December 4th, 2006

Yarn Recommendations

Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while and now have a question of my own! I'm not in close proximity to knitting stores so I do most of my yarn shopping online. So far, I've been going on recommendations from patterns, but my new project is making some throw pillows for my couch. I'm not going on a pattern, I'll probably just make something up based on what kind of yarn I find. So, since it's hard for me to browse knitting stores I was hoping I could get a recommendation...the thing is, I'm more particular about the color than the fiber, so I'm hoping someone can help from that angle (going to every yarn website looking for anything in my color has proven to be difficult).

I'd like to find something in a deep, dark purple - and tone-wise something more in the brown/red end of purple rather than the blue end. So, like a very dark raisin or plum? As for the fiber, I'm flexible as I can probably customize it based on the yarn, but something that would make for a soft comfy pillow and would hold up well to lounging, cats, etc. Machine washable is a plus but not necessary. Weight-wise just middle of the road, DK or worsted (no novelty). As a reference I'm thinking about doing something in a basic rib or cable. So, anyone have a yarn they love that comes in a raisin color, on the not-too-expensive side? I know color is somewhat subjective, but I'd appreciate any suggestions!!

hat pattern

I am looking for a hat pattern for my 18 year old nephew. I also need yarn suggestions in Univ of Texas colors. (Burnt orange and white). I bought some cheap acrylic yarn at Hobby Lobby,but I couldn't knit with it and I certainly wouldn't expect someone to wear it. I have size 8 & 10 1/2 16" circ and DP's, so would like to use them. What kind of hats do guys this age like?
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Need more gauge help...

OK, I swear I did well on the math section of all my standardized tests and managed to pass calculus way back in, oh, 1993, but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing as per gauge here.

The pattern calls for 18 stitches over 4 inches in Stockinette stitch.

My gagues swatch shows 18 stitches over ALMOST 4 inches (so more like 19 stitches over 4 inches.)

1) would I need to go down a size or up a size in needle to try to make the correct gague?

2) if I just use the same needle as I used for the swatch, would the garment be a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller than the pattern has?

Thank you!
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Yarn Question

As the Holidays approach, I'm knitting my Dad a pair of socks. I'm using Lana Grossa Multiringel sock yarn, and I was wondering if anyone else has any experience with this yarn?

When I bought it, I asked if I would be able to get a pair of socks out of it, and the girl at my LYS said I could probably squeeze a pair out of it.

But I'm only to the gussets on the first sock, and I'm starting to worry I won't be able to get a pair of men's socks out of one ball. I'm not using a pattern, so I have no yardage and I've only made socks for me (and I have small feet and ankles plus I like short socks) so I think my ability to estimate is off. I'm debating going ahead and getting a second skein to be safe.

The question then--has anyone used this yarn? Were you able to get a decent-sized pair of socks out of it easily?

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(no subject)

Hi there! I was wondering if there was a tutorial (for dumbies) online that could explain how to knit a design into something, like a heart or a star, or I think I saw carrots when I was going through the tags. :) Thanks! Any help would be super duper appreciated!

toe socks?

Okay, I'm a little scared about what I might have gotten myself into. My boyfriend has a webbed toe (the second and third are stuck together) so he can't wear toe socks. I've been vowing to make him webbed toe socks for years. I have one on the needles right now and am scared about getting to the toes. I have 56 sts on the needles, and I've been trying to find a cuff-down pattern. I made gloves once before from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, and I was thinking of trying to adapt from the glove section. But a thumb and a big toe seem fairly different. Does anyone have a pattern or reccommendation? Thanks!

FO: Christmas Tree Skirt

I started this Chrismas tree skirt back in the summer while waiting for some yarn to ship from Canada and recently realized I'd better finish the thing if I planned on actually using it. It's my first foray into lace knitting.

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UPDATE: One of my cats welcomed my new Christmas tree skirt into my home by barfing on it. They're so lucky they're cute. Fortunately, Encore is machine washable. :-)
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Norwegian Star Hat

I recently completed a stranded color knit hat (I believe this is the right term, since fair isle is a specific type of stranded knitting, but correct me if I'm wrong.)

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I also have two questions:

1) I'm working on the Alpaca Ruffle Boa as a stash buster. How would you go about blocking it? It's knit sideways, so I'd like to stretch it length wise for a little extra width on the scarf, but I'm not sure how to do that while maintaining the ruffles.

2) I bought a 1lb cone of bamboo yarn online from a closing yarn shop with prior knowledge that there are no refunds or exchanges. It arrived today, however, as soon as I opened it, I realized that it smells like cigarette smoke. This yarn was specifically bought to work on a shawl during an extended visit to my girlfriend's house, who struggled for years to finally quit smoking. Also, I just really hate the smell, and I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known that it came from a smoking environment. I'd really like to work with this yarn, but putting all of it into a hank to wash it sans a swift or ball winder seems like an impossibility. Any suggestions?
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A knitted hat that ISN'T in the round?

My boyfriend wants a knitted hat, but I'm scared to DEATH of circular needles! He wants one of those earflap hats.. I can do DPN's, just the whole.. circluar thing, I'm not ready for it quite yet. I tried and failed miserably before, and I'm going to be flying across the country this weekend so.. need something to do for that blasted 4 hour plane ride! I thought.. PERFECT time to knit! So, does anybody have a non-circular needle earflap hat pattern I could snag?

Alpaca qualities

Hi everyone,

I have a chance to buy some homespun Alpaca yarn in lovely colors (varying thickness).  I found this ( discussion and got some great ideas.  What I learned from that post was (a) Alpaca is really really warm and (b) Alpaca doesn't have a great 'memory' for stretchiness.   I wanted to confirm that with any of you that have worked with Alpaca.  Is it better not to use it for things like gloves/arm warmers that should be tight-stretchy, will they lose their shape eventually?

There are three colors that I really want -  a deep brown, a dusky cream/tan, and a soft pink - think neopolitan ice cream.  Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  

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Socks and an FO (eventually)

My grandfather asked for socks for Christmas. I am planning on using the pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns and some basic brown sock yarn. I need some help before I can start, though. My grandfather wears size 13 shoes and I have a feeling that the largest size listed in the book will be too small. I won't get a chance to measure his feet before I make them. So I'm wondering if anyone knows how big (in circumference) a size 13 man's foot is? He might actually need a 13 wide since he's had a knee replaced and he's worried about cutting off circulation.

On to the FO. Quite a while back I asked for help in picking projects for the $1 gifts for my in-laws' gift exchange. After first ordering "Knitted Snowflakes" via Amazon on Oct. 21, re-ordering it via ebay on Nov. 15 after it became clear that the USPS ate the first order and finally having it reshipped because the ebay seller sent me the wrong book, I got it on Nov. 27. I made my first snowflake over the weekend and it turned out well. The only thing of note is that the pattern said the snowflake would be 4" on size one needles and I think mine is about 3.5" on size 1.5. The book and I used the same type of crochet yarn, so I was surprised the dimensions differ so much. I still need buy pins and block it, but I don't need to stretch it to show the small amount of lace. I will add pictures to this post soon. I promise.

Edit: I got the photos taken but I didn't have time to upload. After work, really.
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WIP X-mas gift

Here is a vest that I'm making for my dad.  I saw it in a book that my boyfriend's mom gave me for Christmas last year.  I had never crossed a cable at that time but since then I've become a cable knitting-aholic.

Pattern:  Wall Street Cables from Arans and Celtics: the Best of Knitters
Yarn:  idena Villmark (the info on the ball band is in Swedish)  I got it from a LYS run by a crazy domineering German woman.  It's 100% wool.
Alterations:  Just that there is supposed to be a definite line of stitches where I have picked up new stitches along the neckline.  The original in the book looks nice with it but I wasn't sure how to do it or if I even wanted it there so I decided it looks fine without it.

Progress to go:  Still need some ribbing along one of the armholes and that side needs to be stitched up.  I started this in September and have worked on it almost everyday.

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Augh (and a friendly reminder)

I just went back through the Mariah (the current BAP) pattern and realized that I should have started increasing in the sleeves 3 inches ago.

I feel like an idiot.

So, here's the question: do I rip everything out and start from scratch, or do you think it would be possible/plausible that I could figure out which row I'm on when ripping back? Next time, I put in lifelines :P

(The reminder? When transcribing parts of the pattern so one can work on a charted part of the pattern, read everything!)
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Reversible hat?

So, I was wondering if anyone knows how I would make a reversible beanie? I've heard a lot about double knitting, but wasn't sure it would work with dpns. What I want to do is...well, okay, this will only make sense to you WoW people, but....I want to make a black beanie with a yellow intarsia exclamation point on the front, but then be able to turn it inside out and have it magically be a black beanie with a yellow question mark. Crazy, I know, but it will help me get my friends to do my bidding, and keep my head quite warm.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

worst knitting experiences?

I think I am having a bad knitting week.  Yesterday I knit a beanie for a friend and completely wrecked the cable pattern....and managed to knit a beanie that is too small.  Today I ran out of yarn for my cousin's Christmas present scarf, and have no idea where to get more yarn, and decided it was too wide anyway and I would like the lace pattern better on larger needles, so i frogged the entire scarf.  Did I mention it was made with mohair yarn?  ...nightmare...

So now I ask you all out of curiosity and interest (and maybe not to feel so bad about my mess)...what are your biggest knitting disasters?

Knitting Squidtacular.

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The squid was knit from 2 and a half balls of Cascade Eco in color 8095, Ebony, on size 6.5 mm DPNs. The eyes were Briggs and Little Heritage in green heather, also on 6.5s. I used the Giant Squid Hat pattern from Strangebuttrewe (which may or may not be up at the moment-- it was down a few weeks back.) with a few modifications. It was easy to follow, though if I do it again, I'd pretty much ignore the pattern. I'd also try a lot harder to look for black polyfill, since the white peeps through far too much for a perfect squiddy illusion. I'd originally intended to use him as a bed toy for snuggling when I started the pattern, but given the size, he's turned into more of a body pillow. It took a ridiculously long time (6 months) to knit, but that's probably more due to my school and work schedule than the pattern itself.

The Cthulhu doll was knit from moon_custafer's pattern in knitting many, many moons ago, with a few adjustments. He was made out of recovered thrift store yarn that someone else had balled, so I don't know precisely what he's made out of, but I'd guess acrylic/wool blend if pressed. It's my second time making this pattern, and also my second time giving him away as a Squidmas present. A three day project of occasional knitting.

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Petrol for a teddy bear

I told my girlfriend that I would make her a vest for her birthday, thus risking the Sweater Curse. However, I haven't made a vest or any other sweater before. (I have done socks, though, as well as scarves, shawls, mittens... and I have done my own patterns and pattern alterations.) She likes Petrol, and I have yarn to make it with, a pretty sage green.

Usually I make one of a new type of project for myself before making it for someone else, so I live with my mistakes and they don't have to. But a vest seems like a pretty big time commitment. So I'm thinking of making the same vest for my teddy bear, as a practice run.

Looking at the pattern and thinking it through, it seems like what I need to do is figure out my gauge, measure the bear, come up with a number of stitches to cast on and then fudge it so it's divisible by seven. For the sake of simplicity, I'll skip the stripe. I'll similarly use a bear measurement to figure out how tall the vest should be before I divide the front and back, probably creating a proportion based on the finished size of the sweater.

What else should I keep in mind while making this alteration, given that I've never made a sweater or vest before? Has anyone used a regular pattern to make a bear or doll sweater, who's willing to share their experiences?

At my wit's end

I'm a very new knitter, or, rather, a very basic one. I know how to knit and purl, and that's pretty much it.

I'm making a scarf and running into two problems that I hope someone will be able to help me with:

The first 5 rows (23 stitches) are seed stitch, to make a nice little border at the bottom.
Then I k1, p1, k1, then knit until the last 3 stitches, k1, p1, k1.
Then k1, p1, k1, purl to the last three stitches, k1, p1, k1.

I'm sure this is a very familiar beginning, basic pattern.

Here are my two problems:
1) I want the border to be raised on the purled side, but for some reason, the border at the bottom is raised on the purl side, but the border on the sides raises on the back, the knit side.
2) because of this, the edges are curling toward the back. okay, after some hunting, i realize this is the nature of stockinette, although my edges seem to be curling in much less than others i've read.

I've tried everything and every combination of things I can think of to fix this: starting with p1, k1, p1 in hopes that having purl as the dominant stich would cause the border to raise on the purled side, to no luck.

Does it have to do with the number of stitches in the middle of the row? Can anyone help? I've ripped this thing out and started it at least 7 times, and I'm losing heart. It's also December 4, and I'd intended it as a Christmas gift.

Thanks so much.