December 17th, 2006

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knitted vest for a toddler

I have a bunch of malabrigio yarn ( I think I spelt that right) laying around. Like over 800 yrds. I want to make my daughter a little knitted vest. I want it to only have like three buttons on the front, no sleeves and a little v neck. Anyone know of a free pattern? Or how I could construct something like this?


Question about Debbie Bliss Pure Silk

For those of you who have made items out of Pure Silk, how has it held up to use? Unfortunately all Google will tell me is that it is very nice to work with and doesn't like to block. The owner of the LYS I go to hasn't heard anything one way or the other about it either. I'm guessing it may be prone to pilling, but just want to get input from people who have actually seen how the yarn reacts to use.I want to make myself mittens out of it, but I want something that's luxurious and just a little frivolous, not something that is going to end up being a waste of yarn.
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Taste of Aran afghan

Has anyone made Janet Szabo's "Taste of Aran" afghan? And/or know roughly how much yarn it calls for *per block*?

Also, after *careful* observation of the afghan (which I still like), I note it doesn't have what I personally would consider "traditional cables" and I'd like to add those onto the afghan. Assuming I buy the pattern, is there a good way to do that? (I don't know the names of the cables, but I think mainly rope and horseshoe, which i could probably in a pinch work a rope on one side, a horsehoe in the middle and a rope on the other side, all in the same block). I have done cables in swatches and the like (well, and the DNA scarf) so I'm pefectly comfortable with the concept, but I've never just really gone out on a whim and decided "hey, I'm going to make my own 12"x12" block of this cable pattern out of the blue".


My So-Called Scarf Question

I'm knittng My So-Called Scarf, and I've noticed the edges are curling a lot more than I expected. I googled, and it looks like a lot of people don't have the curling problem?

Anyway, has anyone had success adding a border of some sort to the scarf? I was thinking maybe a single or double crochet, but I'm not sure, and I wondered if anyone had any experience adding a border to this scarf.

Hat 2!
  • rani23

Stupid fracking mittens, Part 2!

I finished the stupid fracking mittens!!

As I posted last week, I was having a heck of a time with the black mittens I was knitting my brother for Christmas. I was doing them in seed stitch and with a cable -- and with black yarn. Needless to say, it was very slow going and the black color completely obscured the stitch and cable patterns!

You guys rock. All of the replies I got were very supportive. I first decided to say "heck with it!" and bought him a gift card. Then, once that stress was relieved, I decided to listen to all of your comments and went back at the mittens again, this time in stockinette. They were an utter breeze. :)

Yarn:Plymouth Yarn's Galway - Black #09, 2 skeins. (However, I had a massive amount left over.)
Pattern: My own but with some help with increases and decreases from Vogue Knitting Accessorize Men's cabled mittens.
Stitch per inch: 7
Needles used: US Size 4
Size: 13" length x 4" width in the hand. (My brother is 6'7" -- his hands are huge.)

What I learned: Okay, I learned a huge amount of things with this mitten. First off, once again, I need to pay attention to whether or not the yarn fits the pattern. I also re-learned that seed stitch takes a long, long time. This was also the first object that I knit by first knitting a gauge swatch and used math to figure out the dimensions. It turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. :)

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Again, many many thanks to knitting -- you guys completely rock. I couldn't have done this without you. I am also going to use the gift card on myself. Muahaha. :)
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Socks, socks, and more socks!

This past summer, I finally got arround to learning how to knit socks... and I've been hooked ever since! I've been a bit lazy about uploading/posting pictures, though... but now that I'm on holidays, I'm catching up! So here are all the socks I've knit so far, in one handy dandy post! :)

this is a bit of a long one, so all the info, plus photos, is behind the cut! 4 pairs of socks in total

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And actully, this is not the complete collection of my knitted socks.. just last night I finished a pair of Jaywalkers, with some delicious red yarn. Pictures have been taken, but I was too sleepy to upload them...
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Cast-on Number for child's blanket

So one of the managers where I work has a very sick son - as in has a genetic condition where he'll die in a few years sick. As childfree and heartless as I am, I offered to knit him a blanket for Christmas. I'm wondering if I should have opened up my big mouth.

I've got this huge mound of silky slightly fuzzy yarn - I'd say it qualifies as bulky - made out of acrylic/nylon so that they can wash the hell out of it. I've got size 15 circular needles (my mom made me a scarf out of the same yarn using huge needles and the fuzz fills up all of the holes and in general makes a nice supple product).

My question is, how many stitches should I cast on? I don't think I need to make a full sized "adult" afghan, nor do I want to make a teeny tiny baby blanket. Something inbetween would be nice. I've checked out all sorts of patterns but none of them seem to use bulky yarn and size 15 needles. It doesn't have to be a set size, but a rough estimate of how mnay stitches I'd need for a good sized blanket would be nice.

Thanks! My scarf and hat are blocking as we speak! The hat is on a the head of a large stuffed turtle that's been wrapped with towels and secured with pantyhose. Let me tell you it was a giggle-worthy experience!
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moving down south, need to know the LYS

Hello all. I don't post here much, mainly because I do not have a functioning digital camera, so it is tough for me to post my FO's or yarn. But I need some help. I am moving to Greenville, NC (Eastern part of the state) and I need to know where to get yarn. HEEELLLLPPPP Also, if anyone from the area knows of a stitch and bitch, or may want to get together for some coffee and yarn. i am leaving my best friend, and fellow knitter, back up in CT so that will be tough. The only hard part of the move, but hard just the same.

Any advise would be most appreciated.
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Harry Potter Scarf (COS)

I finally finished my husbands Scarf! This was my first knitting project.   Took me a bit longer than I expected but I learned so much from this.  I do think as I practice, my knitting will get quicker and improve.  I used my phone to take these shots so they are not the clearest. But you get the idea. I have to wash this and trim up the tassels a bit. Have some uneven spots.  But it is done. It felt wonderful to finally give him his scarf and watch him put it on. I really hope he enjoys this and most important keep him warm this winter.
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Well...time to start the next project!

Also posted in my personal Journal. Hope that is allowed if not I will delete one of the posts.  :)

Lining a knit hat with fabric

I'd like to fix my roommate's hat so she will actually wear it and make one of my own, but I only have the most beautiful but scratchy yarn to work with.

Do you have any suggestions on sewing satin/cotton to the inside? I looked in the archives, but couldn't find any tips.

Thanks in advance!


Has anyone done Corazon yet?  I'm planning on making the medium size, but I have long hands & fingers.  I'm thinking of adding a little length.  Where would be a good place to do so? 

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good in bed.

1 hr booties?

Has anyone made the "one hr baby booties: in stitch n bitch nation? I followed the directions exactly and ended up with a half-bootie. I don't know what I did wrong--anyone have the same prob? What did you do?