December 23rd, 2006

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would anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of some good double-knitting tutorials? i haven't found any good ones. perhaps my google-fu has become weak.
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Hot Head Stitch 'N Bitch

I've seen a few posts recently about the pattern Hot Head in Stich 'N Bitch. As a novice knitter, I'm trying my first hat. I'm knitting the hat in a solid color, using the needles it calls for. However, I have slack because the cord connecting my needles is super long, and when I bring the first cast on stich to the last to knit it, they become pulled apart by a strand of yarn. This makes about a 3 inch gap in my cap. Does anyone know a way to fix this, or are there different cord lengths for circular needles?
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eyelash yarn burnout

so this year i got a good deal on eyelash yarn at michael's ($2/skein). so i bought like... 10 of them... and decided everyone is getting a cutesey eyelash scarf for christmas. so all the girls in my life now own one (or are about to be gifted with one), and i've knit 8 of these things in the past week and a half. i doubled it with a soft and chunky yarn and used size 11 needles; some of the scarves i used a 1x1 rib, some i just used garter stitch. i found to get good length with the garter stitch and one skein, i'd only CO 8... for the ribbing CO 10. i didn't find the yarn difficult to work with at all (it was lion brand fun fur). but i'm pretty sick of looking at it. however the scarves are all very pretty and so far have been well received.

so yeah, i just wanted to share my eyelash burnout pain.
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Husky hat

My fiance' has been difficult to knit for. The first hat I knit him as a surprise he declared too girlie because it was a nice blue and sorta big - even though it's a watch cap. It has become one of my favorites He "has socks", doesn't wear a scarf, wouldn't wear fingerless gloves. He's just been difficult. Then he began telling me about this hat he used to have. A red hat, with huskies running around it. He likes huskies. It has to be a close-fitting hat, no fiddliness. It mustn't itch - he was very worried about the itch.

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Hat Pattern Help

I'm a new knitter - so far I've done three scarves and Calorimetry. I'm ready to make a black hat because I've lost my lovely black beanie. I don't want to do a plain stockinette (or rib or moss, etc) hat but openwork is still over my head at this point. I came up with this idea from looking at various patterns... I think will work, but I want to get the opinion of the experts first:

Size 8 circulars
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino

CO 90

knit round for 2 inches
*k9, p1 for 10 rows
*k9, drop p in next row

next row: *k3, m1

knit round until it measures 4.5 inches from cast on row, begin decrease


Not finished with Christmas gifts?

For those of us who've run out of time, what are some good ways to package that half-finished or just-started gift? I'm trying desperately to finish a Fake Isle hat for my mom, finished a jesters hat for my daughter's father's new girlfriend (we're friendly), but I haven't started the We Call Them Pirates hat for her dad at ALL! Ideas about how to bridge the gap? Is anyone else wrapping up yarn and patterns and giving those??
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Ribbing question

I just did my guage swatch for the Universal Toe-up Sock Formula using Knitpicks Essential and size 1 needles. My question is that I did my guage swatch in stockinette, and thus my "key number"(see pattern) came out to 60. My quandry is that I kind of would like to do the sock in 4x1 rib--will this shrink the circumfrence of the sock much, or will the ribbing stretch to the same measurement as stockinette? I'm asking 'cos I kind of want to avoid doing another swatch...

Seaming instructions

So I'm trying to seam a cardigan, that's knitted in reverse stockinette. All instructions ( and knitty) I have found for mattress stitch work only if the right side is knit side. Can someone direct me to something that will show me how to do and invisible seam from the purl side?
Thanks all!

Russian yarn

Hello Lovely Knitting Community!

I'm hoping to find someone that can help me with this. My grandparents travel a lot, and i mean a lot, and when they do this they pick up christmas presents. They used to be very random things, but now that my grandma knows that I like to knit she tends to buy me knitting related presents (thank goodness). 

Anyway, whilst in Russia over the summer, she bought me two skeins of yarn. The labels are all in Russian, so I have no idea what it is. I can tell that it is an animal fiber, and 100% of whatever that animal is, but I was hoping someone could help me translate it. 

Normally I would just post pictures, but I'm home for the holiday season and don't have access to my picture posting abilities. But I am able to email pictures. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to let me email them the pictures of the label to translate it for me? Just leave a comment and I'll leave my email address for you. I would be very thankful as I am very curious to find out what this is. 

Thanks a ton!
And Happy Holidays!

Edit: Translator found! Thanks!

The yarn is 100% camel wool! 
I now have 400 meters of it to work with :)
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First Sweater Questions (Again)

Hello Knitting Hive Mind:

I know that we're all busy getting ready for the holidays, but perhaps there are others relaxing as we are tonight who would like to share their collective knowledge.

I've plumbed you for ideas about yarn to use for Sahara, but since folks brought up the very good point that silk yarn (or similar expensive yarn) is a requirement I've cast my net a little wider. Not to mention that it might be a little more fitted than I'd like. I've found a pattern, Viveka that I like very much. The only thing is that I'm not thrilled with the way the shoulder seam slouches down like that. I have two questions:

1. (looking at the pattern specs) You see where that extra bit juts out at the shoulder? Does that have to be there? Would it still work, and possibly look less sloppy, if I omitted it?

2. Also, and just in case, what is your favorite pattern that is similar in shape to this one?

I thank everyone for their help. I'm trying to make sure I don't waste time and money with this project. There is a fantastic yarn sale that will be going on shortly after the New Year at a yarn shop my friend took me to once in Massachusetts. EVERYTHING in the store will be 50% off, and it's the perfect time for me to go in there, pattern in hand, and fondle fiber of the appropriate weight and gauge, saving myself a ton in the process. I'll be able to "splurge" on a yarn double my price range, so I want to have a pattern I really feel good about in hand.
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please help with sizing a baby hat pattern

So, with the help from some lovely people here, I found the pattern I was looking for

It's the baby pixie hat. It is written for a premie or a newborn size. But my daughter is 16 months with an 18inch head. normally a newborn has around a 14 to 15 inch little coquito. I am having trouble deciding on how many stitches I should cast on for her. I don't understand the whole thing of sizing up by having multiples of 4+2. Help~

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I've been wanting some fingerless gloves for those times when I pick my daughter up from school, and she wants to play outside on the playground and all of my body is warm except my hands because I can't knit with fingered gloves on. (And I can't stand being at the playground for too long if I'm not knitting.)

I received some wool from ebay today (nice present!) and spent the day knitting at my BIL/SIL's party.

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