December 30th, 2006

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Pink hat!

This is the third hat I have knitted. The first was too small, the second turned out a little too big, and the third just right! I think the last one turned out better because I tried to be more decisive in when to start decreasing - that and being able to see it on the receipent helped.

Pattern: Basic Hat from VogueKnitting: knit simple
Yarn: Dark Horse Yarns Fantasy (50% Nylon, 50% Acrylic)
Needles: Size 7 DPNS
Time: Probably about 6-8 hours, I'm not really sure. It seemed to knit up pretty fast, so that time could be off.

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Sorry if the photos are a little big!  I tried my best!  Also, I hope that I got the lj-cuts right!

Thanks for looking and happy knitting!

Separating a Scarf?

Ok, so here's the deal - I've been knitting up a lot of basic winter wear for people at work. When they see me knitting they inevitably want me to make them something, and sadly it's never anything complicated. This one coworker requested a loooooooong scarf (one that would loop around 3 times) and picked out colours. I've been working on it going through one ball at a time (for a total of 5 balls of yarn for the scarf) and I'm just about finished ball #3.

Then he got fired. In a crazy weird nobody knows what's going on and no one will talk about it he just disappeared overnight kind of firing. I've got no way to get a hold of him and at this point don't think I'll ever have any way of giving him this scarf.

I have no desire for a crazy long scarf, and it's just basic garter stitch on size 10.5 needles, so each ball of yarn makes a section long enough to be its own scarf. My question therefor is this:

Is there any way to separate these sections and turn them into 3 scarves instead of 1 super long scarf? I had been planning on doing the cute drop stitch ladder thing to it when I was done. Can I still do this with the 3 individual scarves? Do I have to resign myself to frogging this entire thing to reuse the yarn?


ETA: Ok, so the verdict is lifelines and unravelling the colour change, and I understand the concept of lifelines but I'm not sure how to insert them into already knitted fabric, not as I'm knitting. Anyone know of a tutorial/video/photos of how to make sure you're threading through the right stitches?
Knitted socks

First with pattern gauge?

Soon (i.e., as soon as I finish my son's hat) I will be making my first pair of mittens.  I purposely don't want anything fancy because a) they're my first pair, and b) my boys are small, and very likely to lose them.  I'm willing to make them hand made things, but not so willing to put much more work into them than is necessary at this point.  (Speaking of which, I was planning on making an I-cord thingie to join the mittens together...any suggestions on how to attach this to the mittens?  Or of some other way to accomplish this?)

I've settled on this basic cuff-up pattern:  I chose it because a) I can understand it (I think), and b) it's sized for kids.  I know I could adapt just about anything, but sometimes I find it tough when I have to adapt something to half the size of the original.  Anyway, I'm not stuck on this pattern, so if anyone wants to recommend something else, I'm game, as long as it is simple and in a size 3-6 size range (or at least close).

I'm confused by the gauge.  the pattern calls for both size 6 and size 4 circs ("or size needed to meet gauge"); the smaller needles are used for the cuff, and the larger for everything else (I think, unless I missed another transition).

But for gauge it, just says "22 st/29 r = 4" "

For which needles???  Surely it can't mean I'm supposed to meet that gauge with both sizes.  That would make no sense.  My guess would be the larger needles, since that's what is used for most of the mitten (and the part that is done in stockinette).  I'm assuming the point of the smaller needle on the cuff is to make sure it's snug.  But I'm knew to this, so I wanted to be sure.

ETA: I can't believe I said I'm "knew" to this...I guess I had "knitting" on the brain!  LOL!
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Diamond offer

WIP: Freestyle sweater

Pattern: You mean I'm supposed to have a pattern?
Yarn: Icelandic Softspun- "new wool" from the 80's... slightly thicker than worsted and it does felt. And some really nice thick and thin that I inherited and overdyed sans label.
Needles: Size 15 circs
Time: thus far, 3 days including ripping, planning, graphing, etc. not counting dyeing. Or 2.5 seasons of Buffy, and a flight from Chicago to Boston.
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Short rows

I am familiar with short rows, and I know that to prevent holes in your work you need to wrap before turning, but are short rows always wrapped unless otherwise noted in the pattern directions? For reference, I am making my first pair of socks using the Universal Sock Pattern (so nice and clear, thank you Kathryn), and I'm just about ready to turn the heel. Should I wrap before turning, or is not wrapping what creates the "gaps"?


Yarn substitution query from a newbie

I just started knitting recently and have half finished my first project, a scarf using Paton's Canadiana acrylic yarn. But I've gotten bored with it already and really would like to make something I would be more likely to use this winter!

My sights are set on a pair of armwarmers - "Ysolda's lace-up gloves", Voodoo wristwarmers or Fetching mitts. My only problem is that I'm short on the dollar this month! I'd like to pickup something at Joanns that could be used in one or all of these patterns, and preferably something with wool.

I looked through the yarns at Joanns, but couldn't figure out what needs to be considered when picking a substitution. Apart from the weight, what else should I consider? For example, I like the prices of Lion brand's Wool-ease yarns, but there are three different kinds: Thick and Quick, Chunky and plain-ol Wool-ease. Which would be best for a pair of arm/wristwarmers?

Thanks, you guys have been an inspiration on my friends page :)

Eyelash Yarn

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry if a question like this has shown up before, but I searched through all the archives and couldn't find anything.

I'm looking for a good website where I can get relatively cheap eyelash-style yarn online. My aunt has requested a scarf in red, and I can't find anything fitting what she's after on my regular sites.

Any advice?


lace motif

I'm making a dishtowel out of Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn, sort of making it up as I go along. I did about 4 inches of garter feather and fan in varigated yarn, then switched to stockinette in cream/natural (I was up to a knot anyway!), and I figured I'd just keep doing stockinette for a while and then end with 4 more inches of garter feather and fan in the varigated. Trouble is, that's kind of boring. I want to add something to the stockinette section that adds interest but doesn't detract from the colorful edging. I was thinking about either sprinkling it with cat's paw lace motifs or doing something big and central. I can't find anything like that though. What kind of search terms am I supposed to be using? All I've been finding are lace patterns that are intended to be repeated throughout; What I want is basically a picture made out of yarnovers and decreases that sits in a pristine field of stockinette. I would want to do this twice so the towel looks really cute folded over a chair back or horizontal bar. The towel is 50 stitches wide, so the motif would probably fit in a 20x20 - 25x25 area. Can anyone suggest a nice non-repeating simple lace picture or suggest a place to look? Thanks!

Another question: I'm using an inelastic cotton yarn at a 3.5 st./in. gauge instead of the recommended 5...will this be enough to make the stockinette curling virtually non-existent?

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What is the most snuggly/scrumptious/delicious/yummy yarn that you know of?

I'm planning to make a comfort shawl, and as I am not the one paying for it, I want the yarn to be the absolute best. So! If you have any suggestions as to snuggly yarn, preferably DK/worsted weight, and preferably non-shedding, that would be great. The more you can tell me about the yarn, the better.

First Human X-Ray

FO: Squirrel and Oak Mittens

Pattern: Hello Yarn Squirrel and Oak Mittens
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, Chocolate and Snickerdoodle, less than 1 skein each
Needles: Knitpicks dpn's US 3
Gauge: 6 sts x 6 rounds = 1" stockinette
Notes: The pattern calls for Dale of Norway Hauk, which Yarndex labels as a worsted wool but the pattern designer calls sport weight. I've seen several other knit bloggers make these mittens with worsted wool and I wanted a nice, thick fabric so I went with the WotA. I also knit these a bit loosely to make sure there was enough room, I don't like very snug mittens and the pattern is written for women's small/medium. Other changes include adding a herringbone cuff and flipping the main and contrast colors so the squirrel and oak leaf are light and not dark. I will be gifting these in the next month or so, so I changed the year accordingly.

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cartoon me

In search of a sweater pattern.

I've fallen in love with an out-of-stock sweater, so I was thinking I could try to make it, instead. Unfortunately, it's -- well, I love it because it's a bit unusual, so I was hoping someone knew of a pattern in a similar shape that I could try to alter to suit.

Here are some pics of the sweater: Collapse )

Any ideas where I might start? I checked out the preview of Vogue Knitting, but looks like I am out of luck there, at least right now.

Weight Lifting Knitters

Hey, so here's an interesting question.

I like weight lifting. You know, using freeweights at the gym? I was contemplating getting a pair of fingerless lifting gloves for that activity, but then I thought: Why get gloves when I could knit some?

What do you all think? Maybe using a cotton sock weight yarn to absorb moisture?

ETA: OK, I will just buy a pair. Thanks for the imput :) And for keeping me from wasting my time/beaning myself on the head :)

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A Couple FOs!

My two latest FOs over the past couple of weeks!! =) I'm just a knittin' machine!

First Up

Pattern: Baby Bolero from One Skein by Leigh Radford
Yarn: Cascade's cotton yarn. I can't for the life of me find the label right now...
Needles: US size 8 straights
Notes: I didn't use circulars because...I can't get them to work right, I always end up twisting the stitches. I'm not 100% finished yet either because I need to tie in some of the loose ends. Otherwise, it is the first sweater I've ever made!! =D It's going to be for a baby that one of my professors is having sometime next semester. It was a bit awkward at Christmas though because I was knitting it at various family events and everyone kept asking me what I was knitting. My boyfriend and I had to constantly reassure/clarify to people that I was not knitting it for myself in any way and it was for a professor. =) Heehee. Now, I just have to hope that she likes it and that I didn't screw it up too badly. =/
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Second Up

Pattern: Fetching from Knitty
Yarn: Paton's SWS: Color 70530 Natural Geranium : 1skein
Needles: US Size 5 dpns
Notes: I went down a needle size because I don't have size 6 dpns. I also didn't do the picot bind-off and just did a straight and plain bind-off instead because I was lazy. I almost added another five stitches to the round too because as I was working on the cuff, I was afraid that they wouldn't fit my hands! They fit okay, but now I'm afraid that I may have a sensitivity to wool because I can't wear them for a long time without them getting annoyingly scratchy and rough on the hands. I was trying to figure out forever what I should use the yarn for, I kind of wanted to do a scarf, but didn't really have enough yarn and I've been itching to do Fetching for a while. =)
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And a somewhat off-topic question: so many of you take wonderful pictures of your WIPs and FOs! I've decided that it's time that I trade in my 4-5 year old digital camera and get a new one. What are some good, fairly inexpensive (i.e. under $250) digital cameras?

Help ! I lost my pattern mid sock!

This is always my luck ... I finished the leg of my second sock to the pair and I have lost my pattern.  Now, I've made socks before, and I get the basic idea, but I'm a little stuck on something.

Does anyone out there have the Cherry Tree Hill pattern for Super Easy Basic Socks?  It uses Supersock, and the color on the front of the pattern for the sock is a reddish/pinkish color.  I know that the cast on is 60 stitches, but I can't remember how many repeats are in the heel shaping.  On my first sock, it looks to be 16, but I'm using a self-striping yarn, so it looks like it could be 16 or 17 repeated rows.

If anyone could help me out, it would be appreciated.  And I'm going to my LYS to get another copy, but I can't get there for at least a week or so.


A Beginner On The Prowl, Excuse My Ignorance.

As though I needed another hobby to entertain myself, my friend taught me a few, uh, things about knitting a scarf in October. Neither of us know any lingo (or what we are doing for that matter) so it's been an interesting process. She learned how to knit at a local yarn store's free knitting class about a year ago, so she's a little rusty. She just finished the scarf that she started at the same time that she taught me and it looks really nice. Mine is, uh, getting there.

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