December 10th, 2006


Heads up for Katamari/shojo manga fans:

The monthly shojo manga magazine Shojo Beat features a couple knitting patterns in the current issue, for a Nana themed scarf and (my favorite) giant Katamari Damacy earmuffs. The print version featured the Queen of All Cosmos version, but I've found that the Prince variation is featured on their website. The patterns on the website (except the Prince variation, but it seems to rely heavily on instructions like "work same as Queen only with x color") are PDF files, ye be warned.

Here is links!

Maybe I am just not reading the pattern closely enough, but I can't quite see what is keeping the earmuffs securely on the models' heads.

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Okay, so I'm in love with the idea of Binary (from knitty) for a good friend of mine. I wouldn't be starting it for awhile, as my skill level is a bit low and I have some hats and scarves to finish up before winter is over. But my question is, since I've never done colourwork before (not even basic stripes of any kind), is this going to be a super difficult scarf? I've read the breakdown of the skill levels ("tangy" and the like) and think this would be a nice break out from my (one colour) scarves and hats, but it just seems a little daunting. Has anyone started this yet? And how did anyone's first colourworked projects go? I'm just nervous.

(Although after the "knitting in the round" thing, I'm feeling much more confident about trying new things!)
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Yes, dear

'Nother Question

Firstly, thanks to all who contributed to my needle dilemma--I've opted to try bamboo, since I generally prefer it; I can always replace them at the craft store if they die a horrible death of dying.

My next question: what is a good yarn sub (preferably KnitPicks, since I'll be ordering on Wednesday) for Filatura di Crosa Zarina? Would Essential work? I am looking covetously at the Baudelaire pattern, but I'd like to be as lazy and convenient as possible, so if there's something applicable in the Wondrous Land o' KnitPicks, I would be ever so grateful to hear of it.

...If there has at any point in time already been a post of this nature, please direct me to it; LJSeek is being evil.

knit a hat?

I'm a new knitter. Maybe 3 weeks now (oh and new to this community too...). I've done two scarves (which I'll show under the cut below) and I've learned lots from I took to this really quickly. I learned knit in under five minutes from a friend. Before leaving she showed me once on her needles how to do purl and bind off. I used to remind me of these things and pretty much picked up on everything fast. I tell you all of this because I think I can start a hat. My friend said be wary of doing it right away. So, is it unreasonable to think that I can knit a hat already?

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anna red hair

ideas for this yarn

i made a scarf using a simple garter stitch when i first started knitting two years ago (and im pretty sure i probably used needles that were smaller than the suggested size, too).

i've undone the scarf and have three skeins worth of this yarn, so ive got almost 100 yards of it. i'm thinking i might want to do another scarf or perhaps even a shawl or hip scarf.

does anyone have any ideas for patterns, either alone or with another yarn? i tried looking up patterns and pretty much the only one i seemed to find is the one that is linked on the above page, and it's not even a knitting pattern.

also, is there an official gedifra website? i can't seem to find that, too. goes to a yarn and knitting website, but it doesn't look like an official site.


Okay, my ears get really cold when walking my son to school in the mornings, and I thought Calorimetry from the new Knitty would be a cute solution.

I knitted one up this morning, and it was WIDE. Yes, I had gauge. But it was WIDE. It looked very silly on me, and I would not ever have worn it. So I frogged it, cast on 8 fewer stitches (it was also a bit on the long side), and just worked the first half until it was half as wide as I wanted the finished project to be, then worked the other half.

Oh, and this is in Manos wool, color 100. The photo doesn't do the colorway justice, but then, photos almost never do justice to the depth of Manos colors...

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Knitting Machine Help

I think I might be interested in a knitting machine but I know nothing about them. Do any of you use them? Do you like them? Are there any brands that you would particularly recommend?
I'm not a very advanced knitter but was kind of looking for something that would be a fairly versatile way of making bigger projects. Can you do all of the same stitches on a knitting machine that you could when knitting by hand? Could you do intarsia and fair isle?
I can't decide if a knitting machine would be something that I would get a lot of use out of. I'd like to know what other people think about them before I think about getting one.
out-of-place, costume

FOs: Braided Scarf and Go-Go Garter Stitch Scarf

My mother has been trying to teach me to crochet since I was a little girl and I've failed spectacularly every time I tried, so I assumed I'd never be able to knit either. My grandmother tried teaching me that this summer, and I failed spectacularly at it too. I'm stubborn though, so I decided my problem was that I can't learn from a live person and I needed a book, thus I bought Stitch 'N Bitch. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was actually right about needing a book!

Naturally my first project was the Go-Go Garter Stitch Scarf, seen here: Collapse )

The colors are a little off in the picture, particularly the purple. It was knitted in Caron Simply Soft Quick (Limelight, Blue Mint, and Grape), and as someone who hates following directions I used size 15 needles (due to not having size 17 handy), made it two stitches wider than the pattern called for, and repeated the colors an extra time. This is probably why I find knitting to be exciting...I have very little interest in creating things that someone else designed, and knitting makes enough sense to me that it's fairly easy to take the general idea of a pattern and then wing it from there.

I finished that first scarf and promptly took a huge break from knitting due to returning to college and never finding time to sit down and work at it. Then Christmas began taunting me and I started knitting gifts. The one I've finished so far is the Braided Scarf pattern from Patons, seen here: Collapse )

This scarf was knitted in Lion Suede (Ecru, Sage, and Coffee). I appear to have at least half of each skein left, so you could easily make a much longer version or two identical scarves out of one skein of each color. Also, the pattern doesn't specify how to sew the strips together, so I used whip stitch on the ends, and then looped a little piece of yarn through each place where strips overlapped (using whichever color the top strip was) and knotted it underneath where it gets covered up when the edges of the strip curl inward.

The next two projects on deck are Karen Baumer's Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf in Caron Simply Soft Ombres (Embroidery Print) and Knitty's Bobblicious in Lion Homespun (Candy Apple).


I'm looking for a simple pattern tha will allow me to knit a chevron scarf. \/\/\/\/ <-- like that, only in scarf form

All the patterns I can find are all big, for like afghans, or for crochet - and I can't do that -_-

So, all help is welcome and appreciated.

I would also settle for the intructions here, in a comment ^-^ thanks so much!

My knitting day, dramatized slightly.

I'm on a roll. I finished knitting the hood on my Rogue, I'm going tomorrow to the store so they can show me how to graft it together PERFECTLY. The sleeves are all blocked and ready to be sewn in. I will finish this sweater THIS WEEK. And the cardigan for Mom? Sewing together my PERFECTLY BLOCKED pieces. This will be done before I go home! I can finally give the damn thing to her!

And I got the Norge 2000 pattern book! I will make perfect Fair Isle!


Wait. . .that cardigan. . . there isn't supposed to BE shaping for the sleeves. . . uh oh. Who. . .who sewed the right front to the left shoulder! Who made it so that the neck shaping looks like the sleeve shaping! Who has to pick out all those perfectly woven stitches!



I need to start in on the rum NOW.
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cabled scarf patterns?

after further deliberation with recipient, we've decided that my sister must have a gorgeous cabled scarf. unfortunately, i'm having a difficult time finding the perfect pattern.

any suggestions on either a full cabled scarf pattern or just a cabled stitch that could be turned into a full scarf?


So I'm knitting my first top.

I'm knitting this cami from MagKnits. I'm knitting it with the Shine Sport the pattern recommends. Mine is in grass though, instead of the pink. A couple of questions: I've never really knit tops, so I'm not quite sure which bind off would be best for the arm and neck holes. What would you ladies recommend? I'm considering using EZ's sewn cast off, modified a little of course for knitting in the round. I've looked around and see a couple of other suggestions. I'm basically looking for the easiest, stretchy method possible.

Thanks for your help :)