December 6th, 2006


Row gauge question

How important is row gauge? I just did a swatch for my first sweater (The Mason-Dixon Perfect Sweater - link is to a PDF). The instructions call for 20 st/4" and 25 rows/4" on US6 needles using Cascade 220. I used the suggested yarn, but US4 needles because I know I knit loosely. And I made a proper swatch - garter border, more than four inches between the borders, and I washed and blocked it.

The stitch gauge is probably as dead on as it's going to be - 20.5st/four inches. The row gauge is 30 rows/4 inches. Not even close. If I go up a needle size to get the row gauge, I will lose the stitch gauge. The pattern itself is written mostly in inches, only using rows when it comes to borders (where row height doesn't seem vital) and shaping. I think it would be possible to just use the numbers for a larger size for the shaping rows - is this right? Or would I need to recalculate the shaping rows?

And how would I do that? Math is not scary but I don't know how to change things yet.
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Fairisle knitting questions:

The other day I posted and you guys were great in helping me identify the technique that it was that I was trying to do. I've scowered the internet and I even consulted a book (The Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting) and I haven't really learned much. I was wondering if you guys could help it be explained to me in plain english.

I guess I'm just confused, like when you cast on, do you tie on with both colors, but cast on in only one?

And then what do you do with that piece of yarn you aren't knitting with in the mean time? I have such an awesome idea I just don't have the skillz to pay the billz! !!!

Knitting help!

I've been having the hardest time trying to teach a friend (over the net) how to knit on multiple needles.

I look at it and it's easy as hell for me, but I can't begin to explain it.

So... if anyone knows of a great site with LOTS of pics (especially how to hold them) or would be willing to take pics of holding and casting and knitting I would so appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!
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Adjusting hat size to compensate for fleece lining?

Awhile back I made a post in regards to the best yarns to use for a warm hat for my dad who is allergic to animal fibers. I got a lot of good suggestions and had decided to go with Rowan Calmer, but I really didn't like working with it (it's plied really weirdly? Like the strands were untwisting as I was knitting it and I kept splitting it, and it's weirdly stretchy and my gauge was all off....anyway, not the yarn for me). 

So I decided to go with some stash yarn that I know I love knitting with (Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Hand-Dye, which is a 50-50 alpaca/merino blend) and just line it with fleece so it won't actually be in contact with his skin...I don't have a specific pattern, I'm just going to knit a couple inches of 2 x 2 ribbing and then switch to stockinette, using the numbers that correspond with my gauge in the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns

Since I don't know my dad's head circumference, I was just going to make the largest size and hope that the ribbing would make for a snug fit. But then I wondererd how the fleece lining would affect the size? Do you think the lining would take up enough room that it would be worth casting on a few extra stitches to compensate? When I sew in the lining is it going to affect the stretchiness of the rib? I plan to use a thin microfleece type of material if that makes a difference...

another clue to the "knitting gene"?

Awhile ago, there was a thread about the high percentage of knitters who own cats (or even pets in general). After looking at all the lovely photos this week of finished projects, and noticing that most of the models are red-haired, I'm starting to wonder if maybe hair color is related to knitting like pet ownership is. I'm red-haired, and I own a cat who is my little furry son, and I knit almost obsessively... so is hair color yet another marker of a "knitting gene"?

FO: Cleaves


So my fabled project of Cleaves is finished. Here are my dazzling pictures, with a cameo appearance by my Midnighter shirt:

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Why, yes, I did get lazy and hurry to finish it up, so I just cut the cowl short enough that I can't even fold it over. :D

C'est fini.
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"Wavy" pattern modification

Last year, I made Knitty's Wavy for my mom for Christmas.  I really love the pattern and want to make one for myself...but I was thinking of doing it in three different colors.  Rather than make short horizontal stripes, I would really like to have the stripes run the entire length of the scarf.  However, every time I think about how to do this, I get stuck--it seems like it would be impossible to get the three colors to actually be knit together--it seems like I would just end up with three really skinny scarves.  Do any of you fine knitters have suggestions on how I might be able to do this?  Thanks! :)
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Book Recommendations

I taught myself to knit using Stitch N' Bitch, and, as a result, it's the only book I own. I've been knitting for over a year now, but I've only ever used patterns online and haven't even begun to dabble in the world of design.

I'm thinking it might be time to start building a library, so I ask you, Oh Wise and Benevolent Knitting Community: What are your favorite books, for both patterns and techniques? And, probably more importantly, why are they your favorites?
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Hi everyone!

I've been itching to learn to knit socks the past few weeks and I wanted your advice on which books I ought to get to start with, since I think they'd have the most comprehensive instructions.  I've got "Sensational Knitted Socks" sitting in my Amazon shopping cart, and I was wondering if that'd be a good place to start.  "Knitting Vintage Socks" is also in there, for when I've got the hang of it. : )

Any advice you could lend me would be very much appreciated.

Also!  What sort of starter sock yarns would you all suggest?  Thank you very much in advance! : )

unconventional scarf patterns?

my sister recentely asked me to knit her a scarf for christmas. the only guidelines is that it has to be red/white/black and i'd really like it to be something fairly original.

i was thinking maybe doing a scarf knit on the diagonal, like clapotis but without the dropped stitches and with stripes. is that something i could do with stripes, even though it has tons of increasing/decreasing?

if not, any other ideas for somewhat unconventional mixed colour scarves?

Yarn Sub Question and a FO (socks)

First the question....what are your thoughts on using Mission Falls Wool (superwash merino, worsted weight) instead of Lorna's laces Shepherd worsted? None of my LYS carry the LL, and while I could order it online, I might not have the money soon enough to order it and have it shipped and then make into a pair of slipper socks before Christmas. Several of my LYS carry the Mission Falls, so I can pick it up in 2 weeks and still have time to knit the socks. Pricewise, they fare pretty similarly (3 balls of the MF=slightly more than 1 hank of the LL). My mom could care less about handpainted yarn. She thinks it's too fussy and patterned, so losing that from the LL wouldn't really matter as the gift is for her. Would the Mission Falls be a worthy substitute?

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seeking recommendations for cotton sock yarn

My husband has asked me to knit socks for him, and I am very happy to do so. However, he has very delicate skin and wants cotton socks. He also wants "manly socks"--no stripes, funky patterns or colors. (sigh)

The only 100% cotton sock yarn that I know of is from Socks that Rock, and I don't even know if they make it anymore (it's not featured on the website). I suppose any fingering weight cotton yarn would work, as long as it's durable.

Any suggestions? (I thought about using Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, and hoping the 20% wool content won't bother him.)

Also, do I have to worry about cotton socks shrinking?

Holiday Knitting

A few finished objects

A bear for my new nephew (really his mom) knit from the "best friend bears" pattern from the recent Holiday Knits Interweave. I used Knitpicks Andean Treasure, and he's soooo soft. I love how all the short row shaping turned out.

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