December 7th, 2006


Knitting for Pay

One of my professors asked me if I would be interested, with monetary compensation, in finishing up a few knitting projects that her aging mother has had to lay aside. For example, there's a sweater (sport weight on size 3 needles!) that just needed another inch-and-a-half of k1p1 collar ribbing that is then folded in half and hemmed and for all the yarn tails where raglan seams and collar meet to be woven in and cut. Finishing the ribbing took me about 4 hours of knitting-while-reading. What would be a fair amount for me to ask for? I'm a poor college student, so getting *anything* seems like a windfall. I would feel bad about asking for too much. Thanks in advance for your advice!

Finished Object: Yet More Socks!

I've had this sock yarn hanging around in the yarn bin forever -- actually it was some of the first sock yarn I ever bought at the old YarnArts location from the sale bin BEFORE I even knew how to knit socks. :)

Yarn Used: Schoeller Stahl Limbo Mexiko in Color 2587
Needle: Addi Turbo US 3 60" Magic Loop
Pattern: Crazy Heels and Toe math used for a wonderfully fitting sock. Toe up - two at once. Basic K2P2 ribbing on leg.

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I cast these on on Tuesday night and got them completed through the first heel. Last night I finished the second heel and completed the leg all the way to the cast off. This morning I cast them off with the stretchy crochet cast off in the CTH book. I've got small feet so socks are a quick project for me; especially with thicker yarn and a US 3 needle. Heck the socks *almost* fit my boxer dog.

Before I cast them on, I pulled out oodles of yarn from each ball trying to match up the pattern for identical socks. I finally got frustrated and figured I'd go with "fraternal" socks instead as I'm not anal about having my socks match. About 15 rows into the socks, I realized that the two balls were wound in opposite pattern direction -- which I thought was very weird and I've never had this happen in self striping yarn? Anyone ever had this happen to them?

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Sock woe.

I'm making socks for my dad using the 'two socks on two circulars' method from the KnitPicks website. It does, indeed, solve the Second Sock problem - however, I'm used to making short-row heels instead of the spiral decrease that the pattern calls for. I did the decreases for the heels, finished the socks - and realised they are too small. I think the number of rows that pattern calls for make the socks 1/3rd shorter than when I use short-rows.

So I'm picking up the stitches before and after the heel, ripping out the heels, and putting in short-row heels. Never mind that they were supposed to be mailed out on 12/5.
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all hail the collective hive brain that is LJ Knitting!!

I am looking for a pattern for basic mittens, but want them to be from the fingers up. All the patterns I've found so far start at the cuff.

type of yarn/guage istnt that important since I figure that I can fudge (one of the nice things about starting at the toes/fingers and going up!)

thanks :)

scarf length

I just finished knitting a scarf (pics to come) for a male friend of mine who is 6'1" (185 cm). I knit it to a length of his height, excluding fringe, but when I washed it the yarn stretched out (it's wool) to a full 7 feet (213 cm), again excluding fringe. Being generally clueless about such things, I ask you all: is this too long? Should I rewash and block shorter? Or is 7 feet+fringe going to look okay on a tall skinny guy? Thanks!
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Clarification on knitting a charted cable

Ok...I hope this isn't a stupid question. My searches of the archives have not produced any posts that were helpful.

I'm about to knit a project with this cable inserted into longies knitted in the round, running down the outside of each leg.

I've never worked a cable from just a chart before and I was really hoping that someone could clarify for me that I am starting with 6 stitches and then I work increases and decreases into the cable itself. My sticking point is where it says "Row 0 on this chart represents a foundation row which can be knitted to lead into the pattern."

I see that there are 6 stitches to be knit and according to the key 4 stitches are not a stitch, in row 0. I normally knit the longies I'm making in stockinette in the round so in this case I would start the cable as soon as I am done with the ribbing for the waistband by knitting row 0 as it is charted instead of knitting 6 knits. Is that correct? Even as I write this it seems like potentially a dumb question but I've been over thinking it so long that I really just need a pat on the head.

Finally, if you've made it this far, since I'm knitting this in the round would I substitute the make 2 (wrong side) with the make 2 (right side) or should I instead knit the make 2 (wrong side) opposite of how it is written (k1,p1,k1). I have some experience with changing around patterns that are written for flat knitting into knitting in the round but since this is my first time to really play with more than a standard cable I'm just looking for a little help from someone more advanced than me.

Oh...and I am planning on adding in a couple of extra stitches for what I will lose from the cabling as well as working 2 or 3 purls on either side of the cable before returning to the stockinette for the main part of the pants. Hopefully this is my only question for this project. *crosses fingers* However, if there is something else I'm completely missing point it out to me now so I don't end up pulling my hair out over it later. Thanks!!
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Majorly Awesome Yarn rec for All Sock Makers

I just found the perfect yarn. I made a post a while back about some great yarn I found on Etsy (seriously, if you're looking for unique, fun yarn then definitely check out the place theres some great stuff- luxury fiber, handspun, hand-dyed, in almost all price ranges). Well, I know a few people had said that the rainbow yarn I'd found would have been better if it was striping. I just found a great seller that makes these yarns that fade from one color to the next, and also who does custom colorways. This is the yarn I got in the mail, that I couldn't resist.

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Lazy Perry Ranch is the name of the shop and all I can say is.. WOW. The wool is decent quality, 2 ply sock-weight yarn- I'm planning on doing a pair of socks using the Extreme Knitting 2 in 1 method from Knitty as soon as I finish my Koigu and KnitPicks Gloss socks. I'll probably be making a notes post on the socks once I get them finished, but for now I thought I'd let you guys know about the great yarn in case any of you wanted to buy yourself, a secret pal, or another knitter a last-minute christmas present. Also, the shipping from the person was superfast- I bought the stuff and it was shipped out within a day, got here quickly, and was very nicely packaged, along with a 10% off coupon. OH, on top of that, they are having a 15% off 1 item sale all through December.

And for those of you who were wondering, here's the link to the custom yarn listing- you can get laceweight, sock (listed as sport) weight, dk weight, worsted weight, and bulky weights- the worsted is 50% alpaca, too! Its sold in increments of 100 yards (50 for bulky) and is actually quite reasonable considering what you're getting. It does cost a little extra to get self striping and the fades but... yeah. Details are in the listing. Totally worth it.
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Two questions re: Fixing Mistakes

1) I know you can sew fleece to a curling scarf to make it lie flat, but what about other fabrics? In this case, the only appropiate fabric would be something silky. I'd hate to rip this scarf out a third time (can't decide on a darn pattern!) but the seed stitch is curling ever so slightly and it's driving me batty! If it's hopeless, can someone recommend a stitch pattern for a very thick two color (tan/white) alpaca yarn? It's going to be a short but wide keyhole scarf, suitable for warm Florida "winters". Everything I swatch just gets lost in the two colors, and everytime I pull out the yarn it gets more "used" looking.

2) I recently finished a sweater that was knit in the round, and once I blocked it the sleeves grew to be way too long. Can I cut the yarn at the top of the sleeve and pull out about four inches and then do the cuff again? It's stockeniette stitch, but it was originally knit from the cuff up. Forgive me if this is a silly question, but if I reverse it (knit it from the wrist toward the cuff) will my little v's be reversed? I don't want to have v's going two different ways on my wrists, although I'm not even sure that's possible.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Double Point Needle Question

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this live journal thing - and its taken me a day or so to figure out how to even post on here...ha ha - however i have been keeping up with all the posts for a month or so now.

I've been knitting for years (since my grandma tought me when I was about 8) however i've just recently started learning new stitches and venturing beyond dish cloths, and I'm DETERMINED to figure out socks on double points by the end of the year!

However I have a question. I acquired a box of needles that was passed along from my grandma and aunt - and my own tiny collection - however a bunch have got mixed up, and i'm wondering if there is any quick way to determine the size of double points that have been sitting in a box for a while?

I also have a bunch of circular's that i'm not sure of the size of either. I'm thinking there has to be some kinda of device for determining a needle size? (a piece of paper with different hole sizes perhaps?)

Does anyone know if this exists? And perhaps somewhere in Canada (Toronto) where I could find such a device?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Metolius Flower

hat help

I am knitting this ( hat (the knit directions are at the bottom) and am a little confused. I have finished working the 20 rounds and am to the decrease part where it says "k2tog across, k1". This confuses me because I have 42 stitches, so how am I supposed have 1 stitch left at the end of the row after knitting 2 together?

Also, any suggestions on how to seam this once I'm finished? What seaming method works best for a knit piece like this? Should I use the same strand that I pull the remaining stitches though on, pull that tight, and then use that yarn strand to do the seam? Any help and suggestions are appreciated!

Knitted Turtle Pattern

Okay, Now that i've finally figured out how to post questions on here, I have another one...ha ha

Does anyone have a link to a knitted pattern for a toy turtle? I have a cousin that collects turtles, and we were going to do a small gift exchange for Christmas, and I thought if I could find something that was relatively easy I might give it a try this weekend - maybe great a little family of turtles for her collection in various shades of green.

If any one has any links or hints as to go about creating a pattern it would be a huge help.

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Cheap cheap cheap cheap yarn?

Does anyone have any idea where I could find really really cheap yarn online?(I'm talking about the under 4 dollar variety) I want to knit my friend a gryffindor scarf(sort of burgundy and gold are the colors I'm looking for) I really don't care that much about the weight of the yarn, but I'd prefer it to be bulky, which is easy to knit. Thanks in advance...

More Pattern Help

So, I'm taking on my biggest knitting project yet. I'm going to knit the Alexi Throw from Berroco as an anniversary gift for some friends. The yarn that I ordered won't be here until next week, so I decided to practice the different sections in the mean time. I'm having a problem interpretting Row 2 (and WS) in the diamond pattern:

What exactly does it mean when a pattern says "K the k sts and p the p sts as they face you"? I googled the phrase, hoping to find some explanation, and found that this seems to be fairly common.

Thanks for all your input!
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men's size 10 uk - how big are they?

Does anyone have a handy British or Irish man around with size 10 (uk) feet? I am knitting my brother a pair of Thujas for Christmas, in china blue sock yarn, but do I know what size 10s look like? Do I heck. We're an all-lady household around here, and the feets of the mens are a mystery to me.

I'm pretty sure I've bought my brother size 10 trainers in the past, and I know from years and years of trolling around shoe shops when we were little that while I, my mum, and my little brother have excessively slim feet, Ginger Tom is right in the middle of average width. So if anyone has access to a pair of similarly conventional UK size 10s (or even 9s), and could persuade them to hold still for five minutes whilst they measured around the widest part and the length, I would be très, très grateful.

(While I'm at it, I wholly recommend the Natural Dye Yarn Studio on eBay: I've also got a pair of legwarmers knitted in oceans deep, and I'm making my mum a pair of Jaywalkers in rose marble. So utterly gorgeously pretty! And they post to Ireland quite happily, as well, though I'd still love it if decided to start stocking them...)

thank you!