December 9th, 2006

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I knit some socks

I'm really excited to post this. This is the second pair of socks I've ever knit, and my first fair isle project, to boot. I couldn't be more pleased with the results I got!

Pattern: My own - I didn't really make any notes or anything when I made them, either. I just knit one sock, liked it, and made a second sock by copying the first one. Nothing too hard.
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential (burgundy and black) - I really like this yarn. I have two balls in ash that I bought ages ago, and the yarn is much softer than it used to be. These socks are really nice and squishy!
Needles: Knitpicks DPNs, size 1 for the cuff, heels and toes, size two for everything else.
Techniques Utilized: DPNs, Fair Isle, knitting an afterthought heel

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I had a small bit of a disaster while knitting these. Halfway through the first sock, I wanted to go ahead and put in the heel so I could make measure that and have a good idea of when to start the toes. Unfortunately, rather than picking out the scrap yarn, I opted for scissors and destroyed a good half of the stiches I'd put on needles, and than fabulously failed to save any of the work I'd done.

After having a good cry over all the wasted effort I'd put in, I did the only thing I could: I started over. That ended up being perfectly all right, as the sock was initially a bit too tight (the destroyed sock had been knit on 0s and 1s), and moving up a needle size for each section ended up loosening thing just enough for comfort, as well as lending to the wonderful squishiness that these socks now have.
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Enid Cardigan, Interweave Knits, Winter 2006

I'm a bit confused on the Enid Cardigan pattern and am hoping that someone can help me. When reading through it before I began I was a bit uncertain but I figured that I would understand when I got to the yoke portion. I'll preface this by writing out a portion of the instructions:
-300 sts rem. Work Rnds 1-35 of Yoke chart, decreasing as indicated on Rnds 17, 28, and 35 - 162 sts rem after Rnd 35.
A bit more information - The Yoke chart is over 27 sts with 13 sts designated as the pattern repeat. In the section with decreases there is a [sl1, k2tog, psso with MC] decrease in the pattern repeat and a [ssk with MC] as well as a [K2tog with MC] in the outer portion of the chart. -I'm hoping I explained that well enough, but if you have the pattern in front of you it will make alot more sense. -
Here's my question - Where on the chart do I begin? How do I incorporate the pattern repeat? I'm imagining that the K2tog and the SSK is for the decreases near the arms, but the pattern is too vague to explain when I use the different portions of the chart.
I've tried to be a clear as possible when explaining my problem, but let me know if I can clarify anything. I appreciate any help! Thanks everyone!
Update Looks as if the pattern has not reserved stitches for the steek. I am supposing that the reason for this, is that the steek called for is a sewn steek (however, I could be wrong about the rational behind this).
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Design attempt gone wrong

My first attempt to design my own pattern is a pair of cabled mittens. I intended for a cable to go up the center of the hand.

However, this is what happened...

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Also, are mittens supposed to be skin-tight or have some ease? I haven't worn any since I was a kid.

Calorimetry - yarn sub question

I love Calorimetry  from the new issue of Knitty and want to start one right away.  The trouble is that I don't have any of that yarn despite my embarrassingly large stash.  I am also a total newb to yarn substitutions.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what yarn would be a good sub for the Filatura Di Crosa 127 Print  that is called for in the pattern?  I have WPI tool so I can figure out the gauge of the yarns I have I just don't know how to figure out the gauge of the yarn that was originally used.   Sorry for such a dumb rookie question, you guys just seem to have all the answers....
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FO: Center Square

It happens every year. I say to myself, in June, "If I want to knit stuff for the holidays, I really should start now." And I do - I find patterns, brainstorm, get yarn. And then I forget about it until Thanksgiving.

Every single year. I really should just buy everyone chocolate and get over myself.


My stepsister requested a black and white striped hat. I'm notoriously bad at following through with requests - if someone asks for something to specific, they may end up never receiving it. I was ready to throw the black and white out the window and just knit her a magenta mistake rib scarf.

But then the Winter Knitty came up, and I saw Center Square, and thought, "That would be perfect for her in black and white."

It's not striped, but hopefully she can get over that.

Pattern: Center Square
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino in 'Black' and 'Winter White,' held doubled throughout
Needles: US11 16" circs
Time: About three hours (I cast on at 9ish, and by 12.30am, I had woven in the ends, eaten dinner, taken pictures, and uploaded them to Flickr)
Modifications: Only one. I couldn't find my DPNs (OK, I didn't want to get off the couch), so I magic looped it with a spare US10.5 hanging out on the coffee table. This led the decreases at the top to be a little loose, so I simply stitched them together when I was weaving in the ends. Next time, I'll find the DPNs. I was tired.
Other: This was my first time doing two-color/fair-isle knitting, and I was really happy with how it came out. My tension was pretty even (there are a few tight spots), and the chunky yarn made it go quickly. I'd highly reccomend it for anyone who wants to try two-color knitting, but is a little scared (as I was).

I intend to make the hat again, in colors that are a little more fun.

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More info is at my blog

Newb... Questions!

Hi! I've only been knitting for about two years, but if you add all the time, it's probably more equal to a year. I can knit and purl like the wind. I can YO and I can read most patterns.

I just recently started a scarf with a pattern that was shown here on the site earlier (A couple days ago?) but I took out one of the steps. As soon as I finish I'll gladly show pics!

My question is simply this. Scarves are tiring, and pot holders are too small. I would like to knit a pair of mittens to go with my new scarf. Can you recommened a good pattern for a beginner (yes, the internet is your friend, and all, but I can't tell what pattern would be good for someone starting out) - hopefully a free pattern... or an explaination of steps. I just want straight knit (stockinette) stitch and maybe a ribbed cuff, but would like a color band around the bottom knuckles.

What I'm most concerned about is the thumb. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
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I've searched the FAQs and a number of other sites, but still can't find the answer to my question. I'm making a simple headband, an in lieu of a hat kind of thing for a stocking stuffer for a hat-hating sister. It's a band of lace over 10 stitches with seed stitch on either side of the lace. However, the pattern calls for me to yarn over twice. Does this mean that I simply wrap the yarn around the needle entirely, 1.5 times? That's the only thing I can figure, but I'm not sure that I'm right.

Is that how it's done?

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Double-Point Needle Query

I'm about to put in another KnitPicks order (my stash will need its own bedroom soon...actually, it has one),and I'm getting my first sock materials. I wanted to know, in consideration of needles sizes 0-3, are metal needles or bamboo needles preferable?

The smallest dpns I've worked with were 6, and they were bamboo--I generally find bamboo more comfortable to knit with, but I'd imagine it's quite fragile at lower sizes. Am I right?

Hats? Hats!

I tend not to post stuff up too often, but I'm especially proud of these two, and people seem to always be asking about things to do with Malabrigo (I recommend hats, obviously), so I thought I'd share. Sorry the pictures aren't better...sunlight in Portland in December is fickle and hard to come by but I attempted to use it anyway, so that's what I get.

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Also, a question... if I were to make more of the fair isle hat, and want to sell them, would that be alright, given that I'd used a chart from something else? It appears that the chart is originally from "Enchanted Knitting" by Catherine Cartwright-Jones and Roy Jones...and I'm not sure if chart books follow the same sort of copyright rules as stitch dictionaries or not. I attempted to find the book at the store so I could see if it said anything about it (well, and to see if I wanted to buy it) but they didn't have it. It's not a huge deal, I can probably come up with another chart that has a similar feel...but I do really like this one.
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FO: Calorimetry

I was very excited by Calorimetry in the new Knitty. I live in the Bay Area, and while it does get chilly here, after having spent four years in Boston I feel kind of silly wearing hard-core winter gear in California.

Plus, this pattern had so many of my favorite things: size 8 needes, 2 by 2 rib, and a short attention span requirement. :)

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yellow quilt


Am I crazy to think this pattern really wants you to turn without doing wraps?

"The project is worked using short rows. To work short rows, work to the point indicated in the pattern, then turn your work around and begin working back in the other direction. Holes will form in your work at the turning points of the short rows; don't worry! This is to be expected. One of these holes will be used as a buttonhole when the project is completed."


Hello Everyone!

I've knit a wonderful toque for my father, which will be shipped out to another province for his Christmas present. It's a simple rib knit with a 1" folded brim. After sewing up the brim I had a coworker (whose head I esitmate is about the same shape) try it on. It looks like it's going to be a little bit short - it only covers the tip of his ears. I used Patons Chunky - 25% wool and I'm wondering if I wash and block this toque if I can stretch it out a little bit longer?

I thought about just undoing the brim, but the hat doesn't look right without it and it wouldn't be my fathers style. My mother measured the circumfrance of one of my fathers hats and it's the same size as the circumfrance of my head. The hat fits fine on me (down to my earlobes) but I think that his head may be a little longer (like my coworkers).

Any ideas? I've never blocked a piece of knitting/crochet before in my life so I don't know how to do it. I've seen pictures of someone using a balloon - how do you do that? Do I have to block it on someone's head? just stretch it flat?


ETA: So I've taken down the brim, and may either just leave it (he can fold it up the proper distance and get my mom to sew the brim) or crochet into the bottom of the stitches and make a "fake" brim. Thanks for the info!


I'm seriously dying...

I bought a HUGE bag full of yarn balls at a garage sale a while back. I finally got around to making something with them.

But... I'm out of a color! I'm knitting a bright rainbow scarf and have a wonderful deep teal color. It's the third color in on my scarf (I'm knitting in patterned blocks. The blocks are 1 inch by 1 inch and the color blocks are 4 by 6 of these one inch blocks)

I'm now 7 blocks in and am back to that wonderful teal color. I'm no good with estimating what would be needed for a project and have run out of the teal color. I couldn't even get five rows of blocks out of it. It looks terrible if I knit to 4 rows and switch colors and I don't know what kind of yarn this is to go out and get a new skein...

Should I just deal with the odd sized block of teal, or rip all the way back to the teal and take it out completely?

X_x! Such a headache. I think it MIGHT be a teal color from Red Heart (as most of the balls in the bag are from Red Heart)... but I don't even know if they make this color anymore...

Christmas Stocking


I have been trying to find a good Christmas stocking pattern (preferably free!) Anyone have any good pointers about where I might find one. It's my nine month old babies first christmas and I thought it would be nice to have one I made for him hanging from the mantelpiece.

many thanks in advance