December 14th, 2006

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Finished my first hat!

Yes, I finished my first hat! However, it is too small for my head. I think that the circumference is okay, but the length doesn't seem long enough. Basically the hat doesn't cover my ears :o( Is that the correct assumption to make? i.e. that since it doesn't cover my ears that it is the length that is off?

I'm pretty disappointed! Oh well, I guess I have to try again.

I followed a pattern in VogueKnitting: Knit Simple. It is a k2p2 brim followed by knitting in round until decreasing. I used 5 size 7 DPNs. The yarn is a lime green 100% Merino Wool and I believe it is worsted weight.

Oh, this is also my first experience using DPNs and I have to say that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!
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FO: KnitPicks oven mitt - and a question

I'm so excited and I can't post this in my blog or my LJ because my sister reads both of those. But the first half of her Christmas gift is finished! I made the Hot Out of the Oven oven mitt. I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Sky and two US 10.5 circs.

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I hand-felted it in my sink. It took about twenty minutes. I switched between super-hot and super-cold water a couple times and used a squirt of dish soap. I stretched it to be a bit wider than my hand because I want it to be able to be used by both my sister & her new husband. My only complaint is that it's smaller than I'd thought it would be, but that's probably my own fault for not using the US 11 needles called for (I only have one set of circs in that size and there's no way I was buying more just for this project).

And a question: Would it be better to knit a matching oven mitt or just one of the potholders from the pattern? My original plan was to knit two mitts, but now I'm not sure which would get more use. Any advice is much appreciated.
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Can I take a garment off circulars to see how big it is?

So I am working on "Tempting", the k2p2 ribbed tank with sleeves from Knitty.

Anyway, I have a strange feeling I might have made it too small.

Is it possible for me to take it off the current circular and put it on a circular needle with a loooong cable so I can stretch it out and see if the size is OK?

If so, do I just slip the stitches straight on to the smaller, longer needle? Like, thread them on? Is there a way to tell if my stitches somehow twisted?

I def have a little bit of trouble, when a stitch falls off, figuring out which way it should be on the needle. Any hints for that?

(Otherwise, is there another way I can stretch it out and see how big it will be?)

Thanks for the help/advice!
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Help with yarn choice (again)

I posted here a couple of months ago for suggestions on yarn for the Medusa hat I want to make for a friend.   This hat will be worn to an event in Phoenix in the spring, so I don't want it to be too warm.  I don't know if wool would be too warm or not...I've never had a wool hat, so I don't know.  From the recommendations I got last time, I gathered that:
- acrylic might be uncomfortable, and might not hold the tendrils so well
- cotton would be cool, but wouldn't hold it's shape
- not sure if wool would be too warm???
- an acrylic/cotton blend might give me the curly effect I want

Now the problem I'm having is another restriction I didn't mention earlier, and that is that the hat needs to be rainbow colored, because it's for a gay pride event.  I had no idea that finding true rainbow colors would be so difficult!  I did find one, but it's a nylon/acrylic blend (something that wasn't discussed before).

So my questions are:
- do you think this nylon acrylic blend would work well and be reasonably comfortable (it is a costume of sorts so it doesn't have to be every day comfortable, but I don't want him ripping it off of his head in sheer misery, either)?
- If so, would I be better off going for the DK weight or the Aran (the pattern calls for worsted weight).  I realize I'd have to adjust gauge either way.
- Any other suggestions for a suitable primary rainbow colored yarn?

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BRand spanking new!!!

Hello, I just joined the community.
I've knitting for about 10 years.  I wanted to knit a sweater for my dog, he is a rottweiller, but just figured out I have no idea how to properly measure him.
i've checked out many sites with advices on this, but it's mostly little tinny dogs or they just offer a ready pattern for a certain size.  so my question is How do you properly measure a dog for a knitted sweater?
Thank You all.

Book with good steeking information?

I have already looked at various steeking resources on the web (Wendyknits, Eunny Jang, etc.), and I have determined I am much better at learning something when it's presented to me in book form compared to online. So, I am looking for a book with good steeking information, especially on how to do neck steeks. A book that walks me step-by-step on doing neck steeks would be ideal. I would appreciate pointers to books as well as your experiences using those books. Thanks!

First Post!! Pattern Hunting...

Hello everyone! I've been watching this community for a while, decided to jump in and ask what is likely to be the first of many questions....

I wanted to knit (or crochet) a fox plush toy for a friend of mine, and figured I could just look online and find a dozen or so patterns, like everything else. Well, how wrong I was. I've googled it about a dozen times in as many different ways I can think of, looked in both the crochet and knitting pattern central sites, in the world of knitted toys book, and everywhere else, including my LYS (Michaels) and my local library, and I can't find anything. I've found lots of bears and some dogs, but I'm a relatively new knitter (just moving away from scarves and garter stitch) and don't feel comfortable modifying or creating my own pattern.

So, I'm beseeching the community at large for help! I'm looking for a fox pattern that is...

- either knit or crochet
- relatively easy
- most importantly, large enough that my friend (who is an adult) will be able to cuddle it comfortably. All of the patterns I've seen so far are small pocket-pet sized, which is far too small.

I thank all of you in advance for any guidance you can provide me!!
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Norberta Yarn Sub/Dyeing Question

O wise knitting!

I very much desire to knit Noberta (after I finish the Sheldon I started a few days ago!), but I want to knit a black dragon with red belly/spines.

Problem: Knitpicks' Crayon does not come in black. Agony!

So my question consists in two parts:

1) Something besides Crayon? Yarndexing and googling have only found me one other option for anything remotely resemble Crayon, that is, GGH Domino, which is both more expensive, and not quite as...boucley. In truth, I've never seen anything quite like Crayon in my knitting years. Any suggestions for another DK-weight (or worsted, I could swing it) cotton boucle-tastic yarn that comes in black and red?

If not..

2) Any reason I can't dye Crayon black? It's 100% cotton, and as I far as I know, all natural fibers dye, but has anyone found Crayon resistant to dye? I would use Jacquard Acid Dyes, natch.

By the way, I'm mostly done with the body of Sheldon, and he's a fun and quick knit so far. Not to mention adorable.

Thanks in advance! Happy holidays!

Help with Multidirectional Scarf


Im "trying" to finish up the mutidirectional scarf pattern here:

but I cannot understand what I am supposed to do for the alternate ending. I just cannot comprehend the wording. Could some one please explain it so that I may finish this scarf? Ive tried to do this ending twice and something is really wrong....

Thanks, here are the directions:

Work as with previous triangles until 1/2 of the stitches are on the right needle and 1/2 of the stitches remain on the left needle. Instead of starting each garter stitch ridge with an increase, start the ridge with a decrease (i.e., K1, k2tog). Continue to work the decrease in the "middle" of the row as before, and after making this second decrease, both needles will have the same number of sts. When 6 sts remain, work as follows:
K1, K3tog, turn, k2
k3tog, turn, k1
K2tog, cut yarn & pull through last remaining loop