December 1st, 2006

Yarn recommendation

I'm looking for a commercially spun yarn, around worsted weight, soft wool (singles or plied), that comes in a color way that goes from cobalt blue to gold.  Does anyone know of such a beast?  I'm looking (and looking!), but have yet to come up with that particular colorway.

Thanks for any help!

Hot men knitting! Also, baby sweaters, socks FOs

Ok, ok, you're gonna have to wait for the hot men knitting part. FOs first. Don't worry, we'll get there.

I'm finally finished with knitting all the baby care packages, and not a moment too soon, as they've all been born (like my brand new niece!! One of the sweaters still needs buttons, but, well, you get the picture.

Without further ado (notes and stuff under the cut, too, because they're lengthy):

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And some socks for Ezra's mom:

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And a sweater for another babe:

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And now, for the hot men knitting portion of our program. Or, rather, hot MAN knitting -- my husband, to be exact. We wanted to just hang out together last night, and I said, "Hey! Wanna learn how to knit?" And he said, "Sure!"

So I sat him down, cast on a row in Simply Soft on size 8s, and showed him the basics. He worked two rows!

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I have to say he got the motions down quickly, but the yarn was not cooperating and kept splitting. When the yarn cooperated, though, he did just fine! He says he's ready to try some more today. I love him.
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looking for star pattern

I'm looking for a star pattern. Something that's star-shaped. I googled and googled recently, and only came up with this pattern. I joined the yahoo group in question so I could get the pattern, and it turns out it makes a rather wonky star.

If anyone could tip me off to other star-shaped patterns (that are not 6 pointed/Stars of David), I would be really grateful.

I prefer free/immediately available patterns, but anything in a book works, too.

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blocking Lace==Magic.

I knit a swatch using a part of this pattern (CO 19 sts and work leaf pattern 3x or 4x) I used knitpicks Bare Laceweight on 3mm addi needles and it came out at be about 5cm wide and maybe 15cm long. It's currently blocking on a towel on my bed and it's pinned out to be 8cm wide and 25cm long. So now it's 160% as wide as it was originally and 166% as long. Pretty amazing, huh?

I'd post pictures, but my cam is still not cooperating and only takes pictures while it's attached to the charger...

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Yo, kiddles.

Sticking with my favourite-as-of-yet pattern Cleaves, I've decided to make a Cleaves with the pattern on the chest of the man seen here: Apollo.

Question is: Can I do it? I was planning to knit the sun and white triangle, and keep the rest of the cowl gold outside the triangle. Should I refer to a knitter's graph paper to do this?

Thanks all around.

I swear I'll post my own Cleaves soon.

Knit squirrels??

I'm on the hunt for a pattern for a knit squirrel toy. I'm aware of Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys, which I'd really like to not have to buy for just the one pattern... but no libraries in all of downtown Vancouver have a copy available. So if all else fails, I'll order it online.

But I figured I'd ask around here first, in case anybody's seen a pattern (free or otherwise) for such a thing.

It's a Christmas gift idea for my boyfriend, who is obsessed with Karl Pilkington of the Ricky Gervais podcasts -- on of Karl's latest "mental meanderings" consisted of squirrels eating Mars bars. I bet you get the idea... :P

(I have Googled, both Knitting-exclusive & in general. Aside from a Fibre Trends pattern, I haven't seen much of anything)

FO: Cable Front Sweater

My first go at a wool sweater is done! 

I used a Paton's top down cardigan pattern from a little booklet that a friend loaned me.  The yarn is Cascade Eco Wool.  Pattern was extremely easy to read -- only the decreases at the start of the cuff ribbing confused me, but thanks to everyone here who helped get that sorted!

Collapse ) PS I also just saw the email to let me know that the December MagKnits is up!

pattern ideas

Hi everyone!

So, in May, I have to go to this big fancy soirée for work. I have this great little black dress. However, it's sleeveless and me and sleeveless don't go well together. Flab and all that.

What I wanted to make is basically a set of lace sleeves. I don't want it to pin in the front (like a bolero sweater or something), I just want the sleeve and a piece of to hold them together across my back. I've been doing some Googling of both the community and the web and I couldn't really find anything.

Does anyone have maybe a starting point? A pattern that gives me what to do? I don't mind doing math or endless swatching, I'm just not sure of where to begin.

Thanks in advance!

Edit:Thanks everybody for your ideas!

Help with finishing a hat pattern...

I found this CUTE (and free!) cloche pattern on

...but the finishing instructions are a little vague: "Sew top seam. Felt..." Well, okay, sew the top seam. Ummmm... it's a round hat, and I'm left with what looks like a straight seam of 40 stitches. Should I just sew this up like I would a seam on a sweater? Or am I missing something? Maybe a straight seam will be fine once I felt? This is only the second hat I've done, and the previous attempt had what I assume is a more usual pattern of decreasing that leaves only 3 or so stitches to deal with in the end.

Great pattern, by the way, and I think it will be cute as the dickens in the luscious kettle-dyed wool I bought from Serendipity (sanfelipeysantiago on eBay).
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Orangina...Again (obviously my first sweater)

Alrighty, so I've made my gauge swatch using the recommended size needles and the yarn that came with the kit. The pattern says gauge should be 24 sts, 24 rows in 4" square. My swatch is 3" square. I was planning on making the XS but I'm wondering if I could just make the size S or M instead? I just donn't want to have to get more needles.

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Hi All! Thanks for the great compliments on my last FO. I've now moved on to a gift project, rainbow colored PDA mittens. I finished one with okay results except for the thumb area. It has a huge hole. I'm wondering if anybody can direct me to a nice visual tutorial for this part of a glove or mitten. Or does anybody have any tips?


EDIT: More info on what I'm working with here:
The pattern is from a book, Not Your Mamma's Knitting. It begins, as I suspect most mitten patterns do, by knitting the cuff and palm of the mitten. Then put most of the stitches on a holder and knit the thumb and break the yarn. The next part is where I suspect I have a problem:
Return to 26 sts on holder. Next Rnd: Pick up 1 st from right side base of thumb, k26, sts from holder, pick up 1 st from left side base of thumb. This st will be acter the first picked up st, twisting them to preven a hole (28sts).