December 12th, 2006

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Another Calorimetry

When I saw Calorimetry, I wanted to make it... but I didn't have the guts. After reading everyone's posts about how easy and quick it was, I thought I'd give it a try. It's perfect! I'm in love with it and starting to doubt I'll be able to give it away, which was the original plan. I used Yarn Bee's Icelandic Jewels in Amethyst and casted on 80 stitches like others had recommended. Just wanted to thank the trail blazers before me for the motivation and letting me know about the needed alteration. THANKS GUYS! Unfortunately, my camera is out of commission. But when I get batteries, I'll post a picture of the new love of my life.
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Blocking, hatting...again.

EDIT: Two questions more. So I moved it to the top so it's clear.

AND, lastly...what is this stuff good for? Lion's Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight (80% acrylic 20% wool). It seems so thin and useless but I'm sure that's because I was using size 13 needles :O But, is it more for smaller projects? (and obviously needles...I knew that before I tried using it, I was simply trying to experiment with cables with what I had :P) Apparently, according to the label, I can knit a hideous long vest...but I'm not interested in hideous.

Answered! thanks :) I don't know much about blocking except what I learned here. It looks as if blocking is useful for straightening and setting stitches in wool yarn. Is this useful for scarves as well or just garments? I'm wondering if it would be a good idea for the scarf I knit that I showed as an FO in this post (it's the green one...just in case it isn't clear enough) because some of the stitches aren't straight and I thought this might help. It's going as a gift and I want to try to make it look as nice as possible. I'm also a little concerned about time as this gift is going to OK from CA and if I block it soon, it will be dry in a few days, and I'm not sure that's enough time to ship before Christmas...but I think it is? Would it be a good idea to block this and do I have enough time?

Answered also! Thanks :) As per the hat post...I am considering knitting coronet from, I'm thinking it might be more fun to have the cable on the reverse side and lengthen the hat so that I can fold the cabled part over in the front. Get my idea? So do I reverse the stitches at the beginning and simply lengthen the pattern? It seems simple to me...but I could be wrong.

Also, thanks for all your comments on the last post, you guys were so helpful! And thanks in advance for help on this one.
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hat! help!

hi all!

last year i lost my favorite knitted hat in barcelona. it was multicolored aqua and blue beautiful soft supermegachunky wool, the kind that's not all one thickness, stocking stitch.

i want that hat back. NOW. so i bought some cheapo Jiffy Thick N Quick Super Bulky acrylic that's kinda the same color--multicolored aqua and blue and a little lavender.

i have circ needles 10.0. i knitted a swatch and it looks good enough. the little code on the wrapper says 17 (12 mm) and then 8 st and 10 r. i don't know what this means, but i assume it's the guage of the stitches? it's called "super bulky."

what i need from you, if you can help: a simple stocking stitch pattern so i can make myself another aqua hat. my hair is bright ronald mcdonald red, and i love the way aqua looks against it. i know this hat will only take about an hour to make, i just don't know how many stitches wide and high it needs to be, and when i need to start reducing. also, i've never made a hat on circs, but i'm pretty sure i could figure it out. again, i know this is shit yarn, but whatever, i'll probably end up losing this hat too. and my head is cold!


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Silly Calorimetry question

So I decided to try the Calorimetry pattern, since I don't like getting my winter hat wet and it isn't always appropriate for all situations, but I am already confused at the second row. >.<

I have never done short rows before, so I am absolutely confuzzled. What do I do with the last two sitches of the second row? Do I leave them there, or am I just reading it wrong? What the heck am I doing?! I'm sure this is blatantly obvious, and I'm just missing something.

Winding laceweight yarn?

I bought a beautiful hank of laceweight merino -- 1000+ yards -- and wanted to wind it into a more user-friendly ball. However, the tension between the ball winder and my swift was way too high for such a delicate yarn. The yarn wound ultra-tightly and didn't pull the swift enough to make it twirl easily. Even though I tried to keep it looser by manually twirling the swift with my other hand, the yarn eventually broke.

Any tips on a more gentle way of winding delicate yarn (that won't take forever)?

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hi! i'm a newbie knitter and i'm working on my third project right now, a pair of ankle booties in a super bulky yarn. i'm confused about something in the instructions, and i was hoping that someone experienced in this community could help me out. in the instructions, i'm told to yarn over one stitch in a row. in the next row, i am instructed to "drop yo." what does it mean to drop a yarn over? the only thing i could come up with on google was that this meant i was to drop the yarn over stitch i made in the previous row like i were to drop any other stitch, so i guess i'm just confused about what "dropping a stitch" is. does this mean i literally drop it off my needles and exclude it from my row? or does this mean that i just slip it onto my other needle without knitting it or doing anything else to it? thank you so much for your help!!!
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Hey, everyone!

I have a burning question. I found Power Ranger knitted doll patterns on eBay, but they're from Australia and I don't know if I could read it. Does anyone have the pattern, by chance?

It's a crazy request, but I'm just dying to knit a Green Ranger doll.


EDIT: Eep! Sorry, mods. I wasn't intending on getting someone to send me the pattern for free. I was just wondering if someone happened to have the pattern and could possibly send it to me at a decent price, if you will. Sorry for any confusion.
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Converting a lace pattern to knit in the round...

I'm almost finished a scarf I'm making for my Mom. It's a simple two row lace repeat with every second row being a row of purl stitches. I had the idea that I could use the same lace pattern as the edging for a hat to match. The lace leaves a nice scalloped edge that would look very pretty. My problem is converting the lace pattern to be knit in the round. I can't seem to wrap my brain around any changes that would need to be made. I'll only be knitting the lace for about the first two inches of the hat, then I'll be switching to stockinette.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Can someone explain this?

Since I can't make heads or tails of the insructions I have here, can I get a little help?

What, exactly, does it mean when it asks me to knit the back loop? Does that mean I knit the half of the loop away from me? Am I making a twisted stitch?

If someone could point me in the direction of pictures of this being shown I would very much appreciate it.

I've tried looking, but could find nothing. -_- *sadface*

Learning how to do cables

I have Stitch and bitch and I was following the instructions for how to do cables.

I was okay into my first row of cable... THEN the book told me from 4-6 rows knit the knits purl the purls etc.. THEN star over agani with row 1?

Okay. So I am confused.

After I start my FIRST cable row... and finish that. Flip my work and go back.. Don't I put my cable need back in? Or do I just ignore the cabling for two rows and then on the next row.. insert my cable needle again?

All the other sites about knitting don't explain cabling fully .

and I don't know if I did something wrong cause on my 4th row (after my first cabling row). One of my stitches looked wierd.. like I lost it or something.

I think somwhere along the line I knitted extra stitches cause (I cast on 18) the count didn't add up right.

Maybe someone can explain it better. OR direct me to a good site that explains cabling better.

Maybe I should just ask a friend here to show me.. but I don't know when I can meet up with them and I am impatient to learn this new skill! ;>P


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FOs: a scarf for dad, sweater/stocking ornaments

These are from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts (looove this book - things look fairly basic, but with different yarns, you can find something appropriate for almost anyone - and they're simple enough that you don't mind giving them away!), with some modifications.

Ornaments knit in Bernat Satin, on 3.75mm needles, so they're somewhat larger than in the book, but it happened to be the yarn I could easily grab in Christmas colours (they're actually white, bright red, and evergreen - not black, my camera is just terrible :P ). The stockings, I left out the 'B' colour because I didn't have a contrast colour I would have liked. The sweaters, I didn't want to do stripes, so I did solid colours except on the cuffs and neckline, and then did a little snowflake, like I did on the stockings.Collapse )
I have another half dozen finished except for the snowflake/hanging (I used silver ribbon with a wire so I could just twist it closed), and I think I might have four mooore to make. The stockings are nice for tucking a little gift inside, or just some chocolates, buuut...I really just liked making the sweaters better. With knitting, seaming, embroidery, and hanging time, they all took just under two hours a piece.

For my dad, I made the "Men's Rustic Scarf" but used Mission Falls 1824 Wool because it's merino and superwash, since I know my dad will thrown it in the wash and end up with something Barbie-sized otherwise. heh. It's got a bright blue (that actually looks purple on the website; so maybe I just found a perfect blue in this particular dye lot!), navy, olive, a deep blue-green, beige, and a chocolate brown. I added in another stripe repeat because the brown pulled it together more, and I wanted it a bit wider. It's actually somewhat loose (not holey, just not super-tight) on the 8mm needles, but that's a good thing because my dad is the type of guy to wander around in shorts in winter so he'll get more wear out of it this way.
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On to my mom's mittens, the other four ornaments, and I think I'm done, whew!
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For your amusement

The worst 'knitting on the bus' question ever asked.
Work safe, despite the title.

And a quick story from my life.
I was talking to my primary last night and I mentioned that I discovered another way that I wasn't monogamous.
"Oh?" He replied.
"Some people from the knitting community refer to themselves as 'monogamous' knitters if they start one project and work on it til it's finished without working on anything else."
"Sweetie," he said, "When it comes to knitting, not only are you not monogamous, you're a slut!"

He's right. I can never resist the siren call of the next project or that sexy little ball of yarn winking at me.
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Matt Bomer

Miss Dashwood

Can anyone suggest a pattern for booties to match the Knitty Miss Dashwood hat? My surgeon and his wife just had a little baby girl, and I'd like to do a set for them.


Another beginning Knitter question

Thanks to everyone that replied to my question about cables.

I have another question now. I kind of like to understand the WHY's and HOW's and IF YOU DON't DO THIS YOU WILL PAY.. sort of questions..

For Instance.. understanding WHY you do gauge. (which I know is a rule. Check gauge.. but I am still a bit lost on how to adapt it for heavier yarn or different size needles and what that means for the pattern etc.. but later for that.

It would be useful (and maybe I haven't found a good book for this yet (I have read Stitch and bitch through a couple of times.. but sometimes different books explain things to where you get it better.. maybe her book isn't always the best).

So I had a question about STITCH COUNTERS.

I used one when knitting in the round to help me know when I went one full turn. So what else do stitch counters help with.?

Are they used when casting on a ton of stitches to help you keep track of how many stitche you have on the needles? (breaking them up into 10's etc..?) .. Obviously I can see their usefulness in marking where you need to work part of a pattern.. etc..

but what other useful ways to folks use stitch markers. there are so many little knitting accesories that I have no idea what they are really used for. why they are used for.. and what novel ways they are used for...

I just like understanding the LOGIC behind things rather than just an instruction to do it. I am more likely to do that gauge swatch if I really fully comprehend the logic .

I am a beginner.. I apologise for the rambliness of this post...

Perhaps there is a FAQ.. but I thought getting a discussion going on tips on using various accessories might help me in my journey.

Thank you very much for your time.


short row cuffs

Would it be okay if I picked the Knitty hivemind for a moment or two here?

So I'm working on a top-down raglan and am on the second sleeve. I know now that I will not have enough yarn for both sleeves to be long and slightly-belled the way I had envisioned. I've gotten a ball of contrast white yarn and have put a seed stitch border on the bottom; I'll pick up around the neckline for a seed-stitch neckband too.

But the sleeves are not going to be long enough on their own for me to do a simple seed stitch border of the same width and have them be as long as I'd like, so I started thinking about how I'd work in the white yarn. I remembered seeing something on Eunny's blog once that had contrast cuffs, and voila --

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made by a friend

bind off for iPod sock?

I'm starting my first project using DPNs -- a 2x2 rib iPod sock, because the short rows on real socks intimidate me. After several attempts (one knitting the tube inside out, 2 dropped needles) I think I've got the hang of it. I hope anyway...

Oh knitting gurus, my question is: how does this beginner seal a tube at one end? I've mostly gotten used to the standard bind off (K1, K1, pass over 1, K1, pass over 1, etc) and the 3-needle bind off, but I don't know what to use when picking up stitches along the bottom... Is it even possible to make a stretchy, near invisible seam when sewing a tube closed at one end? Any advise gratefully devoured!
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Yet another hat

I was commissioned by my cousin to make her a hat like I had made in my previous post.

I adjusted the pattern slightly. Instead of 3 inches of ribbing, I did 5.5 inches and instead of 1 inch of plain rounds, I did 1.5 inches. The ribbing was able to be folded up and extra comfy.

Yarn: Mission Falls Wool in Raven
Needles: size 9 circulars for ribbing, size 10 for rest of hat
Other: set of 5 size 10 dpns, stitch markers

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