September 18th, 2008

Craft ninja

Super-bright yellow sweater.

Still bedridden, so I'm still knitting really fast. This week's project: the Super-Bright Yellow Sweater.

A friend sent me six hanks of bright yellow Koigu Premium Merino. I based this on the Poet's Pullover on Ravelry, and used size 6 and 9 Lantern Moon needles. I shortened the sleeves and made them a little puffier since the weight of this sweater was working up so light, like a more open spring weight.

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Toe up or bind off picot hem tutorial

I love the look of picot hems, but I've always knit my socks toe up, and I didn't know there was a way to do it that way until I stumbled upon the fiber fool's entry about that exact thing her swatch # 4 was perfect, so I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately even though she does tell how it is done. I still managed to mess up quite a few times before getting it right. And since I couldn’t find any good tutorials on this particular method, I decided to make my own in case other people would like to do it this way as well.

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Does anyone know the abbreviation for this left-leaning decrease?

Slip one stitch as if to knit, return this stitch to the left needle backwards (twisting it), then knit these stitches together through the back loops.

It's my favorite. It makes a really nice left-leaning decrease similar to ssk but without the long legs of the slipped stitches, but I never know how to write it in my notes.
sea doo

k2tog HELP!

I'm making my first hat, and I'm at the part where I need to start decreasing. I've never done this before. I understand how to do it, but the directions for this hat are confusing me right now.

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