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January 10th, 2013 - Knitting!
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I am flipping out a little bit because I just lost a hand knit lace shawlette at a department store, only I didn't lose it, a staff member walked off with it, and now they're saying it's my fault.

I had left my scarf in the shopping cart and while I was distracted at the cash register with paying my bill using the hand held credit card scanner, a staff member walked off with my carriage and he said that he had already passed it off to a new customer when I chased him down and told him what had happened.

I immediately reported this to a supervisor who is basically telling me that the store isn't responsible for a staff member walking off with my property. I told her that I would settle the matter with the Head Office in an email, and then she wouldn't give me her name. I then asked the man who had walked off with my carriage if I could have his name and he wouldn't give it to me either.

I had been polite but firm to these people, but now they were starting to piss me off. Fortunately, I know a cashier at this store, and she gave me both of the staff members names when I told her that I simply wanted to get Head Office to refund me the cost of the wool, and needed these staff members names so that they could verify that this whole thing happened.

I have no point to this post other than wanting my people to share in the woe of knitting an item and losing it.

P.S. If this company is unwilling to pay for the cost of my yarn and you feel the earth shaking - that was me.
P.P.S. I hope whoever finds the thing is someone who really needs one and has never had a lace leaf shawlette knit from luxury yarn.
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I knit this lace wrap/scarf to wear to a wedding. PhotosCollapse )
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