December 27th, 2006

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WIP: Yesterday's Projects

Well, yesterday i had the day off, a couple new pattern and knitting books, and a gift card to the craft store. Basically... i did nothing but buy stuff for knitting... and knit.

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Something i was all intimidated about... that turned out to be absolutely NOTHING.... CABLES.

Stayed up Christmas Day night until about 3:30... reading and trying... trying... and trying.... and wanting to go just one more row... to see how it was going to turn out.

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Chart Reading - Arans & Celtics

I received The Best of Knitter’s Arans & Celtics for Christmas this year, along with 11 skeins of Plymouth Encore DK and a note asking me to make a vest from the book for my mother ;)

It’s a lovely patchwork-style vest, FULL of cables and mini-lace patterns and all sorts of other complicated stuff, primarily charted out. I'm a reasonably good knitter and not particularly "scared" of anything (that's silly), but I do have a few questions.

I have read very simple charts before but not ones like this where there are increases, decreases, changing patterns, etc. I know how to use the key, but sometimes a symbol is defined as something that I don’t understand.

For example there’s a triangle that means "Inc 1 in next st, k2 on RS, p2 on WS". This symbol only takes up ONE square, and is bordered on both sides by regular knits (there is one blank square on one side, presumably to set up the increase for the next row). First, is that "inc 1 in next st" mean the stitch AFTER the stitch where the symbol is, or the stitch exactly where the symbol is? And then which stitches do I k2 or p2? I hope this question makes sense.

Also, the gauge for the pattern is given in both stockinette and "in pattern" - however, this being a patchwork-style vest, I'm not sure which pattern to swatch. There are no fewer than a dozen different patterns, from cables to lace leaves to bobbles to textured areas, and each section is between 12-24 stitches wide - should I swatch out every stitch pattern?

Thanks in advance.
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Birch shawl for new mom - Yarn recommendations

I'm getting ready to begin my triangular version of the Fir Cone Shawl from Folk Shawls, and I'm using the Birch pattern from Rowan 34 as a jumping off point for creating the center. Since I have seen so many beautiful Birch shawls, I have decided to make one for a friend of mine whose baby is due in the middle of March. Since I'm going to be making several things for the baby, I wanted to make something for mom, too. I figure she can use it as a nursing cover (if the baby cooperates, of course) out in public or just as a comfortable wrap.

My question - Is Kidsilk Haze a baby/new mom friendly yarn? Also, we do live on the Gulf of Mexico, so I was hoping to create a lightweight shawl. Would Kidsilk Haze be too warm? The descriptions I have heard for the yarn is that it is like being wrapped in a cloud, so I thought maybe it would be a good choice.

My friend is also a knitter, and she will appreciate the gift, and I am going to volunteer to wash/block the thing as needed since I know how hectic it can be with a small baby (mine turns 1 next month). Is there another yarn that might be better suited to handle the potential baby puke? My friend may not want to wait for me to wash and block, so would a fingering weight or smaller superwash sock yarn be better to make it with so that she can throw it in the washing machine? What would you recommend?

Thanks so much in advance for all the help! It is very much appreciated.
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Cabled Cardigan - FO

Pattern Cabled Cardigan by Margaret O'Leary in VK Fall 06
Yarn Cascade 220 in Dark Gray
Needles Various Straight and circular bamboo in size 8 (ribbing) and 10 (stockinette)
Notes There are a few errors in the pattern. Most are captured in the corrections but a few weren't. They were pretty easily rectified though, with an ounce of common sense applied (e.g. Huh, the left half of the collar should probably look the same as the right half...). The pattern looks noticibly different on a short fat girl than a tall skinny model, but it's still exactly what I wanted and I love the big fluffy collar. The shawl collar is worked twice as wide as required, then folded over and stitched down on the inside to make it twice the thickness of the rest of the sweater. It looks very nice, but I've warned you: that's a LOT of 2x2 rib and is near murder to finish.
What I'd consider changing next time I would probably increase for the cuff so it bells out more, and I'd make the sleeves a tiny bit shorter. They look very nice coming down to my knuckles but are a little impractical for working or eating with the sweater on, and I always have to roll them up.
Final thoughts Great pattern. I'd recommend it. It works up well in the inexpensive cascade 220 (as opposed to the $$$ cashmere in the magazine). This is a great sweater that looks very sharp too.
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Tattoo update

Knitting Icons

A little while ago one of the mods posted thank yous for an anonymous donation of a paid account and 100 userpics. I was wondering if we could use those userpics as sort of library for the members. If people have knitting-related userpics they are willing to share, would they be able to add them to the userpics and then other people can pick them up? That way, people can either pick from the communities list or they can add to their own list with credit (ie "taken from knitter via knitting.). What does everyone think? Yay or nay?

Slanted edges on my scarf

Hello all! I'm a beginning knitter, and I recently completed a very basic scarf for my first endeavor. I noticed, however, that the edges of the last third of my scarf started to become stretched out and slanted, rather than nice and straight.

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Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I really can't figure it out.
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How much yarn for a modified Hex Coat?

I have a question about figuring out how much yarn to buy for a modified version of a sweater. I got Knitting Nature for Christmas, which is a fantastic and beautiful book, and I fell in love with the Hex Coat. However, I want to make it as a regular length sweater, which by my estimation will be about half the length of the pattern as written.

I know I'll need more than half the amount of yarn listed for the pattern, since I'll still have to make the sleeves, but is there a reliable way to figure out how much yarn I'll need? The pattern in the size I want calls for 21 skeins of worsted weight wool. Would 15 be enough?

A Fetching Column of Leaves

My husband laughed at me because after a full year of knitting, I had yet to make myself a scarf. As I was actually in need of one, he told me to pick up some yarn and make one. So I did.

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One of my friends back in the States works odd jobs around the country as a fortune teller, mostly at Renaissance Faires. I figured she could do with a pair of handwarmers for when she's reading the Tarot cards in chillier weather, and that Fetching would be a nice compliment to her costume (she dresses more like a prosperous merchant than a vagabond gypsy).

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Crossposted at my blog, with more babbling. ;-P

lace pattern and/or needle advice

I'm attempting this scarf for my mom. This is my first attempt at a lace type pattern. I'm having trouble keeping the pattern lined up and knitting two stitches together. I think the problem is a combination of my stitches being a little too tight and my needles aren't sharp enough to pick up the fine yarn. It's stressing me out. My mom bought the yarn and it was kind of expensive, so I desperately want it to work.

Does anybody have any advice? Should I try a different pattern? Alter the pattern so it isn't so wide and less chance of messing up? Should I try it with sharper needles? What needles would work best for lace?

I've already wasted quite a bit of yarn from screw ups and I'm really worried I won't have enough to finish the scarf.

ETA: I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and advice. I'm going to try a lifeline every few rows. I'm also going to try to frog it carefully (it's Karabella lace mohair and doesn't frog well) and start over with new and sharper needles. I know I'm well capable of doing this because I have about 4 repeats in a row that are perfect. I'm also going to take a few days off from it and see what happens. I'm expecting some yarn from Knitpicks so I'm going to work with it for a while. I'm so worried about letting my mom down so I'm uber determined to finish this project. I was hoping to have it done by the time I have to go back to work after the new year, but it looks like it will be more like Mother's Day.

Image request

i am trying to explain blocking and felting to my lovely fiance, and i am wondering if you lovelies had any good before-and-after pictures for either blocking or felting a project (the more drastic the change, the better probably)
my google-fu is failing me


*also, the sweater's been frogged and begun again, as of Christmas morning.  we'll see if i get it done this century ...
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Finger Protectors

I have a question.

Is there such a thing as a "thimble" for knitters. Something softer and more easily usable than the standard sewing thimble? SOmething in leather perhaps?

I am going ahead and purchasing the Knit Picks Options circular set.

As a beginning knitter I thought it would be good to get it now... as I am starting to get serious.

But the needles are apparently very pointy.. and so You have to be careful.