December 11th, 2006

Double knit, cabled hat?

I've only seriously picked up knitting somewhat recently, and I've had good results with fairly simple double knitting and fairly simple hats. Now I'd like to combine them.

The hat I want to make is cabled but I'd like it to be both extra warm and nice looking on the inside. Is it possible to double knit a cable? Ideally, I suppose the inside of the hat (WS) would be simple flat stockinette, but in my head the only way to make that work involves juggling several needles. My idea is (with a six-stitch cable), pull all 6 double stitches off, sort out your RS from your WS and put the WS on a second needle, then sort out your cabling, and do a WS stitch (or slip it depending on your technique) from one needle after doing a RS stitch from your cable needle.

Would this work? Has anyone ever double stitched a cabled project?
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Stupid Fracking Mittens!

Okay, so, I've ripped these stupid things out about 20 times and I've finally (FINALLY) gotten to where the thumb should start so, I pulled back and looked at the knitting -- I mean really looked at it.

And -- *sigh* -- *HUGE SIGH* -- it doesn't look right.

Oh, it looks OK, really but it doesn't look fabulous. I'm using the mitten pattern from Vogue Knitting Accessorize and the pattern is darling -- seed stitch mittens with a cute but simple 10 stitch cable pattern. In the book, they look fantastic. In the book; however, they're using a lovely camel colored wool yarn.

The yarn I am using is black. BLAAACK. Color-sucking, pattern-obscuring black. You can barely see the cable at all, let alone the seed stitch pattern.


I am knitting them in black because that's the color my brother wanted and specifically requested. I have swatched and re-swatched and fidgetted this pattern about a million times and it's two weeks till Christmas and I am going to have to START ALL OVER YET AGAIN.

I don't have to, not really, I could continue knitting them as they are; however, what's the point? If the niftyness of the pattern (and it's fiddly and takes forever (hello seed stitch AND a cable!!) why do it? Why not start over and just do a stockinette mitten that I can be done with in a few days?

Or, I could just go and buy him a Best Buy card.

Stupid fracking mittens.

I'm so aggravated I had to post this to knitting
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Just wondering if anyone in here knits wool soakers for cloth diapers and what kind of wool you use :-)  Will superwash work (since I have some leftovers)?  Merino, alpaca, etc.

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FO: Calorimetry from Knitty Winter 2006

I love this pattern. I've never done short rows before, and it totally got me understanding how they work. Also, it took me just one evening at Grandma's weekly Sunday Dinner to finish it!

Pattern: Calorimetry from
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Tweed in black
Modifications: I cast on 80 stitches instead of 120, because I thought it would work better -- it did! It turned out perfect.

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I know the picture isn't the greatest, but my main goal in posting this was to get people to try this pattern. It was so easy, but challenging enough that I wasn't bored. It was also really, really quick (a great thing to work on for all those people that you want to make something for but aren't sure if you will have the time!)
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Long shot

Once, long ago, a knitting blogger made a post about all the handknitted faceclothes she had made. Dozens of them! Her friends thought her mad, but it was an addiction. Behold! She had pictures of these cloths, one after another, all the same pattern but with varying yarns.

At least one was the turquoise and kelly green variation, possibly from Bernat.

It was glorious. And now, even after two solid days of searching, I cannot find it. On the offchance... help?

(I've been asked by one of the local bath stores in my city to make up some cloths for their gift baskets, and while I know there are hundreds of fantastic cloth patterns, for some reason, in my very puny brain, no other cloth will do. At least, not until I find and compare it to the other patterns I have. Insane? Why yes.)

Thank you so much.

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I knit a sock with pretty expensive elastic yarn.
When I get it done the grafting at the top ended up a bit bulky, making it uncomfortable.
As well, it may be a little bit short.
It fits on my foot but parts of the yarn spread out making gaps.

I dont want to waste time knitting the other one if it is only going to turn out like this.
I don't know if I can undo might be too hard.

Any advice?
Perhaps Im just not meant to knit socks.
I had issues with the sizing before but this time the pattern had instructions for size adjustments.
Now its the grafting basically.

Yarn Recommendation

Hi there knitters!

I'm looking for a yarn recommendation. Now I've done a little google searching, but haven't come up with anything great, so I'm hoping you all have a better idea than google...

I'm looking for a single-ply worsted and/or sport weight wool (or blend, but must be 100% animal fiber, though preferably all-wool) to use as an alternative to Brown Sheep Co. Top of the Lamb and Lamb's pride.

This request is from my mom who uses the Brown Sheep Co. wools to weave Navajo rugs with (hence the need for animal fiber only and single ply).

So do any of you have another source for single ply wool? Any other brands that can be found either in retail yarn stores or online?

Thanks in Advance Everyone!

Shrinking a sweater

I bought a couple of sweaters and would like to shrink them to fit me better. While I did not knit said sweaters I don't know another group of people with as much knowledge about fibers, so I hope you will forgive my posting here. I am a knitter, but this is outside my realm of experience - my work has all been machine-washable.

The yarn is 40% merino, 30% viscose, 20% angora, and 10% cashmere.  The issue is this... I know washing and drying would likely shrink the sweaters, but I am very concerned it might shrink too much and/or start to felt if I just put it through the laundry like I would anything else. 

How might I go about shrinking these sweaters, if possible, in a more controlled manner to avoid such an outcome?

Birthday knitting

I don't do any Christmas knitting,(gift cards are a great thing!) but I do have two nieces with December birthdays. I got a copy of The World of Knitted Toys for my birthday and the kids picked out what they wanted knit for their birthdays.

So here are birthday gifts:
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Details: they were both knit with Patons Canadiana on size 4.5mm needles. Both the yarn and the needles were larger than called for but I thought that bigger was better for stuffed animals.

The only changes I made were, I knit the octopus legs on DPNs because the thought of seaming up all eight legs was not a fun one. As with most patterns in the book everything is knit flat and then seamed up so you get a lot of practise sewing up your knitting. My row counter is also a necessity with the patterns in this book as everything is done by row counts. They were both easy knits and done fairly quickly but the octopus legs did get tedious.

My own kids are trying to decide what animal is next!

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Ok, question that's probably going to get me smacked.

I have a drawerful of Red Heart. I'm sick of knitting scarves. I want to knit Pedicure Socks from Knitty, which are knit in heavier wool. However, I am allergic to wool.

What I was wondering is, how would Red Heart hold up as a sock? These aren't the type of socks that get stuffed in shoes, but you wear them with flip flops. Is there a reason the pattern says wool, or is this just the author's preference?

I know when knitting socks you're supposed to use "sock yarn", but the reason I chose these socks is because they are in a heavier yarn and therefore a bit easier to knit (I've never done socks before.) Also, I need need need to get rid of some of my yarn before I buy any more.

need help with double increases

Hello all,

I'm knitting the Harald socks from Viking Patterns for Knitting by Elsbeth Lavold. The cable pattern is charted (yay!) but one of the instructions has me a bit confused.

The first eight rows are a mix of knits and purls, no difficulty there.

However, on row 9 there's this bit: "...P4, Increase Left, Increase Right, P4..."

The instructions given in the book say to increase by lifting the bar from the previous row and knitting that as a stitch (I guess it's a M1). This kind of increase isn't the problem, except I don't know how to do two of these right next to each other. I checked my knitting techniques book, and the author gives instructions for double increases but only around an axis stitch (that is, you make the increase on either side of a stitch).

The only way I've been able to do this double increase leaves a hole.

To do this double increase, do I make 1 from the row immediately below, and then make the second increase from the row below that one (bringing the bar up two rows)?

Any tips?

knitted tree topper

Hello! I just realized that my tree topper is in a sad, sad state and I need a new one. This won't happen this year, but for next year, I'd like to knit something so it can be something of an heirloom... I tried Google, but didn't see anything. Does anyone have any patterns, websites or books that you recommend? I'm open to just about anything! Thanks (and get back to knitting those last minute holiday projects--I know I need to!) :D

(no subject)

I'm attempting the herringbone scarf that I saw someone link to in this community. I just cast on and tried the first couple stitches, but it seems *really* tight. I'm just wondering if anyone's tried this and it's normal or if I might be doing something crazy wrong. I can't really cast on on a larger size needle, since I'm on 35's already.

And thanks for all the input on Binary. It's going on the backburner til I'm done with some of this other stuff, but I feel more confident about trying it!

(P.S. I'm addicted to the posts in this community. I seriously check it at least 4 times a day, usually closer to 10. I don't obsess much. ;))
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I finished ONE of the socks for my sister! It only took me a day and 1/2 of night time tv watching !!!! SO here the one is.
The pictures are a bit small becuase the only camera I have is a camera in my phone... :P
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FO's and a meetup!

I've been busy this season! My new favourite thing is making tiny christmas ornaments for my tree :-) They are quick & easy, use up tiny stash bits, and are soooo satisfying.
I didn't use a pattern for any of these, the bunny is mildly felted but didn't felt entirely due to being white yarn, they are all Paton's Classic Wool, 100% Wool.

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