December 25th, 2006


Project Ideas...

Hello, lovely member of Knitting! Merry Christmas!

I've just recieved a very fabulous gift of yarn from my loving family. the trouble is, I have no idea what to do with it. I now have:
I'm stumped! I'd like to try a sweater - maybe something stripey like Tubey - with the Ella Rae, but I'm also interested in  stranded colorwork. I love, love,  love cables, so anything with those is good.

I'm thinking something plain and straightforward for the Artyarns - it's too heavy, I think, for socks. Maybe handwarmers?

I'm not terribly excited about the Bernat Boucle and the Gedifra, but I'm sure I can find something to make. Maybe a wrap?

Thanks in advance for your advice - I love you guys!


baby/hanukkah gifts

Thanks to everyone in the comm. for your help...I posted a few months ago asking advice on knitting longies for a friend of mine. well, I finally shipped them off to her and her soon-to-be-born son. Now that she has them and loves them, I thought I'd show them off a bit.

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I used the Aubrey Doodlepants pattern( with a new link) which allows you to customize based on your baby's measurements...since the baby is not yet measureable, I followed guidelines at the royal ewe as suggested by a commenter here. they seem really tiny to me, but I suppose babies are tiny!

I ran into a slight problem because I sent all of my DPNs home by accident in a big plastic bin of yarn...didn't realize they were there. so all I had to work with were straight needles. Therefore I modified the pattern quite a bit to be knit flat and seamed. I wouldn't mind so much, but i wish the seams were less visible/used less yarn...perhaps the legs would look more in-proportion if they were wider. let's all hope this kid has skinny little legs! All in all, i'm happy with them...but I'm sure I'll be happier with version 2.0, which I've promised my friend when we actually see the size of the baby and his proportions and whatnot.
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merry christmas, an introduction and a question

Merry Christmas! I'm a first time poster and although I learned to knit when I was 8 (now 21) I am still pretty shaky at it.

Question: I just started a scarf for my boyfriend's birthday(Jan 20th). To make up for the somewhat poor quality of the knitting, I want to make it a little more personalized by putting his initials on the end. Google tells me the easiest way to do this is duplicate stitch, but the scarf is 2x2 ribbing because I despise stockinette scarves. Is there a way to do duplicate stitch on ribbing? Is there another method that might work? Should I just give up on the idea? Thanks for your help!
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Slipping the first stitch...

Hello and Happy Holidays...

Quick question. I am knitting a basketweave scarf, so half of the first stitches of the rows are knit, and half are purl. The edges were looking messy, so I want to try the "slip the first stitch" technique. Do I slip the purl stitches purl-wise and the knit stitches knit-wise, or slip them all knit-wise???

Thanks in advance!!!

Merry Christmas!

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From Jean Greenhowe's 28-page Christmas special. Caron Simply Soft. A gift for my mom. He's not quite finished -- he'll have a bag of toys later (Check back on my blog in a couple of days if you want to see the whole thing).

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Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. If you celebrate another holiday instead of/in addition to Christmas, or if you are Russian and will celebrate your Christmas in January, hope your holidays were/are/will be absolutely wonderful.
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Post-Christmas conundrum (pattern suggestion request)

My brother, bless him, got me two skeins of Handmaiden's Sea Silk for Christmas, in the loveliest soft gold color I've ever seen. I'd eyed it in my local yarn store for months, but I've no idea what to do with it. Anyone have suggestions? I thought about doing a shawl, but decided I really wouldn't get a lot of use out of one. They're just not my thing, and I feel like a silk shawl I'd wear to the opera and... not much else. Besides, I'm not sure I've got the patience to do another huge lace project after doing a tablecloth for a wedding gift earlier this year. ;) And pretty much the last thing I need right now is another scarf. So I'm looking more for a pretty camisole/tank that could be done in a fingering-weight silk. I've gotten pretty good at reengineering patterns to work for yarns in different gauges, but I'd rather keep this in the finer range of yarns.

The gauge is 7 stitches to the inch on 3mm needles (US size 2-3, right?), with 400 meters (approximately 437 yards) to a skein. I'm willing to buy a third skein, but a fourth might be pushing it, as this yarn isn't exactly cheap. I am, however, willing to spring for a new pattern book, so that's not out of the question. (I'm a sucker when it comes to buying new pattern books.)

Blocking: The Miracle Cure?

So I'm re-knitting the back of a sweater (the one I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, made out o' Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino) and, as often happens when one re-knits with the same yarn, the yarn was all kinked. I knit with it anyway, and the result looks... a bit messy. Will that messiness resolve itself in blocking, or am I doomed to knit the whole damned thing over again?

Sock heel question

I'm new to socks and trying out a pattern I found in my 2007 pattern a day calendar (July 4, for anyone that has it at home).

I'm fine with the cuff and heel flap, but the heel turning is not working at all.

There are 12 sts to work- row 1 says:

K8, K2tog, k1, turn (my note: this leaves 1 st unworked)
Row 2 says: Sl 1, p3, p2tog, p1, turn (which leaves 3 sts unworked and 7 sts ready to work after the turn)

The problem is: Row 3 says:
Sl 1, K4, K2tog, k2, turn. I can't see how to do that with the number of sts I have.
(the next instruction says: Continue working heel, having one more st before decreasing on each row until there are 6sts)

Can anyone who has done socks give some advice? I am either doing something wrong or the pattern is written incorrectly.

Thank you in advance.

ETA: I got a reply back from the pattern author:
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(no subject)

This hat is for my sister. It's blocking, right now. I modified it in the sense
that I used K2P2 ribbing at the bottom, rather than what was in the directions,
because it confused me, and I don't have any size 1 needles. 

The yarn is Paton's Classic Merino Wool in Black and White, natch.  I used size 3 needles.  It took me about 4 days of just doing it in my spare time, but I did stay up until about 1:30 this morning finishing it.

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My current project?  A hat for my MST3K-nerd son.  I am taking the pattern from the MST3K sweater, and making it into a hat.  We'll see how it goes.