December 8th, 2006


cheerful yarn pic for a sunny cold morning

Maybe it's the "should have been in bed six hours ago" talking, but I just had to share this pretty photo I snapped of a WIP while I was trying to come up with a clear enough closeup of how my hand-dyes knit up to use as an avatar for the Etsy I'm setting up for the stuff (halftoneyarn, coming... um... early 2007... I think...):

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Don'tcha just love how two-at-once toe-ups look like little ear-bras for a cat? :) (And no, I'm not entirely happy with the avatar yet at the size Etsy wants it, but I can't find the sock I really want to use -- I hope it's in the hamper, darn it... :( )
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Cashmerino- what to do?

So I have around a skein of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in... um... four or five different colors. Any suggestions of what I could do with them? One skein is around 100 yards.

ETA: Also, I'm looking for a good tutorial/article for designing your own illusion patterns. Any suggestions?
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Star Wars fairisle

The other day someone posted a link to some free Star Wars fairisle charts over at "" I bookmarked the page (URL:, but now it is throwing a 404 error.

I was wondering if anyone had saved them and would be willing to email me copies of the charts? My husband is a Star Wars fanatic and I'd love to use them to make him something. My email address is fred_chan at adelphia dot net.


adult knitted bootie pattern needed

I was asked to knit 2 pairs of adult knitted booties. I thought it would be easy. Then, they started to get specific.

* knit with wool (red)
* pom-poms
* preferably no seams
* partially cover the ankle
* to fit a size 9 woman's foot
* NOT felted

Does anyone have any ideas or guidance for me? I have been googling but w/ all these requirements, Im coming up fairly short.

Circular Needle Lenths

I have a bunch of unidentified circular needles that I am trying to organize. When measuring the circular needle length, do you only count the cord or the needle also?
*Update: Looks like the concensus is tip to tip! Thanks for your help!

Chunky knitting books

I taught my mother to knit a few years back, and she's always wanting to do quick projects in huge bulky yarns. She's knit herself slippers (basically socks in bulky- I was so proud when she did the second one without me!), and five million scarves, and tries to do bigger projects, but while she wants to break out and do her own thing, she doesn't have the principles down pat enough to successfully make stuff without having a pattern. For Christmas, I'd like to buy her a book of knitting patterns for bulky yarn (heavier than worsted). However, I'm more of a sport/dk person, so I have no idea what book would be the best for a 50-something woman-- not too trendy, but lots of colorful photos and a variety of projects including shawls, ponchos, bags, socks and sweaters that are VERY clearly explained. Use of novelty yarns not a problem. I know that I can find books on Amazon, but I'm most interested in peoples' experiences-- it's hard to judge a knitting book from a cover photo and a blub.

Also, does anybody have any good ideas for how to really make clear the 'big yarn needs big needles, small yarn needs small needles, the fabric you make depends on the needle/yarn size ratio' lesson? Because she WILL try to make a bag out of dk weight yarn and size 13 needles and then be disappointed that it's so loose everything falls out of it, or she'll knit bulky weight on size five needles and be frustrated with how stiff the fabric is, and nothing I say seems to resolve her confusion.

Also, recommendations for peoples' favorite color and knitting books, and knitted bag books, would be greatly appreciated. Is Folk Bags still the gold standard?

Mads 2

Simple yarn question, opinions desired

Hello ladies and gentlemen

I have a quick opinion question for you. If you were given the choice of using, for a cabled sweater, either KnitPicks Swish (merino superwash) or Debbie Bliss Merino Aran (merino superwash), which would you select?

And is ir naive of me to think a soft merino wool would hold up to cables and use well?

Thanks so much for your help.

ETA: I have searched LJ, and have been reading opinions about the best yarns for cabling, which I realize are often firmer, coarser yarns, which is why I asked the last question.

question on teaching

Is "throwing" easier to learn?

I'm teaching someone to knit next week and it's been a LONG time since I taught anyone. Last time was before I learned to knit continentally... which, as someone who's been knitting for six years or so, I found to be a lot quicker and easier, but I don't know if a beginner would feel the same way, so I'm not sure whether to teach "picking" or "throwing".

I'm leaning towards "throwing"... I used to teach people when I was in college, and they seemed to learn well with that method.


and yeah I clicked on the "teaching" tag but didn't see anything on this particular issue. If I missed it, just point me to it and I'll go *facepalm* and go about my business.


Gauge Conversion

Hi All,

I am making a hat that calls for 4.5sts = 1 inch and 18sts = 4inches.

The gauge i have on my swatch is 6sts=1 inch and 25sts (give or take)= 4 inches.

Can someone tell me how many stitches I should increase in order to get the same gauge?

Yardage isnt a problem. I am just clueless when it comes to conversions.

Id appreciate any input.

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Knitters I have a question.
I want to make this (along with almost all of the other projects in this issue!).
BUT I would have to substitute for the wool as I have a contact allergy to it. Itchy swollen fingers just don't make for good knitting. I know that alpaca fulls/felts, and I would like to use it. I don't know if it would make the right kind of fabric for this project, though.
So I defer to the wisdom of knitters who have gone before me: Could I do this project in an alpaca yarn, or would I end up with an ugly sack of not quite what I wanted and dashed dreams?
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Christmas Presents

I'm trying to find a free pattern of a toy owl online somewhere. I want to knit my boyfriends mom an owl cause she's obsessed with them. I've seen the ones on Knitting pattern central but was wondering if there are anymore out there. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Okay, so a couple of quick and somewhat random questions.

What's a good size for an afghan? I want it to be pretty big, one I can snuggle up in, but I'm not sure of what that means in terms of numbers. Any insight?

Does anyone know if Lion Brand Wool-Ease felts well? I've used it for a couple non-felted projects and like it very much, and I know it's 100% wool and everything, but I was wondering if maybe it's over-processed...or something...

And thanks for everyone's input on my WoW hat idea! I'm planning to do it as soon as I'm done with giftmas presents. (Ha, right, that'll be sometime in February.) Anyway I will definitely post pictures...