December 31st, 2006

icarus lace

Mohair lace, destash

I'm having some trouble using this yarn I have. It's laceweight kid mohair in variegated blues and greens. I'd like to make some kind of lace out of it, but so far... no beans. I started with the Print o' the Wave motif (because the colors of this yarn are evocative of the sea), but after two repeats decided that the variegation obscured the lace pattern. I started knitting a simple faggot stitch, but that didn't look right either. This yarn has a very significant halo in addition to the variegation.

Since the first two false starts, I've been sitting back, trying to think what might work. I like the idea of having a motif that evokes water or waves or the sea, but the variegation doesn't work well with fancy lace patterns. I'm thinking about the seafoam stitch, but still have my reservations. I have 500 yards of this yarn, so I'm thinking about a wide scarf or a narrow stole to get the best use of the yardage.

I love the yarn, but figuring out what it wants to be is a bear. I'm asking what you, o member of knitting, have done with similar yarns (lace weight, big halo, variegation) that's been successful in showcasing the yarn and the final product, or what you might do if you had such a yarn. Pictures would be nice, too. :D Thank you for your help!

Also, in a jump start on a less cluttered new year, I'm destashing.

Sweater gauge question...

I'm preparing to make my very first sweater (eeee!). I'm using one of those try-on-as-you-go top-down raglan patterns, so I don't need to match a specific gauge. I swatched anyway, to figure out my neckline stitches, see how the yarn behaved after washing and blocking, blah blah blah.

So now I'm staring at two swatches, one knit on 7s (~5sts/in) and one on 8s (~4.5sts/in), and don't really have a preference between them. The yarn is Cascade 220.

Are there any reasons to choose one size over the other? (Well, other than "bigger needles = faster".) I thought I read somewhere that knitting at a tighter gauge reduced pilling, but my google-fu is failing me when I try to look for any info on the subject.

Maybe I'm way overthinking this... but, you know, first sweater, overthinking is how it goes, right? Thanks for any help!

Starting the Mowat Mukluks

I am planning to make the Mowat Muluks from Interweave Knits, but before I begin, was hoping I could get some information from this community.

I've found very little about others' experience in making these, and was wondering if anyone had any experience, advice, or pictures to share.

I want to put leather soles on the bottoms so I can wear them outside. However, I've never used soles before, so I'm not very sure how to attach them.

As for the pattern itself, I'm using Cascade 220 for the felting wool, and will sew faux fur on afterwards in place of the recommended Foxy. I also plan to make the part leg part taller.

Thanks in advance for any help.
sweater poorly knit

i've caught "the clap"

yes, yes, i fell off the "no knitting peer pressure wagon" and subdued to "the clap
" (the beginings of which is the background for my new knitting blog--sweaterpoorly)

i tried to stop it, i did, but after knitting this hat i thought the yarn wasn't being used to it's full potential (it's like butter, i swear... ugh, so soft) So i cast on for "the clap" after doing the initial rows i fell in love and 6 episodes of "scrubs" later, i was in love. I slept feverishly, thinking about this yarn, thinking about the hat, the lovely thing on my needles and woke up knowing what i needed to do. so i frogged the hat with my new ball winder (sup stress releving) and added the ball to the line up of yarn to be consumed by "the clap"


poor hat, RIP, you were not meant for this world

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any new years resolutions for you?

A knitting year in review

Well, it's the last day of 2006. Unlike Americans, Russians make a big deal out of the New Year. That's the big gift-giving holiday, and everyone has decorated trees and throws parties. We're no exception -- a bunch of folks are coming over tonight and exchanging presents, and we did our family gift exchange last night. I gave my mom the Santa Claus, and he was a huge hit!

Anyway, this has been a good knitting year. It was my second year knitting (I started briefly before Christmas of 2004), and one in which I learned alot.

I managed to complete 46 projects this year -- that's almost one a week! Of them, I had made:

-One adult sweater
-Three adult shrugs
-One lace shawl
-Two scarves -- one lace and one not
-Twelve pairs of socks, of them two for babies, as well as two unmatched socks and a pair of baby shoes
-Three hats -- one baby, two adult
-Seven baby sweaters
-Fifteen (!) toys
-One pair of baby mittens
-One little satchel

I also have two pairs of socks and two sweaters as UFOs right now.

I think the project I'm most proud of is the lace shawl -- I salvaged it all by myself! The sweater was a disappointment -- I hate how it fits. And my most favorite and fun project has got to be the Cinderella.

This was a year of Firsts -- my first adult garment. My first adult sweater. My first lace shawl, and my first completed project in lace-weight yarn. My first pair of socks that fit! My first written-up original pattern.

Now, tell me: how was YOUR knitting year? What did you learn? What was your favorite project? Least favorite? Greatest accomplishment? Worst disaster?