December 28th, 2006

Sock Help - making the heel - eek!

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I'm working on my very first pair of socks, on double points, I tried a pair on 2 needles, that look somewhat like socks - but not what I was hoping for. Anyways, I'm working on my first pair on double points, and I'm somewhat impressed with what i've been doing so far (it actually looks like a sock) however i'm getting to the heel and although i'm thinking it might make more sense once I actually try it I have a question.

I'm working on the free pattern from Patons for Kroy Socks. I have been working in the round for 8 ins. with 18 sts on the 1st needle, 32 sts on the 2nd needle and 18 sts on the 3rd needle. when you get to the heel it says:

Divide 32 sts on 2nd needle onto 2 needles and leave for instep - Am I suppose to be putting 1 sts on the 1st needle and 16 sts on the 3rd needle - or putting these on two different needles?

It then says knit 18 sts off first needle onto end of third needle. 36 sts for heel. - so that would be 18 of the original sts on the 3rd needle and 18 sts from the 2nd needle...correct?

I hope this makes sense, and I haven't confused you all even more...ha ha

I'm guessing that this is pretty simple and i'm just reading it kinda backwards, just hoping for some clarification cause i'd really like these to work out :)

I'll post some pics when (if) i ever manage to finish.

PS - i was trying to put part of this post behind the cut as you call it here, but i can't find the instructions on how to do that - if anyone has a link to that too, I would be more then grateful.

Thanks :)
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Big Lots yarn

Hi, I was hoping someone could help.
I received a circular this month from a store that had yarn on closeout for like $3 and in the photo was a skein of Wool Ease or Wool Ease chunky. I’m going to blame it on the fact that this month has been a shopping haze, but I have forgotten what store it was for. I think it was Big Lots? I am in Columbus, Ohio if that helps.
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Knitting Pain


I'm a newbie knitter, and as such, I can't put it down. I keep my yarn in a little backpack I can wear and feed yarn from so I can knit while standing, walking, shopping, doing basically anything. And I take advantage of this. :D

Problems begin to arise in the forms of pain in the knuckles of my right hand (I knit continental), tenseness and pain in my forearms, and sometimes that muscle on your hand below your pinky.. the big one. I don't know what it's called, but people refer to that area as the meat of your hand, I guess. Well, it cramps up on me.

Does anyone else have these sort of pains, and what do you do to ease them? The forearms are just weak muscles needing to be strengthened, but I'm afraid I'm doing someting wrong to my knuckles and hand muscles. I was thinking either a thermacare pad or something laid over my hand while I take a break from knitting, or I've also heard rubbing in some deep moisturizer before bedtime helps the muscles relax.

Any ideas, suggestions?


Edit: Thanks for the help! Obviously, stopping the knitting is the best idea, but I was hoping for secondary suggestions since, like I said, I can't seem to stop for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. ^^() I do knit everything with circulars, and I like the suggestions about concentrating on relaxing. It's nothing serious, it goes away quickly, and it doesn't bother me at other times, so I think I'm still safe. :)

(no subject)

I'm knitting a scarf with Encore Chunky on size 10 1/2 needles and using the Durrow cable pattern ( on the Girl from Auntie site. It's a really pretty pattern, but I'm having trouble with the rapid double increases and decreases needed to open and close loops in the cable. I've been following the instructions in the chart and using this site's explanation ( for advice as to how to execute the double increases and decreases, but I always get holes when I'm done doing the four increases or decreases over two rows. Is this normal and just something that will be gone when I wash and block the piece, or am I doing them wrong?

Thanks for your advice!

Trying to Sell Knitting Machine Yarn

When my grandmother passed away, we got most of her knitting machine yarn...there is a lot of it. But we don't have room in our house to store it all, and in reality, we will never use it all.

Does anyone have any suggestions to sell it - cheaply? I would prefer not having to go through the hastle of taking pictures or shipping it, but that's a possibility if I have to.
Much of the yarn isn't labeled, either, but I can't just throw it away!

Thanks, and if any of you would like some if it, let me know!

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white outfit

meet up?

i will be at Arisia (a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Boston) he second weekend of january.
since i merchant out of my room (yes, i have yarn and beads) you do not usually need a badge to come see me.. although it is polite to buy a membership (and you need one for other things in the convention)

any chance of a knit meet up? i have a hotel room, by definition... and would love to get together and knit.
besides i have a secret plot.. i want people to knit samples from some of my new yarn.......

RS purl decreases

Hi, I'm new, working on my first piece with shaping, sorry if this is a "duh" question!

I'm doing a sweater in 2x2 rib. When I decrease on the RS on purl stitches, is there any reason not to do p2tog on both sides of the row? This way they both slant right on the WS, but does that matter?


Knitting Podcasts?

I tried going back some but didn't see anything...

I am just curious as to how many folks here have caught on to the knitting podcast revolution?

Cast On... etc..?

Didn't know if there were any listeners or other knitting podcasters on this list.

I am totally totally HOOKED on Cast-on....

I am going through withdrawal right now as she is either still sick.. or out for the holidays...


I am also thinking about pulling out my drop spindles and trying my hand at spinning some fiber too... that is getting a bit addicting hearing about it...
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Where to block?

I'm working on my first major lace project. I've done some smaller ones before, but mostly worked into hats and a little lopsided wonk only added to the peice. This, however, is a pretty lace shawl. Or will be. Eventually.

My question is, however, where should I block this? Everything I read says to use a bed or a couch or some other squishy peice of furniture. Unfortunately, I need to use my bed for sleeping and I have a sneaking suspicion my roommate would not appreciate me pinning out the shawl on the living room couch. Putting pin-holes in the table is definately out.

What else can I use?

(no subject)

Hello fellow knitters!

I'm currently visiting family in Parkersburg, West Virgina. I thought it would be awesome to visit a local yarn store. Does anyone now of any stores in this area?

I found a "Market Street Yarn & Crafts" and "Spinning Turtle Yarn & Gifts" that are in the area. But, I'm wondering if there is more?

Help? Thank you!
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Lace scarf and Marvin

Xmas Gift #1
Recipient: Boyfriend's mom
Pattern: Party Lace Scarf from MagKnits
Alterations to pattern: Minimal. I opted out of the beading and only did a 3 pattern repeat across instead of the 4 called for so it was skinnier.
Yarn Used: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (color 009) 1 skein
Things I learned: Well, this was my first successful lace project. I had attempted Knitty's Branching Out about this same time last year and just didn't pay attention so it was full of mistakes. This was a very easily memorized, simple lace pattern. Even so, if I spaced out too much while knitting it - no doubt I would miss a YO or repeat a few stitches in the pattern. So lace = PAY ATTENTION heh
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Xmas Gift #2
Recipient: Boyfriend
Pattern: None - Sort of made it up as I went along (but used this pic as a reference for the black/green placement)
Yarn: Some stash acrylic
What I learned: Do it yourself patterning is simple on the small scale and with more planning I am sure I could do it on a larger scale. I do need to work on my colorwork technique though - I seem to not have one. The knotting doesn't really matter in a stuffed toy thing but on something not sewn shut and stuffed, I need to get a LOT better with the switching of the yarn.
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FO: Center Square

I just finished (literally about 10 minutes ago) the Center Square hat from the new Knitty.

Can I just say... LOVE IT! This was my first time with fair isle or stranding and it was so easy. I had some tension and yarn tangling issues the first few rounds but after that it became a lot smoother.

I used the suggested yarn, Paton's Classic, on sale this week at A.C. Moore for $3.79, in Royal Purple and Leaf Green. I'd guess I used about half of each but I'm scared to cast on a second hat. Anyone try making two of these hats with just two skeins?

Anyway... Collapse )
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Quick Yarn Review

In case you were wondering:

Lion Brand Cashmere Blend is not actually as washable as it says on the ball band.

However, it does felt BEAUTIFULLY. Just, you know, don't wash it if that's not what you want.

(Oh yeah, now I remember why I don't like Lion Brand anything...)