December 2nd, 2006

In The Beginning

WIP photo flash

It's heading towards the end of the semester, and this is the time of the year when my students start to frustrate me in a way that makes me have to pick up pointy things and stab... Since that's not exactly good (not to mention legal), I do the pointy sticks and yarn thing...

A whole big bunch of photos (all clickable for larger sizes) coming up...

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Regarding 'Tubey' and Yarn Substitutions

I've been making eyes at Knitty's Tubey since it first came out, and finally decided to make it my first Serious Yarn/Project Commitment (read: buying more than three skeins at once).

I'm using these three colours from, along with a black.

My questions to you lurvely knowledgeable folk are:

1) the pattern calls for up to 10 balls of black Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (100yd/90m per 50g ball). I am wanting to substitute a different, 100% merino yarn to 'match' the yarn I'm getting from Is it just a matter of making sure I have 1000yd/900m of said yarn? Or, because the yarn is so much bulkier, should I instead be looking at the total weight, rather than the yardage?

2) Have any of you made Tubey before, and if so, are there any suggestions I should keep in mind? The pattern looks very straightforward, though I'm a touch concerned about the shoulder pucker in the bottommost picture -- that may just be from the way she's holding her arm, though.

Thanks in advance for any information, and I hope to be sharing pictures of the finished sweater, sooner than later! :)

Edit, 4:45pm: Thanks so much for all the great comments and information! I really appreciate it.
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Please help a knitter out...

I think we all recognize that Eunny Jang is a vile temptress and her blog is chock-full of salacious knitting porn. This is fact.

Normally, I am stalwart and unbending in the face of such enticement, yet I am ashamed to admit that she has brought forth in me the sweaty, gnawing desire to attempt something in Bavarian/Austrian/German twisted stitch.

And so here I am, dear knitters, to ask if anyone here can recommend a book (how-to, instruction sort of thing-with patterns oh please, oh please) on this subject. I find that my Christman List is sadly incomplete without it.

/insert sad puppydog eyes here/

PS. Eunny, I love you! Wooooo-hooooo, and other fan-girl sound effects. But yeah, vile temptress.
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Backyard leaves on smaller needles/thinner yarn

So, due to certain circumstances I'm in a "oh my God I have to knit right now!" mood. And well, I would like to knit the Backyard leaves scarf, which calls for worsted weight yarn and US7 needles. I don't have that, and can't get to my LYS.

Have anyone tried this pattern on thinner yarn and smaller needles? I'm thinking double stranded lace weight, and US4. I'm pretty sure I then have to modify the pattern, but it has such a unique construction that I can't think of anything except adding stitches in the middle, and that will most likely change the whole look of the scarf.

I know that gauge swatch is the answer, but I would really love it if someone who has gone the thinner route (yarn and or needle size wise) had a picture showing what it looks like, and maybe even a suggestion on how to maintain the width.


FO: Felted Seahorse Minibag

Furthur avoidance of the raffia purse, which has actually been completely knitted and almost TWICE its original length (a weeeeee bit more than I was bargaining for). I'm now delaying the inevitable rip-out-three-inches-of-the-most-tediously-painful-just-one-more-row-knitting-you've-ever-done by making a cute little felty bag for my 5-year-old niece.

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Felted gloves

Hello. I'm just curious if anyone knows of a pattern for felted gloves. I know there are plenty of patterns for felted mittens, but I haven't come across any for gloves in my searching. It seems like it wouldn't be too hard to wing it, just knit them on larger needles, stuff loosely with plastic bags, then felt (probably by hand). Has anyone tried this?

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Hi, it's me. The girl who was looking for tips on how to hang herself with a 16" circular. ;)

I GOT THE HAT DONE! I knit the band of seed stitch flat, and then put the whole thing on my circular. It took a little bit of getting used to, but the hat went SO fast after switching over! I even switched to dpn's and didn't poke an eye out! Granted, I was clumsy with them right up til the end (okay, ESPECIALLY at the end), but it wasn't nearly as hard as I was fearing it would be. Now I just keep wondering what I was so afraid of and I feel a little silly for freaking out in the first place. My sister is going to LOVE that I got this done about 3 months sooner than I thought I would. Haha!

Anyway, I'll be posting pics of my FO's (I also have 2 scarves in addition to the hat) when I finish my roll of film and get it developed-I know, I'm kind of behind the times. I just wanted to thank you all for calming me down and helping me out! Consider yourselves hugged (unless you're not a touchy-feely person, then pretend I bought you some ice cream or something ;)). You guys are the best!
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Metolius Flower

chunky hat

Lately I have been on a hat kick with winter approaching. I have recently done a lot of hats with worsted weighted yarn, and just bought some chunky yarn and want to try a hat with some chunkier yarn. I have Debbie Bliss cashmerino superchunky with a gage on US 11 needles 12 stitches to 4 inches. When I knit a swatch it was more like 3.5 stitches per inch. Does anyone have a recommendation for a cute hat pattern for yarn this weight?

Mens hat pattern?

I've been looking everywhere for a hat pattern for my dad. I found one I really liked, and thought it called for worsted weight yarn so I went ahead and ordered the yarn for it. When I went back to look at the pattern, it actually calls for bulky yarn. I really want to use this yarn that I have, so I've been serching for hat patterns everywhere, but they all look very feminine. The pattern I liked was from MenKnit magazine, the Fall 05 edition. It was simple with large cables that I thought would look nice on a mans larger head. Should I just double strand the yarn? Does anyone know of any other patterns out there off the top of their heads?

Pet Patterns


I'm pretty new to this community (hello!) and also a fair novice at knitting, although the training seems to be coming along well..  I'm interested in finding websites / LJ comms / books that have a lot of creative patterns for pets - dog sweaters, cat beds, leashes, costumes, etc.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Apologies if this is already available, I spent a bit of time searching your tags and LJ.

Thank you in advance,
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Question about Fetching

You know, those cabled fingerless mitts from Knitty. I'm working on a pair and am at the knit 18 rounds so I'm not quite at the thumb yet, I was just reading ahead.

This next part confuses me a little:

Next Round: Using waste yarn, k7; slip these sts back to left needle and k them again using working yarn; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end

I understand knitting seven stitches with the waste yarn but when I slip them back to knit again with the working yarn, do I knit all seven stitches again or do I continue in the 4x1 rib pattern for those seven stitches?
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Pattern Woes--Magical Mittens

K. So. As per the suggestion of mamiecaisse, I opted to do a pair of Magical Mittens for each of my brothers. And yet I am forlorn. There is a point in the pattern I just don't get:

K36(40). **Thread piece of scrap yarn through next 39(43)sts and slip off needle, leaving last 13(15)sts on needle. Cast on 2 sts. Divide these 15(17)sts evenly onto 3 double-pointed needles to form rnd (base of thumb).

Knit even for 14(17) rnds or for length to top of wearer's thumb.
Next rnd: K1, [k2tog] 7(8) times, break yarn, leaving end approx 20 cm/8 in long.

My confusion stems from the fact that there are only 58 stitches (I'm doing the large size) on the needles per round. These instructions seem to imply that there are 83...unless you're supposed to hold the next 18, then the first 25 fromthe beginning of the round. I'm just unsure. Anyone whose experienced this who can help me out of my conundrum?
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