December 15th, 2006

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Okay! I posted a couple months back about what to make my Mother for Christmas. I ended up making her a green bag like my red one. But this time instead of putting some embrodery on it, I put some buttons on it. I even lined the strap because she's allergic to wool. But I hope it won't be much of an issue. I'm planning on putting a zipper on it or something so her stuff doesn't fall out.

It was knit in the round, and the strap is cabled although you can't really see it. :-)

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And...I had a quick question. I really want to try fair-isle knitting. I tried looking at but I can't figure out the pattern. I think I understand the knitting pretty good. I googled some easy fair-isle knittings out there but nothing really came up. Do any of you have any patterns or suggestions for easy fair-isle knitting for a beginner? Thank you very much.
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i'm knitting a scarf from black debbie bliss alpaca silk yarn.

the problem is that when i stop knitting, i look down at my fingers and realize they're smudgy black, like the same way your fingers get black and smudgy from reading the newspaper.

i don't know a lot about the dyeing process of yarn--is this happening because the yarn wasn't washed properly? did i get a bad lot? is this common with dark yarns? if the person i'm making this for wears it and her neck gets sweaty or it rains, will black dye wash all over her? is there a way to stop the yarn from bleeding? if i wash it will the scarf/yarn be as soft as it is now?

Worst case Ontario

binding off with dpns

I'm getting ready to finish up my first ever knitted object on dpns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm making Knitty's Voodoo. Is there anything special to binding off using dpns? Do I bind off like I normally do with straight needles or circs?
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I've posted a bunch of new stuff to my knitting pages. Please note that I probably won't be posting any more patterns in time for holiday knitting, other than the corn one listed below. I've received dozens of requests with people begging me to put up the specific pattern they want for their knitted gifts, but there's just no way that I have time to comply with them all, sorry. The corn got up because someone very polite asked me for it a couple of months ago before anyone else asked for a different one.

New free pattern, for the corn toy:

New stuff in the main gallery:

Letter D has been added to the alphabet section:

Two new bibs have been added:

Toddler Bee Dress:

They Might Be Giants - John Puppet

Frank The Baby Goat from LiveJournal


New Little Dudes:

Five X-Men added to the Superheroes/X-Men section (Rogue, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Storm, Gambit, and Wolverine):

Princess Leia added to the Star Wars section:

Mad as a...

Okay, so I have this aunt who is OBSESSED with hats. She wears one every day. So, naturally, now that I am hideously stuck for ideas for her for the coming Winter Festival, I want to knit her a hat. My trouble: she doesn't do close-fitting hats, so I can't just do a winter beanie and be done with it. I need something that's more of a bucket hat, and I cannot find a pattern to save my life. I also cannot go to my LYS and find something in a book, because I work for a shipping company...think brown...and we're INSANELY busy this year. So I need something that's on the internet, which I can read or download. I don't mind a (reasonable) fee, I just need to have something that's cute and easy, which I can bang out in a couple of days (I did the Fake Isle Magknits hat in one sitting, so I'm pretty fast, but I still have to do 3.5 socks by Christmas Eve in order to be anything like prepared, so....)

Help me, Knitting-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
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LJ's rich text editor eating cuts

Earlier today I posted about socks. I'm not going to repost because I didn't save the post and don't have the time, but I wanted to apologize for my lack of cut and explain it for others who may be having this problem.

What's going on is that if you manually code <lj-cut text="blah, blah, blah"> in the lj's newest version web based html editor and then switch to rich text (which happens automatically when you go to edit the post) then lj will add an </lj-cut> immediately after your cut, thus negating the cut.  To avoid this you need to use the cut feature in the tool bar instead of doing it manually as I've been doing for years.  I don't post often enough to find it useful to use a client, at least any of the clients I've tried.  If you view my personal journal you can see I've been using cuts without a problem for a very long time. 

So to recap, I posted and rich text ate my cut, then I fixed it to have a cut, then I edited it to include more info and rich text ate my cut again.  Then the moderator noticed it and my post was deleted. 

Learn from my experience so this doesn't happen to you.  

quick & easy question

Hi! Do you wash every project you make before using it or giving it to the intended recipient?

I made a hat from cascade 220 wool, and don't see the point of washing it. No blocking needed.

Just curious!

EDIT: Wow, I got 24 responses this afternoon and the overwhelming opinion is wash the hat. I will wash the hat.

Thanks everyone for your responses!
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yarny goodness

FO - leafy hat

I started this design ages ago, but never got around to knitting it up as I got distracted by other projects. So now I'm in the process of trying out a few color combinations. This is a simple 2 color contrast worked up in intarsia. The hat's about 3/4" too deep due to my sudden inability to measure anything, but should still fit the intended size. It looks even bigger because the head is a bit too small.

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Bulky Baby Hat & Booties Pattern?

I am fabulously pregnant! And I have spent the first 23 weeks of my pregnancy trying to decide wha to knit for my baby. I have recently decided that I have 5 balls of a nice teal and 2 off white of Reynolds Regal Alpaca Bulky that I boutht on sale and never managed to knit into anything. (I started a cable vest from knity, but then trying to squeeze that over my preggobelly was a bad idea.)

I have never knitted a hat or anything that wasn't a scarf or a bag, so I am a little afraid, but I think I'd like to try to knit the bulky yarn into a little (gender neutral) baby hat and booties. Everything seems to use teeny tiny little yarn, and I really don't want that. (Babies can wear alpaca, right?)

Other things I am interested in knitting for baby:
- a christening blanket, presumably in a white or off white yarn with a lacy pattern
- a brightly colored baby blanket in a relatively big yarn (and the yarn to go with it)

The most complicated thing I knit was Branching Out and a Booga Bag, so I can do most increases/decreases and picking up stitches.

Thanks everyone!

So I have to ask...

Is anyone knitting the Venezia Pullover (IKwinter2006)? I mean, not just planning to knit it but having cast-on and currently working on it (or finished?). Livejournal is so hard to search for topics in posts and I have been dying to follow someones adventure with this Pullover. So?
D - Skirt

Oh no!

Thanks for everyone's help with putting the beginning of my Tempting sweater/shirt on waste yarn to measure it.

I thought it would be too small b/c I was using a smaller needle than called for b/c I'm very small, but... It's WAAAAYYYY too big!!!

Like, at least 16 stitches (in k2/p2 rib) too big!

I have no idea what to do next! I'm already making the smallest size using smaller-than-called-for needles!

I'm sure I need to rip it out and start over (unless, can I just decrease evenly around? Or will that look silly since the bottom will be too big?) But when I start over, what do I do???

Do I cast on 16 stitches less and try to figure out how that will affect the sleeves? (I'm hoping that won't be too hard...)

Or is it better to just go waaaay down in needle size? (It's done in inches, not rows....)

Any advice at all?

This is my first garment and even though it's supposed to be easy (k2p2 till the cows come home, no shaping), I can't seem to get the sizing right!



I just finished a hat from Magknits online magazine.
It is the Fake Isle from the November issue.

I used Patons Soy wool blend and some patons classic merino that I had on hand
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This will go to one of my nieces, I'm going to be knitting a bunch of hats and letting them pick what they like. They tend to like everything I knit them so I'm just hoping they don't end up all wanting the same hat!

Now time to pick another pattern I like and get the next hat going!
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i&#39;m so sleepy

purple gable

so in between my christmas knitting i've been working on my very own purple gable. so far i'm in love with this pattern - it's so cute. but i'm having a problem with the neckline rolling. so now i'm trying to decide whether to frog and try a different size or just keep knitting. hmmm...
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sorry about the fuzzy pic - i'm too tired to try to get a better one

x-posted to my own journal
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Musical Goddess Nota


A few weeks ago I bought a skein of some beautiful alpaca wool, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, intending to knit it into a hat for my father, who's rapidly balding and said he would like one for Christmas. On a whim, I also bought a skein to make my mother a similar hat (she's not balding). After looking around a bit, I decided on Knitty's Halfdome for him, and while I haven't decided what pattern to use for hers yet, I suddenly wondering if the yarn I'd bought might be too warm for either of them. I have no experience with knitting anything but acrylic until now, so I was just wondering if you guys could give me some idea of how warm to expect this hat to be. They're both living in NC right now, in the warmer parts of the state, where it gets to maybe 25 degrees F on the coldest day of the year, and while my father is balding, my mother has very long hair, so maybe the yarn that would be appropriate for him wouldn't work as well for her? Any input you guys can share would be greatly appreciated!

(I haven't started either hat yet, but I'm notorious for being late with Christmas gifts, so they don't really care as long as they get them eventually, and I'm a relatively fast knitter anyway.)

EDIT: Thanks for the input, guys. n.n Even though I've had some suggestions to knit something a bit airier for my mom, I've decided after some thought to do Knitty's Coronet for her, because I remembered that she spends nearly every weekend down at the coast on her boyfriend's boat, so it does get a lot colder there than it does where she lives all week. I'll definitely post the FOs when I'm done!
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