 1st increase buckles and is perceptibly narrow than its neighbors. Will this even out with blocking? (Yarn is I think 45% cotton, 40% wool, 15% nylon.) Will it even out when I've knit the rest of the sock? I have about 5 inches of cuff so far.


Sock pattern recomendations - child size

Hi all -
I am about to embark on something that I said I would never knit - a pair of socks.  I know there are lots who adore knitting socks and I have been wowed by the adorable and clever creations so many of you have made.... I just have personal aversion to socks in general (I live in New England but wear sandals until there is are a few inches of snow and I can't avoid real shoes any more!) so I never thought I would actually knit any!   Fast forward to this past weekend, and my mother in law handing my sweet 3rd grader neice her handknitted socks (not that SHE knits - they were a present -GRR)  and saying "ask Aunty to make you some - she knits and can't say no to you" .... UGH - the worst part is she is completely correct!  So I have been scouring the internet for child-size sock patterns.   MIL's socks were made from that cool self-patterning yarn that I have been wondering so much about (so at least I have THAT for amusement! New type of yarn WOOOT ) and I think I have found one I want to use on Knitpicks.... but I haven't found what looks like a simple straightforward sock pattern - most of the child-size ones that I have seen look somehow disproportionate with very big feet - my neice is tiny.  I am not adverse to buying a pattern  either.   Has anyone tried the one on Lionbrands site for child size socks? That one seems ok but I am no judge.

Wow this is babbly! sorry!! Thanks in advance for any advice!

(no subject)

I searched the community and didn't find anything, so...

Have any Canadians here ordered from What is the shipping/duty situation like, and how long did the yarn take to get to you?

I am drooling over the pretty, pretty yarn, but worried about getting smacked with high shipping costs, etc. The site is pretty sparse on info. Thanks for any help!
[r.e.m.] i know what's happening

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hi-- a couple silly newbie questions.

i'm pretty much still a beginner; i've knitted a few things since a friend taught me (a couple scarves, a hat which i love, a pair of baby booties), and i'm starting another scarf as a xmas present.

problem 1: when i cast on, everything looks fine. but after i knit up a few rows, the cast on stitches are huge and loopy and loose. this makes me crazy. is there any way i can fix this and/or stop doing it?

problem 2: i bind off too tightly. like tight enough that it distorts the shape of the piece. in so many directions i see "bind off loosely" and i try, but i can't seem to make it work. any tips?

thanks so much for any and all help.
Crochet - WheelBlanket

Tags for finished projects and gauge swatches?

Does anyone know where I can order some blank tags, the kind that are small, blank and have a little string that you can put between stitches to fasten the tag on? The kind you see at yarn stores and market stalls, etc. on finished projects? Or even what they're called? Google is not helping me...

I really want them to label my gauge swatches, although they'd be nice if I eventually sell something, too. If not these tags, does anyone have another idea?


faery tat

Fair Isle or Intarsia??

Although the temperature will be a balmy 60F or so today, snow is predicted for the weekend, and my darling daughter is in need of a cozy hat to keep her noggin warm. Amazingly, the pattern she chose (this one) seems quite simple, and I thought I could manage it, even with my newly acquired dpn skills. That's when she threw me a curve. "Hearts, Mama. I want hearts on my hat!!" Oy.

I'm going to be working with Bernat Satin in light lavender for the main color, and berry for the hearts. My question is, would it be better to use fair isle (stranded) or intarsia for the hearts? Not that I've ever done either, mind you. I'm counting on the wonderful to bail me out.

Suggestions? Helpful hints? Offers of chocolate to ease the impending frustration?

Thanks to all!!

Fair Isle - catching floats question

I am trying to work a snowflake pattern in fair isle, and I have several long runs of color that I don't want to break up (one method of avoiding long floats I read about). I am trying to follow the tutorial on catching ("wrapping") floats from the Let Me Explaiknit blog (here) and I also googled and found a website which showed this in pictures (can't find it now though).

I have the technique down - but I'm having trouble getting it to look right. I'm using a dark navy blue and a light beige, and when I catch the beige strand it shows through the navy to the front (and vice versa). I know this can be a problem with catching floats but I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on ways to reduce the amount of "show through" that I'm getting? If it matters, I'm using Blue Sky Alpaca, 100% Alpaca, sportweight, knit at 6 sts/inch, and my long runs are 5 and 9 stitches, and if absolutely necessary I don't mind breaking up the 9-stitch runs into 4-1-4 and 3-1-1-1-3.

Also, the Let Me Explaiknit blog says that when you are using a "grippy" yarn you can have longer floats as they will sort of stick to the fabric better. I know wool is grippy, cotton is not - but what about alpaca? It's got a light halo and is very soft but I'm not sure I'd call it grippy.

Thanks in advance!

My version of the Monster hat.

I was inspired by this post so I too made one for my daughter. Her birthday is this saturday and she will be 7 :)
I used Lamb's Pride Bulky in Limelight (not even half the skein)
size 10 turbos and the icord was done on size 6 dpns (the only bamboo dpns I have)
like the other poster I too made up the hat pattern as I went along.

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A Leafy Predicament

So I have this idea in my head for a sweater, but I need the help of the collective wisdom of knitting.

For one section of the sweater, I want to insert a leaf motif knit sideways. Not a lace pattern (don't want holes in indecent places after all!) but a few yarn overs are OK.

I'm thinking something very similar to the stitch pattern used to make this scarf but I would like to have the leaves be fully defined (more like what's in this one - you know, without all the holes). The image in my head is more like the first sample but with the leaves more separated so you can see each leaf...kind of like what a roman laurel leaf headband would look like.

So here it is...I've searched the community and googled, looked at my Vogue Knitting and Knitting on the Edge books, flipped through my 365 Knit Stitches calendar and haven't found quite what I want. So can any of you point me towards a resource, either on the internet OR printed in a book that is a stitch pattern that might work.


Knitted Hammock

At the risk of sounding like a complete lunatic, has anyone here ever knitted a hammock? I'd love to make one either for use on a stand or for tying between trees. I'm most curious about what material to use. If anyone has ideas I'd love to hear it. I'm not opposed to dying the yarn/rope/whatever myself. I'm mainly interested in materials because while you can stretch just about any piece of long fabric across and make a hammock, I want a material that's not terribly hot, that's very strong, and that won't stretch down to the ground when laid upon.

Thanks in advance if anyone has pointers on this.
ETA: I did google this, but didn't come up with any great answers, which is why I was hoping for feedback from someone who may have worked on one themselves. Thanks!

two questions

hey y'all...
how do you keep your fingernails? is there a specific length that makes knitting most comfortable and efficient? mine are long right now, and they get in the way of everything. Is this just me?

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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead...

A while ago I posted about my fear of DPNs and was therefore afraid that I wouldn't be able to make some socks like I wanted to...
Well, with the help and encouragement of all of you very nice people I am proud to say that I have overcome my fear and I am now working on my very first pair of socks! Yay me ;)

I just wanted to share that and say thank you to everyone for their kind and encouraging words. I promise to post pics when I'm finished with them!

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