November 30th, 2006


Some Gift FOs

So I have several FOs to show off! =)

I've been knitting on and off, working on my knitting project for school on and off (I was actually offered by one of my professors today to co-write an actual scholarly article on the subject of knitting! How exciting!). Anyway, I wanted to display some of the Christmas gifts I'm giving this year!

Warning:  6 images under the cut(s)!

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Thanks for looking! =)
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glove question

I am in search of a glove pattern that starts the pinkie before the rest of the fingers. I am planning on adding partial fingers to fetching so the rest of the pattern does not really matter; I just need an idea of what to do. Merci!

Knitty's Cigar Gloves - questions

Hi all!  I want to make a pair of Cigar Gloves from, and I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer for me.

First, the "width" measurement:  where am I measuring for width?  My wrist? Across my knuckles?

Second, regarding yarn substitution and gauge:  The pattern calls for's "Wool of the Andes", which is listed on that site as worsted weight, 4.5-5 sts=1" on #6-9 needles.  The gauge on the pattern says 25sts/32rows = 4 inches in stockinette (size 5 needles).  If I wanted to make this with slightly lighter yarn, say sport or DK, how would I have to adjust that?  

Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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Knitting in SE Asia?

Hi all,
I've seen a bunch of comments here and elsewhere about yarn/supplies in and from Japan, but I'm going to SE Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc) for about 5 months, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience buying yarn and/or supplies there.
I'm thinking that I'll bring a few things (I think I'm getting some lovely yarn from NZ for Chrstmas, and have a few little projects that I want to finish while I'm away), and that it may be too hot to knit anyway (but you never know!).  However, on the off chance i MUST GET SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, does anyone have suggestions of shops, brands, etc.?
Thanks in advance! 
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pattern help!

i have decided to make my dad a scarf for christmas. i have some patton's 100% wool in black that i want to use.

now, i was thinking of something with a bit more of an interesting stitch than garter or seed (or even 2x2 ribbing) - although another idea i had was to find a way to put flecks of red throughout it. i have no idea how to do this though i'm sure it's possible! so - i guess i'm either looking for a pattern that's not super hard or extremely time consuming, but that's a bit more intricate than the usual stuff, or that has some red thrown in there. i just want it to be a bit interesting one way or another. and - it has to be a man-friendly design :) (no flowers or lace please). i'd describe myself as a fairly accomplished beginning knitter. maybe bordering on intermediate?

FO: Fiber Trends Felted Brimmed Hat

Recently my LYS had some store samples of felted hats that I have been dying to make from a FiberTrends pattern. For Thanksgiving, my parents came into town and my mom went with me to the LYS to check out the new yarn shipment.  She asked me to make her a hat and she picked out some nice 14 ply chunky tweedy wool, Naturally Tussock 85% NZ Wool, 15% Polyester Effect Yarn, in a brown tweed and navy tweed.

Here's pre and post felting photos. It looks a little funny in the post felting photo because it was still wet and had been tried on by me, my mom, one of our boxers and my husband just before we took the photo.
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It really came out cute, was SO easy to knit. I started and finished it in just a few hours -- so less than 24 hours after picking out the yarn, my mom was wearing a (slightly damp) hat!

Now, I'm off to dig around in my stash to make one for myself!

small hands

I am a fairly new knitter and wonder if anyone else has this problem: I have very, very small hands, definitely child-size. Try as I might, I cannot employ either Continental or English because the yarn simply slides off my short fingers, no matter which hold I attempt. I want to become more proficient but fear I never will due to this frustrating reality! Has anyone experienced this, and, if so, how did you overcome?
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Decreasing in Twisted Rib?

I'm making a V-neck sweater that has its V-neck decreases where the pattern is a twisted rib (k1 tbl, p1). I'm decreasing on the WS.

No matter what I try, I can't figure out how to make the decreases look like they fit into the rib pattern. Any ideas for a decrease method I can try?

Secondly, where would you put the decreases? The second stitch in? The first stitch? I normally decrease on the second stitch, but that's because I'll be seaming.

(no subject)

My friend has asked me to knit pants for her son. The pattern I'm using says to use size 8 needles, but she wants the waistband (which is ribbed) to be knit on needles at least two sizes smaller. Her son's waist is 18", and according to the pattern, I need to cast on 76 stitches on size 8s. I know that if I'm using smaller needles, I'll have to do a guage swatch and cast on more. My question is, how do I decrease back to 76, and how do I do it so it doesn't look goofy?
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stain removal in light wool

I never knew the simple pleasure of checking the fiber content of clothing in discount stores before I was a knitter. However! Today I found a zip-sweater in a creamy off-white made of merino wool for cheap! The current pattern is hideous, but with a little luck (and a lot of frogging) I could definitely remake it into a great Christmas gift.

The only problem is, there happens to be a small stain up near the top of the zipper. It looks to be coffee.

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Knitting Books for men

I am going to be teaching the knitting class at my college next semester. I have been looking for books that have good beginner to advanced projects in them. Most of the books I have seen have more projects for women then men. I know that there will be at least one man in my class and I want to have projects for him to do. Dose anyone know of books that have good projects for men?
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(no subject)

can someone point me in the direction of some yarn that is flesh color.. or possibly flecked? kinda tweed-ish perhaps?

MUCH thanks in advance

EDIT: i'm really sincerely sorry for any temper flares i may have caused by asking this question... i'm not racist or whatever.. never have been. never will be. i should have asked "i'm making a ron weasley doll for my friend.. what color/type of yarn would wou suggest for this project" i hope that sounds better.. holy crap man.. not trying to start mess here of all places. knitting is pretty much my little haven.

Felting question

Hello all,
I was just wondering....I want to make a passport bag/case thingy that has pockets on the inside (basically just one long rectangle with the ends folded up to make the pockets).
I also wanted to felt said bag and before I do this, I was wondering if I should seam the pockets and then felt the case or if I should felt the case and THEN seam the pockets. I am a little afraid the the pockets would felt against the body...and you can probably tell that I've never felted anything really in my life. Well...except for a flower  once cuz I wanted to try it =0)
I know that I have to make this thing at least double the size, I'm using patons SWS which I beleive felts extremely well. So any hints would be very much appreciated. THANKS!