December 26th, 2006

Noni bag

felted mermaid

I would like to kint and felt a mermaid. I don't know how to write a pattern and have not seen one already written. Can one of you creative knitters help me?
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pattern request...

I've got this idea in my head, and now it won't go away. Does anyone know where I can find (or might be willing to create) a pattern for a beaded, lacey snood? I think I could improvise a basic snood (ribbed headband in the round, switch to a larger guage for the body, decrease to the bind off basically like a hat), but I would like the fancier style maybe sorta like this? And I don't know how to improvise a beaded pattern. I might end up with beads on the wrong side. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Need Knitting Math Confirmation...

I asked a question about knitting math when I was completing my own sweater a few weeks and now I'm coming here for confirmation on the math for my husband's sweater! I asked for the Knitting Math Software for the holidays, but alas, I'm going to have to just order it for myself.

Anyway, I'm at the decrease section for the sleeve. The pattern indicates that I need to decrease 14 stitches evenly to get from 62 stitches to 48. I printed up a paper of grid of 62 blocks long so I could test a zillion different variations of when to decrease to come with the right amount.

Here's the closest I came up with is:  K2TOG, K3, K2TOG, K2 (repeat 6 times), end K2TOG, K3, K2TOG, K1

Can someone confirm that I'm going about this the right way? No matter what I try, I seem to come up with a K1 between K2TOG at the beginning/end of the round? Am I over analyzing this?

This sweater was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but lucky for me our anniversary is in 5 days, so it's been converted to a suprise Anniversary gift!  Here's a photo of the sweater, laying on top of one of my husband's favorite sweaters to make sure it's going to fit! Ignore nosy boxer dog who would not get out of the way; he just turned 10, he's allowed to be snit every once in awhile:

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Socks aside...

I've decided to try the vintage socks again at another time when I can spend the time knitting more (and longer) swatches, deciding that my problem was patience and a lack of dpns between sizes four and six. I've picked up my Aran sweater again, for home, and take my Doctor Who scarf to work for breaks.

But here's my next conundrum. My mom was apparently listening to my hints and wandered around downtown here until she found my LYS, and got me a gift card. I think this gift card should be used for something special. But I'm just not sure what...

a) the start of a new sweater--I've been wanting to do another Dale sweater since I finished the Colorado Springs sweater, or to do the Wonderful Wallaby.
b) roving for spinning for the summer re-enactment season, or wooden needles (since I can't use circs or aluminums in 1630!).
c) more yarn for the Doctor Who scarf.
d) something else?

What would YOU do with $30 to spend freely as you wished at your LYS?
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first hard core projects

I taught my self to knit back in October (using mostly the internet) and have now advanced past the garter stitch scarf! Advanced very far actually (I didn't make any friends at school and so found a new hobby just in time for the holidays). And im really glad i did. I transfered to a new school where im sure to be much happier and now have a wonderful skill that i hope to use till my hands give out.
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Pattern Request - I don't know what it's called!

Hey friendly knitters,

I want to find a pattern for a good ear-warmer headbandy type thing. They often come in fleece, look like headbands, and I've seen some really nice knitted ones, but I'm having a brain meltdown and can't figure out if they have a special name that I should be searching for. Searching for ear warmers keeps turning up flaps on hats and such - can anyone help? I'd love either a good search term or even a pattern if one of you have a nice one! (I know I've seen some posted here, but I can't find them!)

Thanks in advance!