December 16th, 2006

Trouble with Lion Brand Suede?

Hi. I'm new. I knit for about a week a few years ago (almost finished a sloppy scarf made with huge needles, so not much accomplished there), and am just getting back into it. I have the Stitch & Bitch book and a couple of others. I'm currently working on a scarf done in garter stitch with a really bumpy yarn, which is pretty easy.

What I'm really posting about is this- I'm also trying to make a scarf with Lion Brand Suede yarn. I have the pattern for just a simple 2x2 rib. I'm having so much trouble, though! My result doesn't look ribbed at all because it's hard for the stitches to be tight enough because the yarn gets stuck on itself. It just looks bumpy. I'm using size 9 metal needles. Should I move up or down in needle size or get plastic needles?
I tried just working in garter stitch and forgetting about trying to rib, but it still looks incredibly bumpy, bumpier than it should. I tried pulling the yarn tight as I stitch and tried making looser stitches and neither works.
I don't have a ton of time to make the scarf, and since it's for a small child (2 year old), it's going to be considerably skinnier and smaller than an adult-size scarf, but I can't get past making about 10 rows before I get frustrated with how it looks and start over.

One Skein Knitted Gifts ? - I own this book (I swear), but....

Before leaving for a 3 week Christmas break in New York, I copied the first page of a pattern from my copy of One Skein Knitted Gifts, not realizing that the pattern actually continues for one more page! That'll teach me to pack in a hurry.
I OWN the book - can't emphasize that enough, and am prepared to take a quiz to prove it! - but now I'm stranded. The pattern is the baby hat with the umbrella lace pattern. If someone could give me the cast-on number for the 12-18 month size, and a rough idea of when to start reducing, I have the lace pattern (the only thing on the first page, I discovered to my displeasure). A little baby will thank you! And me, of course.
If anyone who doesn't own the book has a good rule of thumb for a DK weight hat for an 18 month old, please feel free to chime in - I will happily adapt it to the pattern.
If this violates the terms of the community, I withdraw my request, and will take it down as my parents' 56k connection allows :) If not, thank you thank you!

question and semi-FO

I'm a fairly new knitter but I've grown sick of scarves.  I've been told that the next logical step would be a hat or a bag.  I'm not a huge hat fan, but I would wear the right type of hat.  I'd probably get much more use out of a bag.  After much searching I'm still not able to find something that is really my style.  I think I'd like a messenger bag, similar to this one only without the purple pattern.  I was thinking of maybe some felted flowers to add a bit of color and a more feminine touch.  The only pattern I've been able to find is on Knitty (here).  The big one is too big and the small one a little too small.  The pattern is also listed as "tangy" and it sounds too complicated for me with the I-cord and picking up stitches.  I also don't like the way the strap is attached.  Does anybody know of a pattern for a really simple messenger bag big enough to fit a couple of binders in?  I'm smart enough I could probably figure out a design on my own, but I've never felted anything so I doubt it would turn out the right size.  Something like this uses way too much yarn to have it not turn out in the end.

Also... I have a finished angora scarf that isn't that great.  It needs to be washed out and blocked still.  I followed the pattern but my edges are bumpy (at least they are bumpy all the way around!).  Collapse )
same old

Kids and knitting

Sorry, only half watching this group for lack of time lately, but I'm hoping I can find someone who might be able to give a word or two of advice, beyond "you're nuts, don't do it" (that one I keep telling myself already :-)

I'm thinking about offering to teach an older elementary school aged after-school knitting class... but beyond "keep it simple" like bean-bags, I've no clue.

Anyone out there ever taught a kid to knit, have *one* or two "wow" moments they remember from learning to knit *as a kid* (older is neat also, but not quite the same y'know), or super simple project ideas that kids might like?

Hey, it'll be different. All I've got on my needles right now (multiple sets, of course) are Warm-Up America squares and preemie caps (in the round... gotta get some short, correct sized circulars to use instead... would be *so* much easier, except maybe in the last few rows).... charity stuff to give away that I can take with me to finger twiddle with elsewhere.


I just want to extend a thank you to everyone who helped with my how to make a yin yang delema!

I was pointed in the direction of a fantastic double knitting tutorial and have started on my merry way with my first double knit project.

I just wanted to extend thanks and share my progress!

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a lot of farewell FO's

hi fellow knitters!

so i'm moving quite far away from here in a month and i made some good-bye-don't-dare-to-forget-me presents for my friends - 6 scarves, 3 stoles, 1 beret and a sweater. i made 3 hats as well, but they are simple and boring and i gave them away already without making photos.

I made stuff based on the following patterns:
the scarves : A Column of Leaves, Rosalind or DNA illusion, Cat_on_clouds scarf, Wavy, Argosy and Exchequered (WIP)
the stoles : a Snakes and Ladders stole in 3 colours
a beret : based on this pattern
a sweater is actually a pink fluffy cabled cuteness, the pattern is the product of my imagination

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i doubt that i ever will have as much free time again, so next time i post my FO's, there surely will be much less photos.
thank you for watching and sorry for eating your traffic.

cheers! :)

Bamboo yarn and lace

For the past year I have been working on decreasing the size of my stash. I have this beautiful hank of laceweight/cobweb yarn from Habu Textiles with roughly 3000 yards. I bought it while I was in a shawl-phase but never seemed to use it. I have been looking at Butterfly in Rowan #37 (a knitted dress) and am dreaming of using this yarn. But as I am sitting here, fantasizing, I have realized something - this yarn is bamboo. Since plant fibers have no "memory" I have come to believe that they are not suitable to lace. Is there a reason that I should think otherwise? Or should I put this hank back into it's bag and purchase an animal fiber instead?

Knitpicks Telemark

Has anyone used Knitpicks' Telemark? What do you think, in terms of softness, pilling, etc.? I am probably going to use it to make Interweave's Andean Earflap Hat, from last year's Cover Your Ears staff projects (
Come to think of it, has anyone made this hat? I have a friend who just moved to Massachusetts from San Diego, and she needs something warm quickly...