January 14th, 2008

Worst case Ontario

picking-up stitches on bubby

I'm making Bubby from Knitty.

I've never picked up stitches before and looked for tutorials online, but they all seem to point me to picking up stitches at an edge. I need to get Bubby's ears on somehow and don't understand how to PU the stitches at a non-edge.

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial that doesn't talk about picking up from an edge?

For the meantime, I'm going to put Bubby to rest because I don't want to screw up his head because I'm tired.



Does anyone know where I can get the pattern for the Kauni cardigan? I've tried the link on Ravelry and googled, and I can't find it on the designer's site. On another note, has anyone made the Bella shawl/poncho thing from fiber trends? I like the way it looks in the picture, but I don't want to make the lace garment of doom.

DIY Boyepicks needle tips

This is somewhat long and rambling post on how I re-tapped the tips from my Boye Needlemaster interchangeable set so they would take the cables from my Knitpicks options set.

The short version is that this is a reasonably straightforward DIY project, with a bit of patience and a vise, as well as a 3-56 hand tap, a tap wrench, and some oil.
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(Crossposted to the Knitter's Review forums. My understanding is that's OK since KR isn't a LJ community. Just thought I'd let you know so that if you've read it there, you don't need to read it again here!)
rodrigues fruit bat

Knitted Gorget


I am trying to knit a slightly unusual garment for my boyfriend - a gorget to wear underneath the item of plate armour of the same name to act as padding and protect his neck from the sharp edges of the metal. An armour gorget is based around a collar - like http://www.the-armoury.co.uk/gorget.htm - although the one he has is more like a polo-neck jumper than a round-neck as in this photo, as the actual collar part is taller and latches around the neck like a choker.

My knitted gorget starts with a ribbed tube folded back on itself (like a polo-neck on a jumper) in fairly chunky non-synthetic yarn. This forms a tube-scarf that fits under the choker part of the metal.

Now I need to knit a front and a back piece to go under the plates - my original plan was to just knit out from the bottom of the neck-tube with lots of increases to make a symmetrical disc, but I'm a bit confused - will this create the right shape, or will it bunch oddly because humans have shoulders instead of being evenly conical all the way around? :p

If I need to follow the way the metal attaches and make two different semi-circles, how do I knit a semi-circle (just adding onto the ends of the rows will make a triangle instead, won't it?). I can crochet but I am not great at it, I would much rather knit if I can (either flat or in the round).

Knitting DVD?

I have been wanting to learn how to knit. well forever.. I have tried before a few years ago and failed.. I purchased ALL kinds of books.. never could figure it out.. Turns out I am a visual learner.. YouTube wasn't really a big hit back then so.. I didn't have that kind of resource.. now there are TONS and TONS of videos that show you how to knit and they help.. but I am leaving for Europe in a few days and I want to learn how to knit since I will have a lot of free time.. NO INTERNET ACCESS.. So I can't use my online recourses.. unless someone can tell me how to download the youtube videos into my hard drive lol.. I have searched for Knitting Videos but there are SO MANY.. I have no idea which would be great to pick.. does anyone have any recommendations? I want to learn A LOT about knitting.. not just casting on (which was the ONE thing I was able to learn from the books).. Something that is SLOW in a sense they are SLOW in showing you how to do something.. I don't care about price.. I just want a good dvd and wondering if anyone here would have a suggestions.. thanks so much!

in search of a spiral cable pattern for a hat

I am looking for a hat pattern which has traveling cables which spiral around the hat.  These hats look sort of like what I want, except I want it to be a cable rather than a rib:
I do feel comfortable with cables, but not enough to try to design something like this myself.  Is it just as easy as adding in a six stitch cable where it says k6 in the Odessa pattern (and omitting the beads of course)?  If it makes any difference, this hat will be for a guy, for my brother-in-law.  I have searched all the hats in the knittingpatterncentral list, and haven't found one with spiral cables.  Does anyone know of a pattern that would work?  Or have a logical way to explain how I might go about adapting another pattern to work for what I want?  Thanks!!

NFO: Nearly Finished Object

My super wonderful husband braved the female dominated LYS and put together the most super wonderful Christmas present for me. We had a baby boy on October 24 and he picked out the yarn, pattern book, pattern, and needles for an adorable little baby sweater. It is my first sweater!

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Sock size?

I've been trying to increase the size of my sock at the calf without looking like I've increased the size of it. That is, any attempt to add stitches to accomodate my enormous calves really looks like I've added stitches, but I'm not trying to use that as part of the design. (No, I'm not using fancy increases as a design feature!) I wonder is anyone's tried switching one needle to something bigger? I mean, switching just needle number 4 to a larger size, and keeping it in the same position, without moving stitches onto other needles. You'd have to be extra careful about ladders between needles, and you'd have to make sure you used the right size working needle at all times. I cane definitely see how to make the needle-swapping work, but what would the fabric end up lloking like? Would there just be a looser area, or would it look, well, fugly?