December 3rd, 2006

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Another hat!

I'm on a hat kick!! From this pattern I tried ribbing for the first time so here's my attempt. I loved the pattern but found I could go with either more ribbing or more plain knit rounds so that I had more ear coverage.

I used Plymouth Encore in Dark Chocolate on size 8 circulars.

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Tempting 1: Increasing the ribbon holes/eyelets?

I'm working on the original Tempting from Knitty and have a ribbon that has pretty satin edges and it seems like the eyelets in the pattern are so small that I'd have to fold the ribbon nearly in half in order to thread it through.

(YO, k2tog, YO, k2tog, k2, p2)

Has anyone modified the pattern to create two row high holes for the ribbon, or does anyone have any suggestions how to do it?


FOs and purse idea question

Wanted to post some pictures of my recent (and not-so recent) FOs, and get some pattern ideas/recommendations.  Pictures link to my flickr account because I don't have LJ scrapbook and couldn't figure out how to post pictures otherwise.  Please forgive my lack in LJ navigation capabilities.

EDITED: to fix photo links

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Leif's Snowflake Hat

Pattern: Earflaps modified from Knitty's Vinterlue, snowflake from this site with additions, and hat shaping my own.
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca 100% Alpaca, sportweight, in navy blue (308) and natural medium taupe (005). I used all of the blue and most of the taupe because I originally made the hat with a pom pom - those things use a ton of yarn!
Needles: 16" Inox circs, size 1 for the solid color bits and 3 for the fair isle portions.
Size: I am not positive of the finished size but I designed it for an 18"/1-year-old head and it fits perfectly. The earflaps are a bit big and the tips meet under his chin so I might consider modifying the hat to have a button closure under the chin instead of ties.
Time: Three days, only because I couldn't get the sizing right! Once I sorted that out, the hat was knit in one evening and then I wove the ends in and added the braided cords/tassle the next day.
Things learned: Fair Isle - I've done it before but it's been awhile, it took me ages to work out how to hold the yarn comfortably and give it enough tension. I'm still not perfect, but I did well enough in the end to finally consider that I'm ready for a Norwegian sweater! In the end I *really* enjoyed making this hat and I'm very proud of it. It was received very well (it was a birthday gift) and I now have four commissions for other hats from party guests!

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Irish Hiking Scarf + Yarn

I searched for the answer for my question, but couldn't find them.
If there is a post about this and I missed it I am sorry.

I am going to attempt to make the infamous Irish Hiking Scarf. I was just wondering what types of yarns you all used when making it. It is for my boyfriend, and I was hoping to make it really snuggly.

Thank you so much!
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In search of...

Hey everybody,

I looked inside of every men's knitting book I could find at my LYS's and the inside of online. I googled every item bearing a name of what I possibly was looking for that I could find. I googled images. I just couldn't find it.

What I am looking for is a men's sweater book with a beige vest in it that buttons all the way up to the neck. If I remember correctly it is made in a garter stitch. The buttons are beige and the vest does not have a collar just a "circle" neck. It is a very simple vest. But soooo sharp.

I liked the pattern so much I just thought I would remember the name of the book.... you know the rest.
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Question about colour work

I am planning to make my boyfriend a laptop cover, based on the Laptop Sampler in Amy Singer's Knit Wit, but adding some colour work on one side.

The original pattern was knit in the round, which I prefer for a variety of minor reasons. So far, so good. My planned alteration consists of adding a logo from his favourite show; more or less a white circle with a red kite shape in it.

This is my first project involving any colour work more complicated than stripes, and so it's here that I run into difficulty: from what I understand of intarsia (or of fair isle), it's not suited to this kind of pattern, at least not when worked in the round, because the working yarn continually ends up on the wrong side of the colour patches.

So my question is: Am I right? Should I adapt the pattern to be worked back-and-forth and then seamed? I think I've figured out how to do that, and I'm willing to do so if necessary, but if any of you have a suggestion for working this in the round, I would prefer to skip the trial-and-error of modifying the pattern.

FO: Blackberry

Pattern: Blackberry from Knitty's Fall 2005 issue.
Size: Small.
Yarn: Five balls (500m) of a bulky wool/mohair blend purchased three years ago from MarLen in Prague.
Needles: US #13, Denise Interchangeables.
Date Started: Sometimes in February 2006? I knitted the back and the two front pieces, and then...stopped. I (re)started the sleeves on November 19, 2006.
Date Completed: December 2, 2006 (sans blocking).
Modifications:Most notably, I did not add the bobbles shown in the original pattern. Also, after casting on my first sleeve at the suggested 40 stitches, I realized that the cuffs would be INCREDIBLY loose. I like my sweater sleeves fitted so as to prevent draftiness, so I frogged the sleeve and cast on at 28 stitches, increasing at the end of every pattern repeat (every eight rows) until I reached the 44 stitches needed for the armhole. From there on, I just knitted until my sleeve was the desired length (20 inches to underarm rather than the 17 noted in the pattern - I have REALLY long arms). With these modifications, I only used 500m of yarn, rather than the 600m suggested in the pattern.

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(no subject)

I aquired some yarn and want to see if anyone here has used it, and with what results!

its Lion Brand Landscapes, color "rose garden"
fiber content is 50% wool, 50% acrylic
(so soft and so pretty in spite of its content...)

heres' the deal...the lable says "it felts when machine washed and dried!!!"
now, my little burgeoning fiber artist brains says "yeah, WHATEVAR!" cuz its not all wool. and actually, for the project I have in mind, that would be fine.

but I dont want to find out after the fact that they actually (gasp!) told the truth on the label..

has anyone here used this yarn?
did they felt it? if so, how (I wouldnt normally put a felted item in the drier...)? and how did it come out?

I still plan on doing a small swatch for guage, etc but those at least you can unravel and still use the yarn for something :). and a girl only needs so many coasters from the test swatches of felted projects...

thanks for any all info... its going to be turned into something in either case, its just a matter of its going to be really pretty mittens or an equally pretty felted purse ;)